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Historical Note

The MSU Press began operations in 1947 under the direction of Michigan State College's Special Assistant to the President in Charge of Public Relations, and over the years it has been administered by various offices. Since 1980, the Press has reported to the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies.

Fourth Genre: Explorations in Nonfiction is a literary biannual journal devoted to publishing works of contemporary nonfiction extending from the personal essay – including nature, environmental, and travel writing – to memoir, literary journalism, and personal cultural criticism. Since its debut in the Spring of 1999, the journal has been guided by the intent implied in the title: to give nonfiction its due as a literary genre by offering writers of the “fourth genre” a showcase for their work and providing readers a place to find lively and creative examples of the form. In addition to contemporary nonfiction,  Fourth Genre features interviews with prominent nonfiction writers, roundtable discussions of topical genre issues, mini-essays by selected photographers and visual artists, letters from readers, and reviews and capsule summaries of current books.

Fourth Genre has received an unprecedented four Pushcart Prizes: Patricia Monaghan’s "Physics and Grief" (Vol. 5, No. 2) in 2004 Brenda Miller’s "How to Meditate" and Ladette Randolph’s "Fields of Mercy" (Vol. 3, No. 1) in 2003; Brett Lott’s "Toward Humility" (Vol. 1, No. 2) in 1999. In 2003, C. M. Mayo won first place in the Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition for "A Touch of Evil" (Vol. 4, No. 2) and Lad Tobin won “Notable Essay of the Year” in Best American Travel Writing for "You Virtually Can’t Get There from Here" (Vol. 4, No. 2).

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Scope and Contents note

The records of the MSU Press consist of Board of Directors meeting minutes (1963-1966, undated), a handbook entitled MSC Press which gives guidelines for materials submitted (1950), and two booklets which review publications of the MSU Press (1955, undated). Also included are published (1948-1950, 1954-1957) and unpublished (1957-1958, 1961-1963, 1967, 1969) annual reports.

The Fourth Genre series contains correspondence between authors and editors, between editors and outside readers, and between editors. Some handwritten working notes and drafts are included. Final page proofs with author corrections, drafts of feature items, and original manuscripts from accepted authors, many with outside reader comments, round out the collection.

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  August 2012

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Collection is open for research. The writers' contracts in the Fourth Genre series are restricted. Computer disks: See Archivist.

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Copyright: Michigan State University except where noted. Property Rights: Michigan State University.

Conditions Governing Use note

Permission to publish material from this collection must be obtained from University Archives & Historical Collections, Michigan State University.

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Collection Inventory

Drawer Folder

Michigan State College Press 1950 

F.D. 1

Board of Directors - Minutes of Meetings 1963-1966, Undated 

F.D. 2

Michigan State Spring Books 1955 

F.D. 3

Books for July, August and September Undated 

F.D. 4

Brochures and Flyers 

F.D. 5

Cresset Press Proposal 1949 

F.D. 6

Foreword Newsletter 1993, 1994, 2004 

F.D. 7

The Michigan State College Press 1950 

F.D. 8

Michigan State University Press 2000, 2001 

F.D. 9

Michigan State University Press Books 1963-1964 

F.D. 10

MSU Press Book catalogue Fall/ Winter 2014 

F.D. 11

Fourth Genre: Explorations in Nonfiction  

Volume 1, Number 2 Fall 1999 

Box Folder

Log Book of Accepted Pieces and One Computer Disk 

4029 1

Writers' Contracts 

4029 2

Volume 2, Number 1 Spring 2000 

Box Folder

Writers' Contracts 

4029 3

Volume 3, Number 1 Spring 2001 

Box Folder

Submission Letters from Writers 1999-2001 

4029 4-6

Volume 3, Number 2 Fall 2001 

Box Folder

Accepted Manuscripts with Reading Notes and two computer disks 

4029 7-8

Manuscript Acceptance Letters 

4029 9

Front cover and Table of Contents 

Box Folder

Front Cover and Table of Contents 

4029 10

Cover Letters 

4029 11-14

Readers' Comments 

4029 15

Page Proofs and Page Proof Log 

4029 16-17

Accepted Manuscripts 

4029 18-19

Galeano, Eduardo. "Ventanas, Tejidos, Abrazos" (Windows, Weavings, Embraces) 

