Walter L. Mallmann Papers

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Mallmann, Walter LeRoy, 1895-
Creator - Interviewer
Noble, Vergil E.
Walter L. Mallmann papers
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Biographical Note

Walter LeRoy Mallmann was born in Chicago, Illinois on October 29, 1895. Shortly after his birth, his family moved to Escanaba, Michigan. He graduated from Michigan Agricultural College (now Michigan State University) in 1918 with a bachelor of science degree, and joined the faculty the same year. Mallmann's field of study was microbiology and public health. He continued his education while teaching, first receiving a master of science degree from M.A.C. in 1924, then a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1931.

Mallmann was married to Virginia H. Mallmann, who was also a professor of microbiology at Michigan State. Together they headed a research team that studied tuberculosis. Mallmann was also known for his early work on sanitation, specifically the spread of water- and food-borne diseases. He retired from Michigan State in 1966. MSU awarded Mallmann an honorary doctor of science degree in 1970. Mallmann died on February 25, 1987.

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Scope and Contents note

This collection contains the speech presenting Walter Mallmann with the Michigan Public Health Association Distinguished Service Award. Also included is the transcript and audio reels of four oral history interviews conducted by Vergil Noble for a history class at Michigan State University. In the first interview Mallmann discussed his family and life growing up in Escanaba. The second interview covers Mallmann's years as a student at Michigan Agricultural College. He talks about his classes, professors, buildings, and the effect of World War I on campus. He also gives a detailed account of the Engineering Building fire in 1916. The third interview included discussion of the sit-down strikes in Lansing, the influenza epidemic during World War I, his work in public health, brucella outbreak at Michigan State, and the college presidents. The final interview covers Mallmann's professional research.

The bulk of the Mallmann papers consists of data, articles, presentations, reports, correspondence and other materials from his bacteriology research. Topics include dishwashing (by hand and machine), sterilization of beverage glasses, bottles, and utensils, personal hygiene, water purity, pollution, and treatment, sewage treatment, drinking fountains, swimming pools, and vending machines. Also included is Mallmann's research on veterinary medicine topics, such as brucella, tuberculosis, and salmonella.

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Corporate Name(s)

  • Michigan State University. Class of 1918.
  • Michigan State University. Department of Microbiology and Public Health. -- General subdivision--History;
  • United States. Department of Agriculture.


  • Course materials
  • Interviews (Sound recordings)
  • Letters (correspondence)
  • Oral histories
  • Reports

Geographic Name(s)

  • East Lansing (Mich.)
  • Escanaba (Mich.)
  • Lansing (Mich.)

Personal Name(s)

  • Hannah, John A., 1902-1991
  • Mallmann, Walter LeRoy, 1895-
  • Noble, Vergil E.


  • Bacteriology -- Study and teaching
  • Brucella
  • Logging -- Michigan
  • Microbiology -- Research
  • Sanitary microbiology
  • Strikes and lockouts
  • World War, 1914-1918 -- United States

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Collection Inventory

Box Folder

Curriculum Vita 1970 

5341 1

General Bacteriology 

Box Folder

"A Device for Aseptic Distribution of Cultural Media" undated 

5341 2

"Studies on the Filtration of Bacteria" paper and notes 1933 

5341 3

"An Enzyme-Pentane Procedure for the Concentration of Mycobacteria in Low Populations from Tissues" by R. S. Lipe, Mallmann, and J. A. Ray undated 

5341 4

"An Improved Method for the Enumeration of Culturable Cells of Mycobacteria" By Mallmann and Robert S. Lipe 1961 

5341 4

Ethyl Violet: a Selective Dye for the Isolation of Gram Negative Bacteria" by Mallmann and C. W. Fifield undated 

5341 5

"Method for Staining Acid Fast Bacilli on a Membrane Filter" by Mallmann and G. Wright 1962 

5341 6

"The Selective Bacteriostatic Effect of Slow Oxidizing Agents" by Mallmann, W. E. Botwright, Elbert S. Churchill (paper and notes) 1938, 1940, undated 

