Beryl Williamson Papers

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Williamson, Beryl
Beryl Williamson papers
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Biographical Note

Leona Beryl (Goodman) Williamson was born January 14, 1921 and grew up in London, Ontario, Canada. Her father, Gerald (Jerry) N. Goodman, was a National Hockey League referee. She had two brothers, Gerry and Stephen, and a sister, Louise. She was married to H. E. Williamson who preceded her in death. Williamson started skating at about 10 years old. She wanted to enter more competitions that would require her to travel, but her father would not let her. He did not want the travel to disrupt her life. Williamson skated with the London (Ontario) Skating Club. In 1937 the club sent her and 11 other skaters to skate with Sonja Henie at a show in Detroit. In the late 1940s, she won the Western Ontario regional title as well as other western Ontario regional titles. From 1947 to 1954 she taught at the Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club. She came to Michigan State University in 1957 to train one of her students. She was offered a job by MSU and stayed. One of her skaters, Sandra Tewkesbury, competed in the 1960 Olympics. She also coached Joey Heckert and Gary Clarke, members of the U.S National Team, in pairs competitions. Williamson retired from MSU in 1996 and passed away June 15, 2005 in Ontario, Canada.

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Scope and Contents note

The Beryl Williamson papers consist of albums, programs, clippings about Williamson and her skaters, Lansing Skating Club directories, photographs, scrapbooks, audio, films and videos with segments about Williamson. Many of the albums in the collection contained pages that over time would harm the photographs inside. Where it was appropriate, the pages were photocopied to show arrangement and then the photographs removed from the album. The page number was written on the back of the photo. When album contained images in it with no discernable arrangement the photographs were just removed from the album, put in a folder and the cover of the album photocopied.

The family photographs album was badly water damaged before transfer to the archives. Many of the pictures were stuck together. Because of this, many of the pictures could not be saved and the ones that were may be in bad condition. The photographs were loose in the album with no arrangement. The scrapbooks contain family and vacation photographs, skating photographs, and newspaper clippings of Williamson or her students.

The photographs consist of photographs of skaters Williamson taught including Sandra Tewkesbury, Gary Clark and Joey Heckert, designer Vera Wang as a child, as well as others. There are a number of photographs of skating shows that Williamson coordinated, many of which took place at MSU. The photographs have been separated into folders for identified and unidentified people and groups. There are also photographs of Williamson, family, and Michigan State University.

The oversize items contain image boards that Williamson created by adhering clippings and photographs to large pieces of cardboard and chipboard. There are also oversized photographs and a drawing for her retirement. The audio materials contain reel-to-reel tape and audiocassettes of music from skaters' routines. The 16mm and 8mm film consists of skaters as well as home movies. There are also videotapes of "Perspectives on Ice," a MSU talk show where Williamson was interviewed, and an "Unsung Hero" segment that featured Williamson.

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Michigan State University Archives and Historical Collections June 2006

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  • Lansing Skating Club (Lansing, Mich.).


  • Nonfiction films
  • Photographs
  • Programs (Publications)
  • Scrapbooks
  • Sound recordings
  • Sports films
  • Video tapes

Personal Name(s)

  • Marr, Gloria
  • Tewkesbury, Sandra
  • Wang, Vera
  • Williamson, Beryl


  • Figure skaters
  • Figure skating
  • Figure skating coaches
  • Women figure skaters

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Collection Inventory


Box Folder

Clippings 1970, 1994, Undated 

2032 1

European trip (in folder) 

2032 2

Family Photographs 1942-1944 

2032 3

Photographs Undated 

2032 4

Photographs and Clippings Undated 

2032 5-7

Photocopy of Album 

2032 8

Sandra Tewkesbury 

2032 9



"Ice Dancing" Playbill Circa 1978 

2032 11

Ice Skating Hall of Fame inductees Undated 

2032 12

Image Board photocopied clippings 1948-1963, Undated 

2032 13

Image Board photocopied clippings 1963-1975, Undated 

2032 14

Kitchener 50th Anniversary 1988 

2032 15

Lansing City Magazine with feature on Beryl Williamson January 1990 

2032 67

Lansing Skating Club Membership Directories 1992-1993, 1997-1998 

2032 16

Munn Ice Arena- Skating Evaluation Form Undated 

2032 17

Postcards Undated 

2032 18

Professional Skaters Guild certificate 1970 

2032 19


Box Folder

Canadian Figure Skating Championships 1957 

2032 20

Kitchener-Waterloo Skating Follies 1951 

2032 21

World Figure Skating Championships 1965 

2032 22
Box Folder

Retirement Party Guestbook 1996 

2032 23

Skating Magazine 1965 

2032 24

Sketches, Costumes Undated 

2032 25

Thesis- An Evaluation for Judging Free Skating Routines by Kathleen F. Moore 1967 

2032 26


Box Folder

Carolyn Fedy Skating Centre reception 

2032 27


2032 28

Figure skating reunion 1994 

2032 29

Image Boards- photographs of skaters from the boards 

2032 30-33

Image boards- photographs of the completed boards 

2032 34

Leavenworths Studio Lansing, Michigan 

2032 35


2032 36

MSU. Buildings. Demonstration Hall 

2032 37

MSU related 

2032 38

People. Arlen, Jean 

2032 39

People. Auttermullen, Joy undated 

2032 68

People. Browning, Janet and Jim 

2032 40

People. Browning, Janet and Mill, Carol undated 

2032 69

People. Burhans, Nic and Jan 

2032 41

People. Campbell, Mary Lou (current last name Henderson) 

2032 42

People. Clark, Gary and Heckert, Joey 

2032 43

People. Cook, Alice 

2032 44

People. Cook, Mary undated 

2032 70

People. Females. Unidentified 

2032 45

People. Gillengerten, Mary Lou 

2032 46

People. Groups. Unidentified. 