Foster, Patricia. "The Intelligent Heart" 

Lawson, Linda. "Following Nancy Home" 

McCabe, Nancy. "The One That Got Away: On Memory and Forgetting" 

Origer, Christopher. "The Permanence of Masks" 

Grant, Sheryl. "Out of Place in the Bitterroots" 

Moss, Anna. "Within this Landscape, I Find You" 

Scalet, Sarah. "Confessions of a Weed-Hugger" 

Andrew, Elizabeth. "On Shining Rails" 

Haertsch, Melissa. "A Brief History of Thyme: Cosmology on the Corner Lot" 

Eldred, Janet Carey. "Modern Fidelity" 

Shoemaker, Jan. "Menopause and T.S. Eliot" 

Leslie, Naton. "Janitors" 

Poirier-Bures, Simone. "A Trip to the Dordoi" 

Gerber, Dan. "Notebook of an Arctic Explorer" 

Henrickson, Shu-Huei. "Sauce on the Walls" 

Worth, Jan. "Haywire" 

Interview: Eduardo Galeano, with Patrick Madden 

Harvey, Steve. "The Art of the Personal Essay" 

Kitchen, Judith. "The End" 

Root, Robert. "Scenes, Stanzas, Segments and The Essayist's Art" 

Ives, Peter. "Discoveries" 

Volume 4, Number 1 Spring 2002 

Box Folder

Submission Cover Letters 

4029 20

Revision Requests, Readers' Notes, and Author Responses 

4029 21

Acceptance Letters with SASE's, and Some Readers' Notes 

4029 22

Correspondence re. Page Proofs, Final Edits, Publication Permission 

4029 23

Author Contact List 

4029 24

Production Schedule 

4029 25

Miscellaneous Internal Items 

4029 25

Drafts of Table of Contents, Editor's Note, and Book Review 

4029 26

Correspondence, Contract, and Information re. author Chris White (deceased) 

4029 27

Accepted Manuscripts 

4029 28

Mayo, C.M. "A Touch of Evil" 

Cotter, Genevieve. "Hatchet" 

Wakefield, Darcy. "Boy Crazy" 

Hammond, Jeffrey. "The Time Machine" 

Hales, John. "The Opening to the Womb of the World" 

Haley, Thomas. "Resistance" 

Chavez, Lisa D. "The Romance Writer" 

Huber, Sonya. "My Men" 

Rawlings, Wendy. "Virtually Romance (a discourse on love in the information age)" 

Eidus, Janice. "Her True Face" 

Ostriker, Alicia. "Milk" 

Accepted Manuscripts 

4030 1

Flynn, Jenny. "Strays" 

Bergstrom, Heather Brittain. "Signs of Departure" 

St. Germain, Sheryl. "Sweets and Shiny Things" 

Chesley, Brent. "Jake, It's Chinatown" 

Flaherty, Kate. "Nothing Like Las Vegas" 

Cooksey, Fred. "Coasting" 

Bauer, Ann M. "Echolalia" 

White, Christine. "Reflection Rag: Uncle Joe, Roberto Clemente and I" 

Schwartz, Lynne Sharon. "Full Disclosure" 

Volume 4, Number 2 Fall 2002 

Box Folder

Submission Cover Letters 

4030 2-4

Log Book Listing Author's Name, Manuscript Title, and Status of Each Submission 

4030 5

Readers' Comments 

4030 6

Rejection Letters, some with Readers' Comments 

4030 7

Correspondence on Page Proofs, Biographical Information, Author Contracts 

4030 8

Miscellaneous (E-mail on book reviews, disc labeled "Reader to Reader," form letter on page proofs, drafts of Table of Contents, handwritten notes on Place and Mortality). 