5341 7

"Isolation of an Inhibitory Substance from Plants" by Mallmann and Carl Hemstreet 1924 

5341 8

"Old Stock Cultures as a Source of Bacteriophage" (paper and research notes) 1924 

5341 9

"Studies of the Nitrogen Metabolism of Selected Mycobateria" by William S. Boniece and Mallmann undated 

5341 10

"The Effect of the Substrate Nitrogen upon the Amino Acid Composition of Two Mycobacteria" by William S. Boniece and Mallmann 1950 

5341 11

"The Influence of Phosphates on Carbohydrate Fermentation" by Mallmann and Frank Gallo (paper and research notes) 1929-1930 

5341 12

"A Study of Variation in the Typhi-Paratyphi Group of Microorganisms" by Mallmann and Charles S. Gibbs undated 

5341 13

Rough/smooth colonies (notes) undated 

5341 14

Public Health and Sanitation 

Box Folder

Address on the Joys of Bacteriology Research undated 

5341 15

"Ethical Standards for Sanitarians" by Mallmann undated 

5341 16

"Theory and Principles of Cleaning and Disinfection" by Mallmann 1960 

5341 17

"A Discussion of Disinfection" by Mallmann undated 

5341 18

"A Comparative Study of the Use-Dilution Method and the FDA Phenol Coefficient Method Applied to Some Veterinary Disinfectants" by Mallmann and Anita h. Leavitt undated 

5341 19

"A Study of Methods of Measuring the Available Chlorine in Germicidal Solutions" by Mallmann and D. F. Edwards (paper and research notes) 1932 

5341 20

"A Use-Dilution Method of Testing Disinfectants" by Mallmann and Marjorie E. Hanes undated 

5341 21

"The Effect of the Medium on the Resistance of Staphylococcus Aureus to Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (p)" by Mallmann and Anita Leavitt undated 

5341 22

"Problems in Testing Disinfectants for Activity Against Mycobacteria and Relationship to Practical Application" by Mallmann and Herbert S. Wright undated 

5341 23

"Proposed A.P.H.A. Method for Testing Fungicides Against Trichophyton" by Mallmann undated 

5341 24

"Physical Action of Surface-active Cations upon Bacteria" by E. W. Kivela, Mallmann, and E. S. Churchill 1948 

5341 25

"Bactericidal Action and Chemical Equilibria of Chloramine-T" by Jack M. Tadman and Mallmann 1956 

5341 26

"Comparative Resistance of Eberthella typhi and Escherichia coli to Chlorine Disinfection" by Constance Clark and Mallmann 1938 

5341 27

"Disinfection by Chlorine" by Mallmann undated 

5341 28

"The Influence of Hydroxyl Ion on the Germicidal Action of Chlorine in Dilute Solution" by Mallmann and Oscar Schalm (article and research) 1931-1932 

5341 29

"Studies on the Cleaning and Sanitizing Value of High Pressure Steam for Exposed Surfaces" by Frank R. Peabody, Mallmann, and Robert J. Driesens undated 

5341 30

Ozone notes transparencies, and newsletters 1966 

5341 31

Ozone papers and reports, correspondence, blueprints, and photographs 1937-1941 

5341 32

"Confidential Bacteriological Report for Dow Chemical Company on the Bactericidal and Bacteriostatic Activity of ET 315 Incorporated into Plastics" by Mallmann and Herbert S. Wright 1960 

5341 33

"A Study of the Silver Electro Coil Cleaner" by Mallmann undated 

5341 34

"The Use of Ultra Violet Rays in Bacteriology" presented by Mallmann at Phi Sigma Symposium December 9, 1931 

5341 35

Chlorine data undated 

5341 36

Halogen data 1953 

5341 37

Bacteriostatic titre of Silver Vitresan data undated 

5341 38

"Facts and Fallacies of Disinfection by Chlorine" by Mallmann undated [after 1966] 

5345 48

Air Disinfection 

Box Folder

"Report on the Germicidal Efficiency of a U.V.R. Device Employing a Forced Air System" by Mallmann and E. S. Churchill undated 

