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Historical Note

The Center for Urban Affairs was created in 1969 to “develop academic, research, and action programs” to help solve problems of minority and poor people in urban communities. It also helped establish the College of Urban Development in 1973. The Center closed in 2004.

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Scope and Contents note

The records of the Center for Urban Affairs consist of bibliographies of resources in the in-house library, survey results, newsletters, brochures, proceedings of the Urban Directors Conference, a guide for minority students, and a journal of undergraduate student papers. Also included are records of the Benton Harbor Project including reports, conference proceedings, newsletters, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and subject files. The material is arranged alphabetically. The 9 boxes of accession UA 5950 Benton Harbor Project records have not been organized. The folder titles listed are the titles given by the original creator of the files. Folder titles that have brackets [ ] were originally not labeled and the title was assigned by an archivist. The boxes are located at our off-site storage facility. If you would like use these records please contact the MSU Archives at least 48 hours in advance of your visit to arrange to see them.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Benton Harbor (Mich.).
  • Michigan State University. Libraries. Urban Planning Library.

Personal Name(s)

  • Schweitzer, John H., 1938-


  • Cities and towns -- Study and teaching
  • City planning
  • Urban policy -- Study and teaching

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Collection Inventory

Black American Graduate Enrollment at MSU survey results 1969 


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Brochures 1995, 2000, undated 

2362H 2

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Chicano Bibliografia: A Comprehensive List of Materials Relating to Chicanos…in the Center for Urban Affair's in house Library February 1973 

2362H 3

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Guide for Minority Students undated 

2362H 4

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Michigan House of Representatives Commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Center for Urban Affairs 1988 

2362H 5

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News/Notes newsletter September 1982 

2362H 6

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The North American Indian: A Selected Bibliography of Materials… in the Center for Urban Affairs In House Library November 1972 

2362H 7

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Proceedings of the Urban Directors Conference 1970 

2362H 8

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Publication flyer 1988 

2362H 9

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Reaching out to Serve undated 

2362H 10

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Resources to Assist Information Specialists in Developing Specialized Collections on Black Culture, History, Literature, and Current Affairs…in the Center for Urban Affairs in House Library 1972 

2362H 11

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Results of Survey of MSU Sponsored Urban Outreach Activities 1988 

2362H 12

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Martin Luther King Jr. Lecture Series programs 1971-1972 

2362H 13

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Urban Affairs Today newsletter 1970-1972 

2362H 14

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Urban Dimensions: A Journal of Undergraduate Student Papers undated 

2362H 15

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Project Proposal: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Poverty as a Strategy for Reducing Intergroup Conflict 1968 

2362H 26

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Proposal for a College of Race and Urban Affairs 1971 

2362H 27

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Resources for Funding Community Economic Development 1986 

2362H 28

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Organizing for Community Based Development 1986 

2362H 29

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Benton Harbor Project 

Box Folder

American Institute of Architects- Western Michigan Chapter undated 

2362H 16

Benton Harbor Conference Proceedings 1986 

2362H 17

The Benton Harbor Experience conference 1986 

2362H 18

Benton Harbor Project Activities 1986 

2362H 19

The Forum newsletter 1985-1987 

2362H 20

MSU-Benton Harbor Project Report August 1, 1985-July 31, 1986 

2362H 21

Miscellaneous 1986, undated 

2362H 22

Newspaper clippings 1985-1988 

2362H 23

Update newsletter 1986-1987 

2362H 24

Vincent Place Hotel undated 

2362H 25

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Benton Harbor Project Records (Unprocessed, See UA 5950) 

Box 1 UA 5950 

Incoming Correspondence 

October 1987 

September 1987 

August 1987 

July 1987 

June 1987 

May 1987 

April 1987 

March 1987 

February 1987 

January 1987 

December 1986 

November 1986 

October 1986 

September 1986 

August 1986 

Outgoing Correspondence 

August 1987 

July 1987 

June 1987 

May 1987 

April 1987 

March 1987 

February 1987 

January 1987 

December 1986 

November 1986 

October 1986 

September 1986 

August 1986 

Mailing Lists 

Benton Harbor Churches 

Economic Development List 

Benton Harbor Project Return Address Labels 

[Loose labels and list of addresses] 

Listing of Benton Harbor Mailing List by Codes and Workshop List with Codes 

Edit Listing Directory Info 

Feb 1988 (empty) 

