University Media Storage Service

Why offsite data backup storage?

So many unexpected incidents, both random and calculated, can put your departmental data at risk. Natural disasters—including tornadoes, floods, fires, and infrastructure failures. Acts of sabotage—such as theft, vandalism, malicious modifications, computer viruses, even terrorist attacks. Not to mention that your data storage media is always at risk of simply becoming corrupt and failing. To guard against data loss, your unit may back up data on a regular basis, storing the backups on servers and media at another location on campus.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) endorses offsite storage of data backups as part of IT contingency planning for disaster recovery. As a safeguard to mitigate the effects of natural disasters or media failures, digital preservation experts recommend the redundant storage of data in several physical locations.

University Archives’ offsite media storage service

To meet offsite storage needs or to provide an additional layer of backup redundancy, University Archives & Historical Collections (UAHC) provides a storage service to MSU’s academic departments and operational units for removable backup media. The UAHC media storage service addresses offsite storage criteria as recommended by NIST, including:

  • Geographic distance—Located in Conrad Hall at the eastern edge of the MSU property, UAHC offers reasonable assurance of a safe data haven should your office endure a disaster.
  • Security—Your media resides in a locked storage cabinet designed specifically to house tapes and other removable media, kept in a secured location with other MSU business records of value, accessible to UAHC staff only.
  • Safe environment—The media storage cabinet sits alongside MSU’s archival records in a temperature-monitored location that features fire detection and suppression systems, better protection from tornadoes, and the advantage of being above the Red Cedar River’s natural flood plain.
  • Accessibility—You always have access to your stored media during UAHC’s normal operating hours, with evening and weekend after-hours retrieval service provided in case of a need for emergency data recovery.
  • Economy—Our low storage fees, available exclusively to MSU departments and units, contrast favorably to those of large, high-priced commercial storage vendors.

Getting started with UAHC’s media storage service

For information on how you can get started using UAHC’s storage service for removable media, e-mail UAHC at or call (517) 355-2330.


Storage Cabinet in Use Tapes in Storage Cabinet Storage Media Transaction


Virtualized backup also available

IT Services offers a virtualization service that provides MSU units and departments business continuity with:

  • High-performance and high-availability hardware
  • Physically secure, environmentally-controlled data center
  • Redundant power and cooling
  • Management and 24x7 monitoring

Visit for more information on protecting data so that critical services can be maintained and information secured in the event of a crisis or disaster.

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