5341 39

Air Disinfection articles 1945, undated 

5341 40
Box Folder

"Aerosols in the Reduction of the Microbial Population of the Air and Certain Surfaces" 

5341 40

"A Confidential Report on an Aerosol Bomb Containing Ingredients to the Destruction of Bacteria in the Air" by Mallmann and E. S. Churchill 

5341 40

"A New Method of Controlling Bacteria in the Air Using Tri-ethylene Glycol" 

5341 40

"The Use of a Glycol-Stearate Compound in Air Disinfection" by Mallmann and E. S. Churchill 

5341 40

Beverage Glass Sterilization 

Box Folder

"The Sanitizing of Beverage Glasses" by Mallmann undated 

5341 41

"The Disinfection of Beverages Glasses by Chlorine Preparations" by Mallmann and E. D. Devereux undated 

5341 41

"A Sanitary Survey of Beverage Establishments with Reference to Sanitary Condition of Glassware" by Mallmann and E. D. Devereux (article and research data) 1934-1935 

5341 42

Beer Glass Sanitation tests 1937 

5341 43

"A Study of Sterilamp Beer Glass Sterilizer" by Mallmann (article and photographs) undated 

5341 44

Swab Tests reports - Tavern 1947-1948 

    Box Folder
Mixed materials   5341 45
    Box Folder
Text   5341 45

Beverage Glass Sterilization Data 1948 

    Box Folder
Text   5341 46
    Box Folder
Mixed materials   5341 46

Bottle Washers 

Box Folder

"A Survey of Bottle Washers Used in the Carbonated Beverage Industry" by Mallmann and Irving Olitzky undated 

5341 47

Dairy Production and Marketing Studies 

Box Folder

"Sentinels of Milk" movie script undated 

5341 48

Dairy Farm Sanitation 

Box Folder

"Dairy Sanitation" by Mallmann undated 

5341 49

"Disinfection" by Mallmann undated 

5341 49

"The Advantage of Inspection to the Industry" by Mallmann undated 

5341 49

Dairy Equipment Sanitation 

Box Folder

Dairy Equipment Sanitation articles undated 

5341 50a

"Studies on Calgonite and Allied Products in the Dairy Process" by Mallmann and E. D. Devereux (article and data) 1936-1937 

5341 50b

Dairy Sanitation articles, data, and project outline 1949-1950, undated 

5341 51

"The Influence of the Method of Sanitizing Milking Machines on the Bacterial Content of Milk" by Mallmann, Edgar Kivela, A. L. Bortree and Elbert Churchill (article and data) undated 

5341 52

Dairy Product Quality 

Box Folder

Articles 1954, undated 

5341 53

"Signature of Coliform Organism in Milk" data 1942-1943 

5341 54

Laboratory Procedures and Tests - Dairy 

Box Folder

"Modified Procedure for Thermoduric Counts" undated 

5341 55

"A Simple Test for Detecting Keeping Quality of Milk" by Selwyn Broitman, Mallmann, and G. M. Trout (article and data) 1958 

5341 56

"A Study of Methods for the Microscopic Examination of Raw Milk with Suggested Improvements" by Mallmann, C. S. Bryan, and W. D. Baten (article and data) 1943-1944 

5341 57

"A Surface Plating Technique for Determining Bacterial Population in Milk" 1955 

5341 58

Dishwashing: Machine vs. Hand 

Box Folder

Articles 1955, undated 

5341 59

Dishwashing: Machine 

Box Folder

Articles undated 

5341 60

"A Critical Study of Machine Dishwashing" by Mallmann, Paul Dekoning, and Les Zaikowski undated 

5341 61

"Mechanical Dishwashing Studies for teh Quartermaster Corp of the Army" by Mallmann and David Kahler 1950 

