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Korean Agricultural Sector Study (KASS) records
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Historical Note

The Korean Agricultural Sector Study was a United States Agency for International Development and Michigan State University project to study Korea’s agriculture sectors and create models for simulations of agriculture development. The project started in July 1971 and the field work ended in early 1976 but MSU staff stayed in Korea until December 1977 when the contract ended. Some of the techniques created for the Consortium for the Study of Nigerian Rural Development were used in this project as well.

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Scope and Contents note

The Korean Agricultural Sector Study records consist of drafts of chapters of the final report. The report includes Nigeria as a case example and describes the method of simulation modeling as a whole. Folder 15 in Box 1 contains information and the timeline for the project’s implementation in Korea. The special reports in the collection include technical documentation. Other reports in the collection relate to agriculture and land in Korea, United State Agency for International Development (USAID) reports, and reports about the project. Some of the reports are in Korean.

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Collection Inventory

Chapters of the Final Reports 

Box Folder

1 Title Page, Acknowledgements, Preface, Table of Contents, List of Tables, List of Figures 

2649 1

1: Introduction 

2649 2

1: Improving Agricultural Decision Making: A Conceptual Framework 

2649 3-6

2: The Regional Setting of the Model 

2649 7

3: The Systems Analysis Approach and Simulation Methods 

2649 8

4: Appendix, the Northern Model 

2649 9

4: Institutionalization of Investigative Capacity 

2649 10

4: The MSU/Naeri Approach in Modeling Korean Agriculture 

2649 11

4: The Northern Region Model: Cattle and Annual Crops 

2649 12

5: Appendix A-C the Food Composite 

2649 13

5: The Southern Region Model: Annual and Perennial Crops 

2649 14

6: Development and Implementation of a Project: Korea 

2649 15

6: Population Model 

2649 16

7: A Supplementary Model of the National Economy for Agricultural Sector Analysis 

2649 17

8: National Model Merger of Submodels 

2649 18

9: Using the National Model: Some Illustrative Policy Runs 

2649 19-20

10: Summary & Conclusions 

2649 21

11: Demand-Price-Trade Component 

2649 22

14: Data Requirements and Parameter Estimation June 18, 1976 

2649 23

14: Resource Allocation & Production Component 

2649 24

15: Use of the KASS Model in Analysis of Korea's Land and Water Department Policy Alternatives 

2649 25

17: Food Grain Pricing: Analysis for Periodic Pricing Decisions by Government 

2649 26

17: Utilization of a System of Models for Agricultural Decision Analysis 

2649 27

18: Future Directions 

2649 28

18: Use of the KASS Model in Analysis of Korea's Land & Water Development Policy, Alternatives July 23, 1976 

2649 29

30 Bibliography 

2649 30

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Special Reports 

Box Folder

15- Technology Change Model of KASM: Technical Documentation and User's Guide [Chapters], Lee, Jeung-Han 

2649 31

15- Technology Change Model of KASM: Technical Documentation, Lee, Jeung-Han March 1977 

2649 32-33

15- Technology Change Model of KASM: Technical Documentation, Lee, Jeung-Han June 1977 

2649 34-37

16- Farm Resource Allocation & Production Accounting Model of KASM3: Technical Documentation and User's Guide 1977 

2649 38-39

17- DEMAND-Price-Trade Model of KASM3: Technical Documentation, Abkin, Michael H. [Rough Draft] 

2649 40-41

17- DEMAND-Price-Trade Model of KASM3: Technical Documentation, Abkin, Michael H. 

2649 42-43

18- The National Economy Model ff KASM: Technical Documentation and User's Guide 

2649 44-45

Memo January 31, 1977 

2649 46

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Box Folder

Analysis Data for Agricultural Sector. Planning and Management Office Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry 

2650 1

The Commodity Pattern and Export Performance of Developing Asian Countries to the Developed Areas, Naya, Seiji, Economic Development and Cultural Change Volume 15, Number 4 July 1967 

2650 2

Cost and Availability of Barley Straw in Korea Report to Agency for International Development. Arthur D. Little Inc. February 18, 1966 

2650 3

The Cost of Protection and the Scientific Tariff, Journal of Political Economy, Vol. LXVIII No. 4, August, 1960, Johnson, Harry G. 

2650 4

A Dynamic Model of Agricultural Development in Southern Brazil: Some Retrospective Policy Simulations (1960- 1970) Singh, Inderjit & Ahn, Chong Yong 

2650 5

Economic Analysis of Tongil Rice Production, Ho Yu, Chul & Hwan Ban, Sung December 1974 

2650 6

Economics of Protein Improvement Programs in the Lower Income Countries, Foreign Economic Development Service USDA Cooperating with U.S. Agency for International Development, Schertz, Lyle P. 