Mailing List 86-87 

Com. Org. and Part Mailing List 

Project Management 

BH Project Report 

MSU-BHP 2 Year Report 

Benton Harbor Project Report August 1, 986-July 31, 1987 

Benton Harbor Project Report 

Project Report 1986-1987 

Benton Harbor Project Report August 1, 986-July 31, 1987 

Pending Projects 


Project Report 1985-1986 

Whirlpool Grant 

Whirlpool 1987-1988 

[Grant Proposal] 3 folders 

Whirlpool 87-88 

008 Food Bank 

014 High School Scholars 

015 Vincent Place Hotel 

016 Water Department 

017 Recreation Study 

018 Desegragation 

020 Artrain 

021 Homeless [Survey of the Homeless] 

023 Skills Survey 

026 Urban Agriculture- The Design and Development of Small-Scale Agricultural in Urban Environments 

Box 2 UA 5950 

027 Small Business Development 

Small Business (Dare) 

Test (Elliott Ross) 

028 Adolescent Health Clinic 

029 Visual Surveys 

March 28, 1986 - 10:15am 8UPLA "Visual Survey" of Benton Harbor" 

[Project Report] 

031 Benton Harbor Data 

032 People's Page Logo 

033 Symposium 

Symposium Presenters Addresses 

[033 Symposium] 

Speeches Original Copies (empty) 

034 Project Newsletter "The Forum" 

[034 Project Newsletter "The Forum"] 

Columns, Plan Sheets, Contacts 

035 Concerned Black Women's Roundtable Conf 

038 Housing 

039 Documentatarian 

047 Small Business Development Mech 

050 Enterprise Zone Tech Asst 

Project List 

Project Reports 

Project Information Forms Filled Out by Graduate Students 

Master Project BHDP, Year One 

[Project Reports] 

Train Track Logo 

[Project Reports] 

[Project Reports] 

Letter #1 – Foundations & Corporations 

Letter #3 – Presenters (speaking before 10:30 a.m. on Thursday) 

Letter #4 – Presenters (speaking after 10:30 a.m. on Thursday) 

Letter #5 – Presenters (MSU Personnel) 

Letter #6 – President DiBiaggio and Dr. Agnes M. Mansour 

Letter #7 – State Agencies, etc 

Letter #8 – MSU Departments 

Letter #9 – Board of Trustees and Executive Officers (MSU) 

Letter #10 – State Departments, etc 

Letter #11 – Churches, etc 

Letter #12 – 

Letter – Governor James J. Blanchard 

"The Benton Harbor Experience" Brochure Draft 

Sponsorships from University 

Workshop I - Education and Human Development 

Workshop II – Community Organization & Participation 

Workshop III – Community Facilities & Services Dev 

Workshop IV – Business Development & Employment 

Michigan Mindpower II Conference 

Health Promotion at MSU 

Workshop Resource Forms 

Workshop Resource Forms Completed 

Conference Reaction Form 

SIS-Active Committee Listing 

SIS-Partnership Form 


[Speaker Registration Form] 

Conference Proceedings (Final Version) May 29-30, 1986 


The Benton Harbor Experience 

Exhibits and Exhibitor Information May 29-30, 1986 

Correspondence May 29-30, 1986 

Registration List – Those Who Attended May 29-30, 1986 

Planning Committee Memorandums Meetings May 29-30, 1986 

Letters sent to Cook, Mills, W.K. Kellogg Foundation and Whirlpool Corporation May 29-30, 1986 


Deadline List for Conference Groups May 29-30, 1986 

Co-Facilitator Correspondence May 29-30, 1986 

Pre-Conference Review May 29-30, 1986 

The Benton Harbor Experience 

Post-Conference Review June 7, 1986 

Originals of Information in Packet May 29-30, 1986 

People Who Have Registered as of May 12, 1986 

Benton Harbor Conference (Cathy) 

The Benton Harbor Experience Hand Notes May 29-20, 1986 

[The Benton Harbor Experience] 

News Clippings 

Conference Planning 

MSU-BH City Project 

Urban Forestry 

News Clippings – BH 


Activities/Other Depts. 