5341 62

Dishwashing: Machine, Chemicals 

Box Folder

Articles undated 

5341 63

Data 1935-1936 

5341 64

Universal Chlorinator Company correspondence and data 1947-1948 

5341 65

Dishwashing: Machine, High/Low Temperatures 

Box Folder

"Cold Sanitation" article by Mallmann and data 1946 

5342 1

"Studies on High Temperature Dishwashing" by Mallmann undated 

5342 2

"The Supervised Field Test for Utensil Sanitation" by Mallmann undated 

5342 3

Dishwashing: Machine, Melmac Plastic 

Box Folder

"A Report to American Cyanamid Company on the Evaluation of Plasticware and Chinaware for Food Service," by Mallmann and David Kahler July 29, 1952 

5342 4

"Sanitation" by Mallmann undated 

5342 5

"Studies on the Cleaning and Sanitizing of Melmac Plastic and Vitreous China," by Mallmann, David Kahler, and Frederick Butt undated 

5342 6

Research Data on Melmac 1953 

5342 7

Correspondence, Data, and Notes 1951-1953 

5342 8

Drinking Fountains 

Box Folder

Articles and Correspondence 1952-1957 

5342 9

Articles, Correspondence, and Data 1957-1959 

5342 10

Food Preparation and Handling 

Box Folder

Articles by Mallmann undated 

5342 11

Food Storage and Preservation 

Box Folder

Articles by Mallmann 1960-1962, undated 

5342 12

"Spoilage of Canned Tomatoes" by Mallmann, and Data 1917 

5342 13

Articles about eggs 1949, undated 

5342 14

Omaha Cold Storage Company Report, data, and correspondence 1940 

5342 15

Frozen Egg Data, Lansing Department of Health, Bureau of Sanitation and Food 1940 

5342 16

Frozen egg data 1940-1941 

5342 17-18

Frozen egg correspondence and reference materials 1940-1941 

5342 19

Frozen egg research correspondence 1962-1963 

5342 20

Dow Chemical egg preservation data 1940-1941, undated 

5342 21

Dow Chemical egg preservation correspondence 1940-1944 

5342 22

Egg Oil treatment data 1942-1943 

5342 23

Egg oil treatment data, correspondence, and reference materials 1944-1945 

5342 24

Egg oil treatment correspondence 1944-1945 

5342 25

"Studies on Microbiological Methods for Predicting Shelf Life of Dressed Poultry" by Mallmann, L. E. Dawson, B. M. Sultzer, and H. S. Wright undated 

5342 26

"The Spoilage of Dressed Ducks by Slimness" by Mallmann (article and data) undated 

5342 27

"Turkey Rolls: Microbial Inoculation and Cooking Study" report and correspondence 1963 

5342 28

"A Progress Report on the Effect of Various Concentrations of Carbon Dioxide on the Quality of Beef During Storage" by Mallmann and R. J. Patrick undated 

5342 29

"The Effect of Carbon Dioxide on Bacteria with Particular Reference to Food Poisoning Organisms" by Mallmann, Leo Zaikowski, and Marvin Ruster undated 

5342 30

"The Safeness and Servability of Meringued Pie" by Mallmann, Pearl J. Aldrich, Doris M. Downs, and Gary Houghtby (article and data) 1962 

5342 31

Frozen Food Research 

Box Folder

Correspondence and Contracts 1960-1963 

5342 32

Refrigeration and Freezing 

Box Folder

"Development of Refrigeration Methods and Their Applications" undated 

5342 33

"Sanitation in Frozen Food Locker Plants" by Mallmann undated 

5342 33

"Why Refrigerate Foods" by Mallmann undated 

5342 33

Personal Hygiene 

Box Folder

"Sanitation of the Hand" by Mallmann and Charles Gainor (drafts, article, and data) undated 

5342 34

Toothpaste study data 1932 

5342 35

"A Bacterial Contaminant from Soaps and Emollient Detergents" by T. F. Wetzler, H. McCurdy, and Mallmann undated 

5342 36

"Hygiene of Wrestling Mats" by Mallmann 1924 

5342 36

"Some Factors Responsible for the So-called Self-disinfecting Power of the Skin" by Claude S. Bryan and Mallmann undated 

5342 36

Pools - General 

Box Folder

"The Bacteriology of the Swimming Pool" by Mallmann undated 

5342 37

"A Sanitary Study of the College Swimming Pool" by Mallmann undated 

5342 37

"Public Health Aspects of Bathing Beaches and Swimming Pools" by Mallmann (drafts) undated 