2650 7

Economics and Social Aspects of Farm Mechanization, Lee, Jeung Han August 23-31, 1971 

2650 8

Emerging Issues, Policies, and Programs for Seventies, Paarlberg, Don 

2650 9

Evaluations April 19, 1977 

2650 10

Evaluation of Trade Co-operating Among Developing Countries, Anderson, James E. July 1970 

2650 11

Factor Demand and Product Supply Functions and Optimal- Allocation Patterns Derived from Experimental Fertilizer Production Functions, Lee, Jueng Han 1969 

2650 12

Food Balance Sheet (Korean) 1973 

2650 13

Food Demand Relationships in Korea, Hayenga, Marvin L. & Ryu, Byung Seo March 1972 

2650 14

Guidelines for Capital Project Appraisal Part II (B) Agricultural Projects, Water, and Sewage Projects, Manufacturing Projects, Public Health, Education Projects. Agency for International Development September 1971 

2650 15

Guidelines for the 4th Five Year Economic Development Plan [Draft] Economic Planning Board June 1975 

2650 16

An Interim Report on the System's Simulation Model of Korean Farm. Kim, Don Min, Korean Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 16 December 1974 

2650 17

An Introduction to Korean Agricultural Sector Analysis and a Summary of Major Results Agricultural Economics, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Vol. II, December 1972 (Korean) Suh, H.H. 

2650 18

Issues in Land Tenure Policy for Korea, Parsons, Kenneth September 1965 

2650 19

Issues Regarding Verification and Policy Experimentations for Sectoral Models for Agriculture in L.D.C.'s, Johnson, S.R. & Rausser, G.C. February 1972 

2650 20

K.I.S.T Time Series Processor User's Manual Rhee, S.Y., Oh, K.R., Kim Y.Y. August 1971 

2650 21

Knowledge, Agriculture, and Welfare. Schultz, Theodore W. August 30, 1971 

2650 22

Land Consolidation Project in Korea and its Economic Implications for Agricultural Development with Special Emphasis of the Case of North Kyungsang Province. Ahn, Choong Yung April 8, 1968 

2650 23

Land Reform in South Korea, Agency for International Development Spring Review Country Paper June 1970 

2650 24

A Land-Use Classification System for Use with Remote- Sensor Data, Geological Survey Circular 67 1972 

2650 25

Material Copied from the Long-Run Productivity Growth in Korean Agricultural Development 1910-1968. A Thesis Submitted to the Graduate School of the University of Minnesota, Ban, Sung Hwar 

2650 26

Major Economic Indicators. Economic Planning Board. Seoul Korea 1960-1971 

2650 27

A Manual for Appraisal of Investment Projects, Economic Planning Board October 1970 

2650 28

A Microeconometric Chronicle of the Green Revolution, Sinah Inderjit and Day, Richard H. 

2650 29

The National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, Sorenson, Vernon L. 

2650 30

National Agricultural Economics Research Institute. Attachments: Major Agricultural Statistics in Korea (1945-1975) Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Seoul, Korea 1977 

2650 31

Optimal Resource Allocation in an Imperfect Market Setting Journal of Political Economy December 1961 

2650 32

Organization and Work Assignment Regulations (Presidential Decree No. 4872, Promulgated on April on April 8, 1970 Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Instruction No. 219, Issued on June 8, 1970) 

2650 33

An Outline of Long Range Projections (Revised) Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries September 20, 1973 

2650 34

The Pattern of Effective Protection under Fixed Coefficients vs. Substitution: Based on the Korean Case, Naya, Seiji 1969 

2650 35

Planning the External Sector: Techniques, Problems, and Policies. Report on the 1st Interregional Seminar on Development Planning, Ankara, Turkey September 6-17, 1965 

2650 36

Planning With Facts: The Case of Korea, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Norton, Roger 

2650 37

Preliminary Analysis of the 3rd Five-Year Plan for the Agricultural Sector. Republic of Korea, Mehren, George L. November 1969 

2650 38

Preparing Sector Programs for Agriculture: Sector Analysis, Models & Practice. Thorbecke, Eric December 1971 

2650 39

Reference Material and Data on Seed Improvement Project May 1972 

2650 40

A Review of Farm Land Reform in Korea, Seth, A.N., FAO Regional Office Bangkok July 1971 

2650 41

Review and Recommendations on Collection and Handling of Farm Statistics in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Republic of Korea. Strand, Norman V February 1969 

2650 42

Rice Price Policy in Korea 

2650 43

Semi-Annual Report March 1, 1973-September 1, 1973 MSU Agency for International Development Non- Formal Education Contract 1973 

2650 44

Simulation Analysis of NADC Policy Recommendations July 23, 1971 

2650 45

A Simulation Analysis of Policies for the Northern Colombia Beer Cattle Industry. Posado, Alvaro 1974 

2650 46

Simulation: Methodology and Application Agricultural Economics. Anderson, Jock R. October 1973 

2650 47

Suggestions for Improvements in Korean Rice Policies Tolky, G.S. 

2650 48

A Summary of Survey on the Effects of the Dissemination of "Tong-Il" Rice, Office of Rural Development Suweon, Korea 

2650 49

A Supplementary Simulation Model of a National Economy for Agricultural Sector Analysis Byerlee, D.C. & Halter, A. N. April 1971 

2650 50

Tentative Thoughts on the Korean Agricultural Sector Study (KASS) by AERI and the MSU/Contract Group Dr. Kim, Dong Hi & Johnson, Glenn L. July 7, 1971 

2650 51

Testing Development Models Of Fei-Ran's and Jorgenson In the Case of Korea, 1957-1967 Kim, Dong Hi 

2650 52

Total Resources Budget for 1971 [Draft] 5th Year of Second Five-Year Economic Development Plan December 28, 1970 

2650 53

United Nations Command Office of the Economic Coordinator for Korea Organization Problems Programs May 6, 1957 

2650 54

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Publications (in Korean) 

Box Folder


2650 55


2650 56-57


2650 58-59

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#813: Overseas Project - Korea - Quarterly Report 

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