Ali Motors 

All University Meeting MSU-Benton Harbor Project January 13, 1987 

Artist in Residence Program 


Bands – BH 

Bard Conference 

Behavioral Development of Children in South West City – Michigan 


BH City – MSU Project January, 1973 

BH Community Convention 1987 

Benton Harbor - $10,000 

BH Outreach Office 



De Bryant 

Brief Project Description 


Building Manager 

Business Retention Study 


Centers for New Horizons 

BH Christian Ministries 


Community Organization Participation 

Conference 1989 

Box 3 UA 5950 

[Coordination Committee] 

[Coordination Committee] 

Coordination Committee 

Corrections Center 


Council of Deans 



Deans Committee 

Desegregation Conference 



Benton Harbor Project Records 

Come and meet the President & MSU – Benton Harbor Project Update [DiBiaggio Visit] 

Drop-In Project 

DSS Proposal 

Economic Development Plan 


Education Projects BH 

[Education Projects – BH] 

Emergency Shelter Serv 

Enterprise Zone 

Ewens' Class 

Exhibition of African Art 

Fidelity Building 

Finances of City 


Fruit Market 




Gailliard, Bill 

General-Benton Harbor 

Graduate Assistant Evaluation Performance Form 

Graduate Students 

Hazard Communication Document 



Health Fair 

Health Promotion 

[Health Survey] 

Health Survey 

Health Paper – BH 

Health Cities Project 

Health Company 

High School Scholars 





Hurst Paper 


IRS Newsletter 



International Club 


Interracial Coalitions 


[Juvenile Delinquency] 

Juvenile Delinquency 

A. A. Kahn 

Key Informant Survey 


BH Labor Review 

Land Grant 

Box 4 UA 5950 


Lifelong Education Programs 


[Masters in Learning] 



[Michigan Academy Symposium] 

Michigan Academy Symposium – Symposium on Benton Harbor at Michigan Academy of Sciences, Arts, & Letters 

Michigan Nonprofit Management Institute 

MSU Educator 

Morton House 

Motor Pool 

Correspondence – Benton Harbor 

Concept Paper – Benton Harbor 

Resolution concerning Benton Harbor sent to MSU Board of Trustees 

Secretary II New Position for Benton Harbor 

Short Range Planning Committee Minutes of Meeting on May 5, 1986 

Mailing List – Interested People in Benton Harbor 

Long-Range Planning Committee 

Benton Harbor Advisory Committee Thursday, April 10 – 10:00 to 12:00 Long Range Short Range 



[Logo – Benton Harbor] 

Publicity – Benton Harbor 

Cover Letter for Benton Harbor Material 

Kellogg Foundation 

A Preliminary Proposal to W.K. Kellogg Foundation 

[Kellogg Foundation] 

Kellogg Foundation Monday, April 14, 1986 

[Kellogg Foundation] 

Transmittal Sheet – Gift & Grant Form 

[State News – September 26, 1985] 

MSU Foundation 71-4797 

[MSU Foundation 71-4797] 

MSU Foundation 

MSU Foundation 

MSU Foundation 71-4797 

[MSU Foundation 71-4797] 

Whirlpool Foundation 

Grant submitted to Whirlpool Foundation 8/1/86 to 7/31/87 

[Whirlpool Foundation] 

[Whirlpool Foundation] 

[Whirlpool Foundation] 

Whirlpool Foundation Year-End Report 1985-1986 

[Whirlpool Foundation Year-End Report 1985-1986] 

[Whirlpool Foundation Year-End Report 1985-1986] 

BH First Year Report 

71-2595 – Whirlpool Foundation Benton Harbor Project 

Telephone – Benton Harbor Project 

[Whirlpool Foundation Benton Harbor Project] 

Bookstore – MSU 

Direct Payment Vouchers 

General Stores 

Graduate Assistantships 

Instructional Media Center 

Journal Voucher 

Owen Cafeteria 

Physical Plant – Motor Pool 


Purchase Requisition 

Reimbursement Vouchers 

University Publications 

University Report of Grant 


Authorization letters for charging overnight accommodations for Benton Harbor Personnel at the Travel Inn Motel 

Travel – Benton Harbor Grant 

University Printing 

Benton Harbor Return Mailing Labels 

Benton Harbor Return Mailing Labels 

Addresses and Telephone Numbers 

Project Report Forms 

Madison College Proposals [Crossed Out] 

[Project Report Forms] 

Workshops – "Day in Benton Harbor" September 25, 1985 

"Day in Benton Harbor" – information September 25, 1985 [part I and II] 

Box 5 UA 5950 

Adult Education & Library 

[Adult Education & Library] 

Adult Education & Library 

Community Organization and Participation 

[Community Organization and Participation] 

Community Organization and Participation 







Community Health 







Government Relations 

[Government Relations] 

Government Relations 





Jobs and Employment 


Community Image-Public Relations 

Race Relation 

[Race Relation] 

Race Relations Issues 

Welfare and Social Services 

Beat the Drum – Benton Harbor 

Town Meetings 

Congregational Church/Luncheon Meeting Minutes 

[Congregational Church/Luncheon Meetings Minutes] 