5342 38-39

Articles, reports, and data 1959, undated 

5346 5

Pools - Tests and Treatments 

Box Folder

Various Articles undated 

5342 40

"A Study of Bacteriological Methods of Testing and Means of Disinfecting Water with Chlorine with Particular Reference to Swimming Pool Water" by Mallmann and William Cary, Jr. (presentation to the American Public Health Association, correspondence, and data) 1932 

5342 41

Bromine vs. Chlorine Study for Michigan Chemical Corporation (Saint Louis, Michigan) 1959-1960 

5342 42

"Chlorine Resistance of Colon Bacilli and Streptococci in a Swimming Pool" by Mallmann and A. G. Gelpi, Jr. (article and data) undated 

5342 43

Data 1928, 1932 

5342 44

"Streptococcus as an Indicator of Swimming Pool Pollution" by Mallmann (article and graphs) undated 

5342 45

"Chlorination of Water Supplies" presentation by Mallmann at the Conference of Water Operators 1932 

5342 46

"The Cocci Test for Detecting Mouth and Nose Pollution of Swimming Pool Water" by Mallmann (article and graphs) undated 

5342 47

Pools - Data 

Box Folder


5343 1


5343 2


5343 3


5343 4

Bromine vs. Chlorine 1946 

5343 5


5343 6

Pools - Correspondence 

Box Folder


5343 7

Swimming Pool Review 1929-1932 

5343 8

Committee on Swimming Pools, American Public Health Association 1934-1935 

5343 9

Vending Machines 

Box Folder

Articles, drafts, correspondence, and data 1951-1952, 1958, undated 

5343 10

"Bacteriological Studies on Cup Vending Machines" by Mallmann, Richard Harley and Edward Seligmann, Jr. (reports and correspondence) 1949-1950 

5343 11

National Automatic Merchandising Association correspondence 1951-1958 

5343 12

National Automatic Merchandising Association correspondence, data, and photographs 1955-1956 

5343 13

National Automatic Merchandising Association, Clint Darling 1951 

5343 14

Bottled Beverages Articles undated 

5343 15

Articles, reports, and regulations 1950, 1956, undated 

5346 4

Water Purity Testing 

Box Folder

Articles and Data 1941, undated 

5343 16

"A Surface Plating Technique for Determining Coliforms in High Water and Sewage" by Mallmann and F. R. Peabody (article, draft and data) 1956-1961 

5343 17

Articles 1939, 1953, undated 

5343 18

Water Treatment 

Box Folder

Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Sewage Committee files (American Public Health Association) 1935-1936 

5343 19

Reports, drafts, and data 1961 undated 

5343 20

Katadyn Silver Test correspondence, reports, and data 1935-1936 

5343 21

Articles and data undated 

5346 6

"Sanitary Water Supplies" undated 

5341 2

Water Pollution Studies 

Box Folder

"The Survival of Selected Enteric Organisms in Various Types of Soil" by Mallmann and Warren Litsky 1927 

5343 22

Laboratory Report of the Survey of Michigan Inland Lakes 1947 

5343 22

"A Review of Biological Contamination of Ground Water" by Mallmann and W. N. Mack undated 

5343 22

Water Supply Conference (East Lansing, Michigan) - notes for presentation and schedule September 18-19, 1962 

5343 23

Testimony before the Federal Water Pollution Control Administration January 27, 1970 

5343 24

State Park Survey 1946 

5343 25

Red Cedar River pollution data 1932 

5343 26

Correspondence with C. R. Cox, State of New York Health Department 1945 

5343 27


Box Folder

"Bacteriology and Sewage Treatment," Conference of Sewage Workers Association 1932 

5343 28

"Chlorination Studies on Sewage - Traverse City Sewage Plant" data June 1, 1935 

5343 29

"Evolution in the Disposal of Sewage in the Rural Home" article, draft, correspondence, and reference materials 1972 

5343 30

"Sanitary Significance of Sewage Effluents Applied to Truck Soils" grant applications, correspondence, and reports 1947-1950 