2032 47

People. Heckert, Joe and Verna 

2032 48

People. Heckert, Joey 

2032 49

People. Hoonhaut, Toni 

2032 50

People. Identified 

2032 51

People. Kleum Twins, The undated 

2032 71

People. Latasah, Sandy undated 

2032 72

People. Lord, Brandley 

2032 52

People. Males. Unidentified 

2032 53

People. Noyes, Tina 

2032 54

People. Siders Family (Cherry, Candy and Honey) 

2032 55

People. Switch, Kathy undated 

2032 73

People. Tewkesbury, Sandra 

2032 56

People. Tryon, Toni 

2032 57

People. Van Camp, Tom and Janet 

2032 58

People. Wang, Vera; Noyes, Tina; and unidentified 

2032 59

People. Williamson, Beryl 

2032 60

People. Wirwell, Sandy undated 

2032 74

Retirement party 

2032 61

Shows. Follies 

2032 62

Shows. Negative 

2032 63

Shows. Unidentified 

2032 64

Skating competition 

2032 65
Box Folder

Slides. People. Tewkesbury, Sandy 

2032 66



Family photographs (some pictures of Beryl skating) 1942-1944 


Family photographs and clippings 1948-1950, 1988, 1993 


Family photographs and skating clippings 1957-1959 


Japan trip 1968 


London, England 1943 




Drawing 1996 

Flat Box 1

Image Boards 

Flat Box 1

Image Boards 

Flat Box 2


Flat Box 1

Audio Cassettes 


Angela Adney, 2 min. short program 

Angela Adney, 2 min. short program 1976/ Show program 

Angela Adney, competition 1974, 4th test 1974 

Angela Adney show program 

Angela Adney competition/ L. Adney 6th Test 

Reel to Reel audio 


Campell Faust 1967-98 Gold/ HE Bestraum 1968 Nationals/ Moore Broadway 1967 

Jan and Nic Free Dance Best Things in Life/ Giselle- Fitzgibbon/ Sandra T- Aurora 



16 mm 

Joe and Lorraine Adney Pair 1970 

Joey and Gary Oriental 

Joey and Gary Oriental Nat. Sen. Pair/ Peg Lill Feb. 26, 1963/ Camelot... 

Jill Harrison/ 1964 Compulsory Joey and Gary/ 1964 Nation Sen. Joey and Gary... 

Van Cam/ Pop Goes the Weasel- reel labeled- Joey and Gary Pas de Deau... 

Adele, Gold program 

Annette Zag, Barkrow, Beaman, Van Gusen 

Colorado Skiing 1965 

Dad, Audrey, Pete and Children September 1965 

Dance and Louise Mood 

Free Dance Cleveland January 8, 1964 

Free Dance 1965 

Free dance, Nationals 1966 

Guide for the test, summer 1974 

[Home movies, pairs skating] 

Jan and Jim and Zeleniks 

Janet Lynn 

Janet Lynn, Williamson 

Jan and Nic, Gold dance 

Janet and Tom, free dance 

 January 1969 

Jean Walker, Mary Collison, Marlene, Tammy, and 3 females 

Joey and Gary Practice at Rink/ Bruce Heiss Gary Doug Norwich/... 

Julie Holmes and winter 1969 

 July 1968 

June Gordee and Children 

Junior Court 1962 


Mackies Farm and Family 

Mary Collins and children, summer dance group 1965 

Mary/Karen/Peggy/Jill, summer 1963 

Mary Martha Cook and co. 1967 

Maud Adele Sampson 

McGrath, Helderman, Vera Wang, Patrick 1967 

Newscenter 6 Newscast November 15, 1993 

Pairs 1971 

[Pairs skating] 2 reels 

[Pairs Skating] Janet and... 

Peter Collins, Jackson 

Pete Skating at Pad 

Petrawloh, Russian pairs 

Proteysopoffs, off T.V. 1968 

Retirement party 1996 

Romper Beryl Kedzie Dr. 

Rodnina and Zietzev (dark), off T.V.? 

Ruth and Tom, Campbell and John 

Senior Court 1962 

 September 1971 

Solos, Alice and Martha 

Solos March 1967 

Summer Solos 1968 

Tim Wood 

Tom Tryon, Skating Test October 21, 1963 

Tylers Good 1967 

Van Giesea, snow scene 

Viseonte, Nationals 1967 

Vorer Van Camp, Cottage August 1966 


Williamson, B 

[Woman Skating] 

World Dance 1970 

Worlds Dance (very bright) 1971 

Worlds Program- M.S.U practice 1965 

[?] George and Poodles 

8 mm 

J.K Heckert (3 reels) 

OLV 1960/ Jene Nicks/ Bob and Barb 

Unidentified (3 reels) 



Beryl Williamson Unsung Hero November 15, 1993   0.1 Cubic feet 1 VHS


Perspectives on Ice   0.1 Cubic feet 1 VHS