Community Organization & Participation 

[Community Organization & Participation] 

Community Organization & Participation Minutes of Meetings 

Community Organization & Participation Mailing List (Original Mailing Label Directory for Xeroxing] 

Citizens of New Benton Harbor 

Community Education Development 

Michigan State University Benton Harbor Community Development 

Human Service Needs Assessment 

Economic Development and Employment 

Economic Development and Employment Minutes of Meetings 

[Economic Development and Employment] 

Private Industry Council 

Business Resource Center (Ralph Abbott) 

Enterprise Zone 



Benton Harbor Housing Meeting April 11, 1986 1 to 2:30 p.m. W-107 Owen Hall 



Lake Michigan College – Directory of Resources – businesses they established 

Mail List – Lake Michigan College Benton Harbor 


Michigan Bell Telephone Company 


Weatherization Project 

Legal Assistance 

Library Frank MacDougall 

Real Estate 


Dial-a-ride Intern 

Children's Needs Assessment 

Relevant Materials – Benton Harbor 

Census Data 

[Census Data] 

Census Data 

City Government 

Meeting Notes – Benton Harbor 

Notes – Dr. Schweitzer's Concerning Benton Harbor 

Materials to be sent out to individuals interested in Benton Harbor 

Map – Benton Harbor 


Carl Sanborn Plaque 

Workshop Information-Adult Education 

Project Code List 

001 Project Logo 

004 Waterfront Development 



003 Pavement Condition Survey 

Investing in Poor Communities 

Benton Harbor Conference Proceedings, 1986 

The State of Black Michigan 1985, 1986, 1987 

The State of Black Michigan, 1988, 1989, 1991 

[Newspaper Articles about Project) 

'84 The Source: Guide to the Products and Services in Berrien, Cass and Van Buren Counties, Michigan. 

Center for Urban Affairs Annual Report, 1987-1988 

Community Economic Development, 1983 

[Center for Urban Affairs Newspaper Articles] 


The New Benton Harbor 

[Newspaper Articles] 

Foreign Trade Zone 

Box 6 UA 5950 

[Department of Social Services] 

Benton Harbor Project Activities 1985-1985 

Small Enterprise Establishment and Development Systems (SEEDS) 




Concept Papers 


Deon Smith [Survey] 

[Five Year Economic Revitalization Plan for the City of Benton Harbor, Michigan, 1985] 

Berrien County Regional Boating Development Plan 

The 1985 Directory of Community Services 

MSU-Benton Harbor Directory 1987-1988 

Benton Harbor Day packet September 25,1985 

Benton Harbor Study- The Vincent Place Hotel, 1986 

[Loose Materials] 

[MSU-Benton Harbor newsletters] 

NAB Data Base 

Needs Analysis 

Neighborhood Associations of Michigan 

News Articles re: BH 1988 - 1988 Copes (folder empty) 

News Articles 1987 

1987 Originals 

1988 Orig. 

News Articles 1986 

1986 Originals 

1986 Copies 

News Articles 1985- 1985 Originals 

News Clippings Packets 

Newspaper Archive 

BH Related Articles etc 

Newspaper Archive 


NISE (3 folders) 

Benton Harbor Census NISE Neighborhoods 



Partnership for Service Learning 

Personnel- Secretary (did not keep) 


Foreign Trade Zone (empty) 

Potential Project 

Potential Project 


Engineering Education 

Box 7 UA 5950 

Benton Harbor Newsletters 

President's Citation Program 


Projects 1985, 1986, 1987 

Property Taxes- B.H. 

Purchase Orders (did not keep) 


Richard Redden 


Regional Landscape Design Class 

Resumes (did not keep) 


BH Review Committee 



School Desegregation 

SEEDS (2 folders) 

Small Enterprise Establishment and Development System (SEEDS) 

Seminar : Benton Harbor Colombia, Pakistan 

Seminar: History of Urban Poverty/ Thomas (empty) 

Seminar Series 

Senior Citizens 

Service Learning Center 

Skills Survey (2 folders) 

Slide Presentation - Peter Glendinning 

Small Business Center Proposal 

Business Center Michi Bell 

Small Business Center Proposal 

Small Business Center- MSU Foundation 



BH Basic Speech Junior League April 9, 1986 

Streeter (empty 

Supermarket (empty) 

Support letters 

Therapeutic Touch 

Tourism Benton Harbor 

Train [empty] 