5343 31

"The Elimination of Health Hazard in Sewage Sludge-Garbage Compost by Heat" by Mallmann and Herbert Wright undated 

5343 32

"The Enterococci" by Mallmann undated 

5343 32

"What Do You Know about Septic Tanks?" by Mallmann undated 

5343 32

"The Functions of Bacteria in Sewage" presentation given by Mallmann at the Seventh Annual Conference of Sewage Works Operators (East Lansing, Michigan), with schedule December 5, 1930 

5343 33

"The Isolation of Enteric Viruses from Sewage" (Final Report on Research Grant) by Walter N. Mack and Mallmann 1957 

5343 34

Disinfection of Flint (Michigan) Sewage reports and data 1933-1934 

5343 35

Veterinary Medicine - Animal Feeds 

Box Folder

"Analysis of Meat Scraps for Proteolytic Bacteria" report undated 

5343 36

"Report on the J. I. Case hay Project" undated 

5343 36

Veterinary Medicine - Disease Detection (Bacterium Group) 

Box Folder

"An Improved Antigen for the Agglutination Test in Bacillary White Diarrhea" by Mallmann undated 

5343 37

"Serological Studies of the Paratyphoid Group, Particularly the Avian Strains" undated 

5343 37

"Bacterium Pullorum Studies" 1922 

5343 38

"Isolation of Bacterium Pullorum from Hen Feces" data 1930 

5343 39

Veterinary Medicine - Disease Detection (Brucella Group) 

Box Folder

"Studies on the Dissociation of the Brucella Group" by Mallmann and Frank Gallo (article, protocol, and notes) undated 

5344 1

Dissociation of Brucella data 1931 

5344 2

"The Interagglutinability of Members of the Brucella and Pateurella Genera" by Mallmann (article and data) 1930 

5344 3

Veterinary Medicine - Disease Detection (Chicken Pox) 

Box Folder

Protocol on Chicken Pox Etiology undated 

5344 4

Veterinary Medicine - Disease Detection (Salmonella Group) 

Box Folder

"A Critique of Methods and Mediums for the Isolation of the Salmonella Group from the Intestines of Chickens" draft undated 

5344 5

"The Isolation of Salmonella Pullorum from the Intestinal Contents of Infected Baby Chicks" by Mallmann undated 

5344 5

"The Fermentation of Organic Acids by Colon-Typhoid Groups" by Mallmann (article and data) undated 

5344 5

Identification of Salmonella Enteritidis in Sections by Fluorescent Antibody" by H. H. Schimmelpfennig, C. C. Morrill, and Mallmann (article and photographs) undated 

5344 5

"A Medium for the Differentiation of Salmonella Pullorum, Salmonella Gallinarum, Pasteurella Avicida, and Eschedrichia Coli" by Mallmann and Dorothy Snyder (article and data) undated 

5344 5

"A Medium for the Isolation of Salmonella Pullorum and Other Members of the Paratyphoid Group from Avian Tissues" by Mallmann, Frank Thorp, Jr., and Margaret Semmes (article and data) undated 

5344 6

Veterinary Medicine - Control of Poultry Disease 

Box Folder

"Control of Poultry Diseases" by Mallmann undated 

5344 7

"The Role of Disinfectants in the Control of Pullorum Disease" by Mallmann undated 

5344 7

"The Use of Formaldehyde as a Disinfectant in the Control of Incubator Transmitted Pullorum Disease" by H. C. Zindel and Mallmann (drafts) undated 

5344 8

Incubator Disinfection speech, program to Twelfth Annual Meeting of State Poultry Association of Indiana, and data October 1930 

5344 9

Examination of Eggs from Reactor Hens data 1934 

5344 10

"The Disinfection of Avian Fecal Matter" by Mallmann and W. L. Chandler (article and data) 1932, undated 

5344 11

"Disinfection of Drinking Water for Chickens" data 1936-1938 

5344 12

"Studies on Bacteriophage in Relation to Salmonella and Pullorum Disease" by Mallmann undated 