4030 9

Accepted Manuscripts 

4030 10-11

Kestenbaum, Lawrence. "Grand Trunk Station" (photo essay) 

Martin, Lee. "Fire Season" 

Eldred, Janet Carey. "Just What the Muscles Grope For." 

Wrigley, Robert. "Seeing Arrowhead, Seeing Flint – Homage to the Makers" 

Serber, Natalie. "The Day You Stopped Being a Cat" 

Lin, Brenda. "Mao Dun" 

Gates, Roberta Hartling Gates. "There Is No Right Word" 

Husted, Bette Lynch. "Body Mechanics" 

Ofri, Danielle. "Positive" 

Benson, Amy. "The Moment After the Moment It Would Have Mattered" 

Bernstein, Jane. "The Enormous Phone Call" 

Harden, Holly. "On Migraines" 

Patterson, Jill. "Girlfriends Solid as Rock" 

Anderson, CB. "Lost in Dogtown" 

Spinner, Jenny. "(My Father's Dead) If Only I Could Tell You" 

Trahan, Marcia. "The Dark Room" 

Tobin, Lad. "You Virtually Can't Get There From Here" 

Box Folder

Accepted manuscript Submission Cover Letters with SASE’s, Readers’ Comments, and Acceptance Letters 

4030 12

Volume 5, Number 1 Spring 2003 

Box Folder

Submission Cover Letters 

4030 13-15

Log Book 

4030 16

Outside Reader Comments 

4030 17

Four Submissions: two with submission cover letters and brief reader comments attached (A. Naslund, M. Berkley), two with revision letters attached (S. Bavaria, L. Raphael) 

4030 18

Editorial Recommendations 

4030 19

Rejection Letters with Reader Comments Attached 

4030 20

Draft of Editor's Note and Table of Contents 

4030 21

Cover Letters from Accepted Authors re. Contact and Biographical Information 

4030 21

Correspondence on Page Proofs 

4030 21

Letter Withdrawing Essay from Consideration (C. Craig) 

4030 21

Editorial Assistants Meeting Agenda 

4030 21

Cover Letter from University Press, and Cover and Page Proofs 

4030 22-23

Draft of Table of Contents, Author Contact List, and Form Letter to Authors re. Production schedule 

4030 24

Accepted manuscripts (some with SASE's, reader comments, earlier versions, and/or cover letters attached) 

4030 25-26

Merrill, Cheryl. "13 Ways of Looking at an Elephant" 

Lawrence, Leslie. "Quiet Cabin with View" 

Crosby, Sara. "Good Tobacco" 

McGrath, David. "The Swellest Thing" 

Sherman, Nancy. "Lost Tribes" 

Lisle, Laurie. "Heart" 

Church, Steven. "Next Stop, Meteor Crater" 

Eisele, Kimi. "Border Maps" 

Weld, Elizabeth. "Youth and Funeral" 

Miller, Ben. "Treasure" 

Comer, Diane. "Family Geometry" 

Weber, Elizabeth. "Intersection" 

Dickerson, Sarah. "In the Shape of a Goddess" 

Carson, Kristen. "What Grows Out There" 

Volume 5, Number 2 Fall 2003 

Box Folder

Submission Cover Letters 

4030 27-28

Submission Cover Letters 

4031 1

Log Book 

4031 2

Outside Reader Comments 

4031 3

Editorial Recommendations 

4031 4

Special Rejection Letters with Reader Comments Attached 

4031 5

One Special Rejection Letter with Revision Suggestion 

4031 6

Review of Richard Rodriguez's Brown by Robert Root (hard copy and disk) 

