Union Building Records

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Michigan State University Archives and Historical Collections
Michigan. Legislature.
Union Building records
1918-circa 2012
5.0 Cubic feet

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Historical Note

The Union Board was established in 1918 to erect a union building. Later its duties changed to oversee the administration of the building.

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Scope and Contents note

Union Building records document the activities and decisions of the Union Board, the group governing the use of the Michigan State University Union Building. Records include the constitution, articles of association, and operation plans; meeting minutes; Union Building activities; publications of and advertisements for the Union Building; financial records such as audit reports, statements, and correspondence; and miscellaneous information pertaining to college unions, activity forms, and structural details.

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Administrative Information

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Michigan State University Archives and Historical Collections April 1980

Conrad Hall
888 Wilson Road, Room 101
East Lansing , MI, 48824

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  January 2015

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Collection is open for research.

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Copyright: Michigan State University. Property Rights: Michigan State University.

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  • Michigan State University. Buildings. International Center. (Faculty Row)


  • Annual reports
  • Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.)
  • Letters (correspondence)
  • Newsletters
  • Photographs

Personal Name(s)

  • Kuhn, Madison

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Collection Inventory

Governing Documents 

Box Folder

Union Constitution, Bylaws, and Amendments 1928, 1930, Undated 

926 1

Articles of Association and Amendments 1932 

926 2

Plan of Operations Undated 

926 3

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Union Board Minutes 

Box Volume

 January 1918 - October 1935 

926 1

 September 30, 1947 - April 6, 1949 

926 2

 April 12, 1949 - June 7, 1955 

926 3

 September 27, 1955 - May 17, 1961 

926 4

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Activity Files 

Box Folder

Billiard Tournaments 1933-1936 

926 4

Collegiate Gown Orders 1933-1935, Undated 

926 5

Dad's Day 1935 

926 6

Parties/ Entertainment 1934-1935 

926 7

The Spartan Welcome program September 1927 

926 28

Theater Productions 1928-1931, Undated 

926 8

Union Vaudeville Revue program February 1926 

926 29

MSU Dinner Theatre - Accomodations play program May 1989 

926 43

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Box Folder

"MSC Union News" Undated 

5701 9

"Michigan State Union" Newsletter 1929 

926 9

"Michigan State College Union" Undated 

926 10

Newspaper Clippings 1931-1935 

926 11


926 12

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Financial Records 

Reports of Audit 

Box Folder


926 13


926 14


926 15


926 16


926 17
Box Folder

Union Indenture and Bond Information 1923-1933, Undated 

926 18
Box Volume

Financial Statements August 31, 1929 - February 28, 1935 

926 5
Box Folder

Correspondence 1933-1935, Undated 

926 19

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Box Folder

"Bulletin of the Association of College Unions" 1935 

926 20

"An Outline of Objectives: College and Union Boards" Undated 

926 21

"A Financial Record of Unions From Leading Universities" Undated 

926 22

Forms for Union Sponsored Activities Undated 

926 23

Union Building Heating Valve Chart Undated 

926 24

Second Annual Personalities and Careers Conference 1938 

926 25

University Activities Board newsletter 2010 

926 26

50th Anniversary 1975 

926 30

Brochures and Handbooks Undated 

926 31

"The Michigan Agricultural College Union Memorial Building" Undated 

926 32

Noontime Programming-Mondays, published by Union Building 1983 

926 33

Noontime Programming-Wednesdays, published by Union Building 1983 

926 33

Requirements and Qualifications for All Union Cafeteria Student Employees 1946 

926 34

H. G. Christman Company Building Documents 

926 35

Specification for Painting and Wood Finishing 

926 36

Glen Stewart Correspondences 

926 37

Documents from Hannah 

926 38

State Administrative Board March 6, 1935 

926 39

Ledger and Documents about the history of the Union Building 

926 40

The Holcad - Excavation Week Issue Vol. 16 No. 16 November 16, 1923 

926 41

Michigan Legislature Resolution No. 398 - A Concurrent Resolution Commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Michigan State University Union Building. December 15-17, 1975 

926 42

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Box Folder

People. Groups. Unidentified (from an awards ceremony) Circa 1950s 

926 27

Faculty Portraits from Heritage Lounge - images are digital, see archivist to view photos circa 2000-circa 2012 


Aguwa, Margaret; Anderson, David; Arens, David Kent; Arnoczky, Steven P.; Asmussen, Jes; Atkin, Charles; Ayoob, Mohammed; Bagdasarian, Michael; Batie, Sandra; Beede, David Kent; Benenson, Walter; Betts, Ernest; Biocca, Frank; Blosser, Henry; Booth, G. Geoffrey; Bowersox, Donald; Brophy, Jere; Bukovac, Martin; Busch, Lawrence; Bush, Guy L.; Calantone, Roger J.; Cavusgil, S. Tamer; Closs, David; Davidson, William S.; Detjen, James T.; Drzal, Lawrence T.; Dulai, Surjit S.; Dummer, Gail; Dye, James L.; Fintushel, Ronald; Fitzgerald, Hiram; Gage, Stuart H.; Gelbke, C. Konrad; Given, Barbara; Glass, Susan Mary; Greenberg, Bradley; Gross, Katherine L.; 


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Annual Reports 



Annual Reports





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Serial #636: Serving State (contains Unit Reports) 

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