5344 13

"The Dissociation of Salmonella Pullorum and Related Species" (for MSC Agricultural Experiment Station Technical Bulletin No. 122) 1932 

5344 14

Bacteriophage data - pullorum disease 1925 

5344 15

"Immunity Reactions in Bacillary White Diarrhea," Report, University of Chicago Fall Term, 1926 

5344 16

Chick Vaccination Experiments (data) 1928 

5344 17

Veterinary Medicine - Bovine Disease Control 

Box Folder

"A Critique on Disinfectants" by Mallmann undated 

5344 18

"Disinfection" undated 

5344 19

Dow Chemical dairy cleaner data and correspondence [student paper is restricted] 1942-1943, 1958-1961 

5344 20

Standardizations of Vaccines research by Claude S. Bryan and Mallmann (data) 1930-1931 

5344 21

Veterinary Medicine - USDA Tuberculosis Project 

Box Folder

Proposals, Contracts, and Equipment 1958-1964 

5344 22

Publicity Information 1963, undated 

5344 23

"A Progress Report of Tuberculosis Research at Michigan State University" by Mallmann undated 

5344 24

"A Report on Research on Bovine Tuberculosis at Michigan State University" by Mallmann undated 

5344 24


5344 25

Correspondence 1959-1963 

5344 26

Correspondence 1964-1966 

5344 27

Committee on Diagnostic Skin Test, American Thoracic Society 1960-1966 

5344 28

Committee on Intensification of TB Control, Michigan Tuberculosis Association 1969 

5344 29

Reports 1959, 1962-1963 

5344 30

First Annual Progress Report of Co-operative Agreement #12-14-100-2372 (91) between Michigan State University and the United State Department of Agriculture May 2, 1960 

5344 31

Progress Report on Research Contract 12-14-100-4511 (45) between USDA and MSU for Investigations of the cause or causes of no-gross-lesion tuberculin reactors and to improve methods of diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis June 30, 1960 

5344 32

Third Semi-Annual Progress Report of the Cooperative agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture December 31, 1960 

5344 33

Fourth Semi-Annual Progress Report of the Cooperative agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture June 30, 1961 

5344 34

Fifth Semi-Annual Progress Report of the Cooperative agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture December 31, 1961 

5344 35

Progress Report June 30, 1962 

5344 35

Final Report of the Research Contract with the United States Department of Agriculture December 31 1962 

5344 36

Second Semi-Annual Progress Report of the Research Contract with the United States Department of Agriculture June 30, 1963 

5344 37

Third Semi-Annual Progress Report of the Research Contract with the United States Department of Agriculture December 31, 1963 

5344 38

Final Report of the Research Contract with the United States Department of Agriculture, Volume 1 June 30, 1964 

5345 1

Final Report of the Research Contract with the United States Department of Agriculture, Volume 2 June 30, 1964 

5345 2

First Semi-Annual Progress report of the Research Contract with USDA on tuberculin sensitization of animals via oral route December 31, 1962 

5345 3

Final report of the Research Contract with USDA on tuberculin sensitization of animals via oral route June 30, 1964 

5345 3

First Semi-annual Progress Report of the Research Contract with the USDA on Disease Caused by Atypical Mycobacteria December 31, 1962 

5345 4

First Semi-Annual Progress Report of the Research Contract with the USDA for investigations on bovine tuberculosis caused by atypical mycobacteria June 30, 1964 

5345 4

Third Semi-Annual Progress Report of the Research Contract with the USDA for investigations on bovine tuberculosis caused by atypical mycobacteria June 30, 1965 

5345 4

Final Report of the Research Contract with the USDA for investigations on bovine tuberculosis caused by atypical mycobacteria, Volume 1 June 30, 1965 

5345 5

Final Report of the Research Contract with the USDA for investigations on bovine tuberculosis caused by atypical mycobacteria, Volume 2 June 30, 1965 

5345 7

Second Semi-Annual Report of the Research Contract with the USDA for investigations on bovine tuberculosis caused by atypical mycobacteria December 31, 1964 