4031 7

Page proofs and Drafts of Photo Essay by Roger B. Smith 

4031 8

Two Drafts of Table of Contents 

4031 9

Cover Letters from Accepted Authors re. Final Manuscripts, Contact and Biographical information 

4031 9

Form Letter re. Production Schedule and Related e-mail to Editors 

4031 9

Labels and Handwritten Notes 

4031 9

Table of Contents and Corrected Page Proofs by Authors 

4031 10

Accepted manuscripts (some with SASE's, reader comments, and/or cover letters attached) 

4031 11

Scott, Martin. "Five Fingers of Death: On Revenge and the Martial Arts" 

Meltzer, Daniel. "Lost" 

Monaghan, Patricia. "Physics and Grief" 

Shavin, Dana Lise. "Two People Who Ordinarily Would Never Meet" 

Purpura, Lia. "Spires" 

Stewart, Amy. "Chicago Torch Songs" 

Leslie, Naton. "There Are Green Ones and Yellow Ones" 

Skoot, Floyd. "We're Here Now" 

Moore, Dinty W. "If Mr. Clean Had Been My Father: An Essay on Family and Coincidence" 

Brooks, Ben. "Bully at the Pulpit: One American's Cultural Exchange with Cuba" 

Fennelly, Beth Ann. "Various Parts of the Elephant: on Metaphor" 

Volume 6, Number 1 Spring 2004 

Box Folder

Log Book 

4031 12

Outside Reader Comments 

4031 13

Editorial Recommendations 

4031 14

Special Rejection Letters with Reader Comments Attached 

4031 15

Janet Eidus' Manuscript "No-Goodnicks," Special Rejection Letter, Reader Reports, and Internal Correspondence re. Reader Reports 

4031 16

Table of Contents 

4031 17

Author Contact List 

4031 17

Book Review Correspondence 

4031 17

Draft of Photo Essay by Kim Aikens and Correspondence re. Revisions 

4031 17

Cover Letters from Accepted Authors re. Final Manuscripts, Contact and Biographical Information 

4031 18

Signed contract from Ellen Prewitt and a Blank contract 

4031 18

Page Proof Memo/Off Print Order Form from Ellen Morris Prewitt 

4031 18

Two Manuscripts: "Literary Balls: An Essay on Writing Essays" by Michael O'Rourke; "Comments on the Form: Writing an Investigative Memoir" by Christopher Scanlan 

4031 19

Page Proof Corrections from Authors 

4031 20

Manuscript and disc of Interview with Gerald Stern, by Sue William Silverman; two cover letters from Silverman re. interview and book review; e-mail from Silverman re. Table of Contents 

4031 21

Packet of SASE's and Reader Comments (for accepted manuscripts), with Copy of Production Schedule Form Letter Attached 

4031 37

Accepted Manuscripts 

4031 22

Harvey, Steven. "Coming to Terms" 

Tomas, Pappi. "The Office" 

Gavin, Gaynell. "In Brief: An American Tale" 

Griffin, Gail. "The Falling" 

Hammond, Jeffrey. "A Room of My Own" 

Miller, Alyce. "Footnote on Metaphor" 

Kimber, Robert. "Buying a New Fridge at Sixty-Five" 

Allison, Sue. "Not the Great Books" 

Prewitt, Ellen Morris. "If It's Just One More Thing, Why Does it Feel Like the Last?" 