Twin City Area NAACP 

UpJohn Institute 


Welfare Recipients (2 folders) 

Welfare Study Semela 

SEEDS Mich Bell 



BH Business Center 


Mich Bell 

Mich Bell Bldg 

Michigan Bell 

[Mich Bell] 

A Rationale for MSU-Benton Harbor Business Center 

Change in BH 


MSU-UAP-CUA Certificate Award 

Artrain- BH 


Box 8 UA 5950 

[A University-Community Partnership: The MSU-Benton Harbor Project] 

[Distressed Communities: Theoretical & Political Considerations] 

[Benton Harbor Conference Proceedings] 

[Cultural Exchange Program] 


[The Benton Harbor Project] 

[A Rationale for…in Benton Harbor] 


[The MSU-Benton Harbor Experience: Evolution of a Social Action] 

[Teachers and the Taught: Lessons in Urban Partnership] 

[The Social Action Project] 

[Report of the Review Committee] 

[Response re: Benton Harbor] 

[Background information needed] 

[The MSU-Benton Harbor Project: Lessons in Partnership] 

Green Letter 


LMC - Business Center 






Pen Pals 


Urban Forestry 

Video Conference 


Kellogg Proposal 

Skills Survey – Benton Harbor 


[Two Years in Benton Harbor] 


[MSU is Joining in Campaign] 

[Misc 1] 

[Misc 2] 

[Misc 3] 

[Misc 4] 

Benton Harbor Task Force 

[Benton Harbor Task Force 1] 

[Benton Harbor Task Force 2] 

Benton Harbor Project Report 

[MSU Benton Harbor Project Report] 

[MSU-Benton Harbor Project Report (A)] 


Benton Harbor Project 

[Benton Harbor Business Center] 

Box 9 UA 5950 

[House of David] 

House of David 

City of Benton Harbor Financial Statement 


Misc. 1 

Misc. 2 

Misc. 3 

Project Reports 

Community Economic Development: A Community Economic Analysis Model and Small Business Development Strategy for Distressed Communities by Aworuwa and LaMore 

[Project Proposals] 

Benton Harbor Skills Survey Date Report, January 30, 1987 

Revised City Plan Benton Harbor, Michigan 1973 


[Student Papers] 

Report on the City of Benton Harbor (Economic Trends from 1970 to 1984) by Olorundare Agoruwa 

[Newspaper Articles/journal articles] 

Benton Harbor Business Center – Grant Proposed submitted to the MSU Foundation, 1987 

[Newspaper Articles] 

[Newspaper Articles] 

[Report and Proposal] 

[Newspaper Articles & Town Meeting Minutes] 

Summaries of Economic Development Assessment Studies for Benton Harbor, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Muskegon 

Census Tracts Benton Harbor, Michigan, 1980 

Michigans Enterprise Zone Program: Progress, Prospects, Problems and Recommendations by Sheldon and Elling Wayne State University 

Recreation Participation, Barriers and Preferences: Adolescent Female Spare-Time Behavior in Benton Harbor, Michigan by Oumatie Marajh, 1988 

Benton Harbor Project Report Aug 1, 1985 to July 31, 1987 


Report of the Review Committee on the MSU Benton Harbor Project, 1990 

Yesterday's Memoirs 

[Newspaper Articles] 

[Pen Pal Project] 

What Does Third World Dependency Have to Do with a Little Town in Southeast Michigan? By De Bryant [Student Paper] 

Community and Urban Forestry for Benton Harbor, Michigan, 1987 [Student Paper] 

Computer [Student Papers] 

[Newspaper Articles] 

Benton Harbor Project Activities 1985-1986 


[Newspaper Articles] 




Box 10 UA 5950 

[Correspondence and Notes] 

BH Brochure 


A Better Way by Nancy Clark, 1985 

[Benton Harbor Day Information Package, 1985] 


NISE (Neighborhood Information Sharing Exchange) 

1985 – Copies 

Neighborhood Information & Sharing Exchange (NISE) Convention, 1987 


[Student Papers – Grant Writing] 

[Junior High Alternative Education Program] 

[Larry Streeter] 

Bernard Schafer 

Long Range Planning CUA 

MSU Alumni in BH 


Photos on Tiles (x4) 

Photo Album (Benton Harbor Project) 

Photo Album (Benton Harbor Project) 




Audio Cassettes 

Slide Holders 

Pins, Matches, Pamphlets 

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Annual Reports 



Annual Reports



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#370: In-House Library Collection 

#714: Urban Affairs Center Research Report 

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