5345 6

Reference Files 

5345 8-9

Tuberculosis Procedures Manual, Michigan Department of Agriculture, Livestock Disease Control Division 1962 

5345 10

Tuberculin Testing Programs in Michigan Schools undated 

5346 7

"Tuberculosis Research at Michigan State University" by Mallmann undated 

5346 7

Information on the Tuberculosis Project - College of Veterinary Medicine undated 

5346 7


Box Folder

The Diversity Corporation 1941-1949 

5345 11

Dow Chemical (with data and procedures) 1938-1961 

5345 12

The Mennen Company 1946-1949 

5345 13

Niagara Blower Company 1940-1943 

5345 14

Onyx Oil and Chemical Company 1943-1947, 1949, 1962 

5345 15

Patterson Laboratories 1953-1955, 1957, 1960-1961, 1969-1970 

5345 16

U. S. Cold Storage and Ice Company 1942-1943, 1946 

5345 17

State of Michigan Department of Agriculture 1962 

5345 18

U. S. Public Health Service 1946-1950 

5345 19-20

U. S. Public Health Service 1951-1953 

5345 21

U. S. Public Health Service 1958-1963, 1965 

5345 22

Slobodan Gajic 1967-1968 

5345 23

Howard Hollenbach 1949-1953 

5345 24

Howard D. McCurdy, Jr. (with abstract and resume) circa 1969 

5345 25

W. D. Tiedeman, State of New York Department of Health 1944 

5345 45

Michigan State University Affairs 

Box Folder

Sanitation Report 1949-1952 

5345 26

Kellogg Center Sanitation undated 

5345 27

Campus Sanitation 1956 

5345 27

Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station Sanitation Reports 1953-1957 

5345 28

Research Projects 1952-1953 

5345 29

Food Technology Material for Deans and Department Heads (program outline) January 21, 1957 

5345 30

College Report (College of Veterinary Medicine publication) featuring article about Mallmann Spring 1970 

5345 31

Teachers Vocational Education Certificate from the Michigan State Board of Education awarded to Mallmann February 18, 1949 

5345 32

John A. Hannah correspondence 1940-1956 

5345 33

Observations on President John A. Hannah by Mallmann 1971 

5345 34

Bacteriology 304a examinations 1941-1943, 1948 

5345 35

Bacteriology 304b examinations 1932, 1936, 1938, 1942, 1948 

5345 36

Health Care and Medical Education in Michigan reference file 1950-1969, undated 

5345 46

Space Utilization, and Life Sciences building plans 1968, undated 

5345 47

Bacteriology Department research projects list 1952-1953 

5345 49

"History of Microbiology at Michigan State University" 1974 

5346 3

Class Notes 

Box Folder

Micology 1919 

5345 37

University of Chicago 1927-1928, undated 

5345 38

University of Chicago. Physiological Chemistry undated 

5345 39

Radio Scripts, WKAR 

Box Folder

"What is on the Rim of Your Glass" October 17, 1935 

5345 40

"Opportunities in Bacteriology" January 27, 1936 

5345 40

"The Cleaning and Disinfection of Dishes" December 8, 1936 

5345 40

"Microbes Work for Man" January 25, 1939 

5345 40

"Disinfection of Farm Buildings and Associated Structures" November 30, 1943 

5345 40

General Reference Files 

Box Folder


5345 41

Michigan State College Agricultural Engineering Department, Agricultural Experiment Station "Report on Project 302 - Processing, Sub-project 17 - Cooling Rates of Poultry" February 1955 

5345 42

Soil (notes, correspondence, project statements, and lecture notes) 1932, 1942, undated 

5345 43

Soil (Experiment Station bulletins) 1913-1914, 1916, 1919, 1928 

5345 43

Eggs (serial no. 498409, filed August 12, 1943) 

5345 44
Box Folder

Bills, car accident 1950 

5345 50

"Michigan Public Health Association Distinguished Service Award Presented to Walter L. Mallmann" 1973 

5346 1

Oral History Interview Transcripts 1981 

5346 2
Box Reel

Interview (on four audio reels) 

5346 1-4