Lounsberry, Barbara. "Disappearing Country" 

Abildskov, Marilyn. "Split" 

Volume 6, Number 2 Fall 2004 

Box Folder

Cover proof 

4031 23

Log Book 

4031 23

Submission Cover Letters 

4031 24-26

Submission Cover Letters with Manuscripts 

4031 27-28

Outside Reader Comments 

4031 29

Editorial Recommendations 

4031 30

Special Rejection Letters with Reader Comments Attached 

4031 31

Papers re. "Roundtable" Feature: 1) Checklist; 2) Drafts and e-mail re. Who Am I in this Story? Behind the Lines of "What's a Rally to Do?" by Mimi Schwartz; 3) Mike Steinberg (untitled); 4) Roundtable by Sue William Silverman; 5) Multiple Personalities in Memoir by Rebecca McClanahan; 6) Timeline, Correspondence and Draft of "Roundtable" feature 

4031 32

Correspondence re. Proofs 

4031 33

Three drafts of the Table of Contents 

4031 33

Author Correspondence re. Contact/Biographical Information 

4031 33

Author Contact List 

4031 33

Corrected Proofs from Authors 

4031 33

Copyediting Checklist, Notes, and Correspondence 

4031 34

Handwritten Notes on "Editors' Note" and Wendy Bishop Profile 

4031 34

Correspondence re. Table of Contents 

4031 34

Correspondence re. Wendy Bishop (deceased) and Draft of Tribute to Her 

4031 34

Accepted Manuscripts 

4031 35-36

Sinor, Jennifer. "The Marlin" 

Raz, Hilda. "Stock" 

Pelizzon, V. Penelope. "Memoire on the Heliographe" 

Scheick, William J. "Floral Images from Childhood" 

Merrill, Cheryl. "A Creature of Many Parts" 

Galosy, Richard. "Renewal" (photo essay) 

Sjoholm, Barbara. "The Natural History of My Begonia" 

Miller, Brenda. "The Case Against Metaphor: An Apologia" 

Drummond, Laurie Lynn. "See For Yourself" 

Larsen, Jeanne. "Hell and Heaven at Tateyama" 

Pollack, Eileen. "The Jewish Shah" 

Tables of Contents for Volume 6, Numbers 1 and 2 

4032 1

Volume 7, Number 1 Spring 2005 

Box Folder

Page Proof Corrections and Relating Correspondence 

4032 2

Correspondence with Sue Silverman and Marc Sheehan 

4032 3

Revisions and Relating Correspondence 

4032 4

Special Rejection Letters 

4032 5

Accepted Manuscripts with Cover Letter 

4032 6-7

Table of Contents 

4032 8

Log Book 

4032 9

Volume 7, Number 2 Fall 2005 

Box Folder

Original Manuscripts with Cover Letters 

4032 10

Table of Contents 

4032 11

Log Book 

4032 12

Correspondence Regarding Shifted Issue 

4032 13

Final Page Proof Corrections and Correspondence 

4032 14

Correspondence with Sue Silverman and March Sheehan 

4032 15

Correspondence with Outside Readers 

4032 16

Special Rejection Letters 

4032 17
Box Folder

Fourth Genre Dark Archive - CD-R 2001-2005 

4032 18

Editors' Prize Contest 2005 

4032 19

Volume 8, Number 1 Spring 2006 

Box Folder

Table of Contents 

4032 20

Original Manuscripts with Cover Letters 

4032 21-22

Volume 8, Number 2 Fall 2006 

Box Folder

Table of Contents 

4032 23

Accepted Manuscripts 

4032 24-25

Associate Editor Reports 

4032 26

Outside Readers 

4032 27

Special Rejection Letters 

4032 28

Log Book 

4032 29
Box Folder

Second Annual Editors' Prize 2006 

4032 30-31

Volume 9, Number 1 Spring 2007 

Box Folder

Table of Contents and Correspondence Regarding Proofs 

4032 32

Volume 9, Number 2 and Volume 10, Number 1 Fall 2007, Spring 2008 

Box Folder

Table of Contents and Correspondence (9.1) 

4032 33

Outside Readers (Vol. 9, no. 2 & Vol. 10, no. 1) 

4032 34

Special Rejection Letters (Vol. 9, no. 2 & Vol. 10, no. 1) 

4033 1

Accepted Manuscripts for Volume 9, Number 2 

4033 2-3
Box Folder

Third Annual Editors' Prize 2007 

4033 4-5

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