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Michigan State University. Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering.
Michigan State University. Dept. of Metallurgy, Mechanics and Material Science.
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science records
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Historical Note

In 2001 the Chemical Engineering and Materials Science departments merged into the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (CHEMS). The department's degree programs "educate students to become innovative engineers on a foundation of mathematics, physics, chemistry, life sciences, and engineering science." Source: CHEMS website (

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The records include newsletters for alumni and CHEMS Research Forum Yearbooks for 2007 and 2008, teaching materials for 1939-1943 which include experiments and handouts. There are also student reports and thesis from 1931-1970.

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  • Michigan State University. Dept. of Metallurgy, Mechanics and Material Science.
  • Michigan State University. Dept. of Metallurgy, Mechanics and Material Science.


  • Materials science -- Study and teaching
  • Metallurgy -- Study and teaching

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Collection Inventory

Drawer Folder

Alumni newsletters [currently called The Bond] 1991, 2002-2010 

F.D. 1

CHEMS Research Forum Yearbook 2007 

F.D. 2

CHEMS Research Forum Yearbook 2008 

F.D. 3

Experiments on materials 1939-1942 

F.D. 4

Supplies list Undated 

F.D. 5

Teaching materials 1943, Undated 

F.D. 6

Student Notes, Reports and Thesis 

Box Folder

A Comparison of Discrete and Continuum Models of an Edge Dislocation in Rectangular Simple Cubic Crystal, Thesis, Schall, Edward 1965 

4180 1

A Comparison of the Lime-Zeolite Acid and Lime-Soda Softeners of the Board of Water and Light, Thesis, Crandall, C.L. 1936 

4180 2

A General Study of Alloying, Heat Treatment, and Properties of True Bronzes, Heath, Carlos 1929 

4180 3

A Photomicrograph Study of Materials Used for Baking Surfaces of Baking Drums, Publow, H and Walker, K, Undated 

4180 4

A Progress Report on the Study of Graphic Steel, McGrady, Denton 1937 

4180 5

A Study of Heat Treatment of Graphic Steel, Berry, J.C and Shotwell, F.C. 1934 

4180 6

A Study of the Mechanism of the Recrystallization of Brass, Digby, Charles 1941 

4180 7

A Study of Slip bands and their Preparations, Heath, Carlos 1930 

4180 8

A Study of the Structures Obtained by Quenching a Steel in the Vicinity of the Critical Range, Larmody, Elmer 1933 

4180 9

A Study of the Spheroidization of a S.A.E. 1090 Steel, Wise, Keith and Atkin, William 1940 

4180 10

Acoustic Emission and Related Displacements in Lithium Fluoride Single Crystals, Thesis, Engle, Robert Engle, Robert 

4180 11

Aircraft Materials, Thesis, Solberg, Gorden 1941 

4180 12

An Investigation of the Coal Analysis of Institutional Coal, Bogan, Robert 1942 

4180 13

An Investigation of Acoustic Emissions From Coated and Uncoated Ionic Crystal, Thesis, Sedgwick, Robert 1965 

4180 14

An Attempt at Case Hardening Gray Cast Iron, Thesis, Smith, Denton 1942 

4180 15

Application of Polishing Methods to the Metallography of Magnesium Alloys and Cast Iron, Thesis, Roeller, Wallace 1933 

4180 16

Chemistry 503 Notes Guthrie, Robert. Undated 

4180 17

Coarsening Temperature of Steel, Thesis, Bishop, Truman 1941 

4180 18

Electrolytic Polishing of Metallographic Specimens, Thesis, Fisher, Frank and Besch, Emil 1940 

4180 19

Electrolytic Polishing of Cast Iron Samples for Metallographic Examination, Mainzinger, Thomas 1943 

4180 20

Experiments in Metallography: A20a, A20b, A20c, Publow, Gordon. Undated 

4180 21

Factors Influencing the Rate of Spheroidization in Alloy Steels, Carpenter, Kenneth 1939 

4180 22

Ferrite Banding in Hypoeutectord Steels, Thesis, Porter, William 1941 

4180 23

Graphitic Steel, Thesis, Reid, Donald and Huff, Floyd 1938 

4180 24

Graphitic Steel, Adler, Orville and Rakas, Nick 1933 

4180 25

Kinetics of the Austentenite to Martensite Transformation in Steel, Thesis, Zindler, Herbert and Scales, John 1940 

4180 26

Macrostructure and Microstructure of Copper-Zinc Alloys, Fitzpatrick, P.H. 1931 

4181 1

Metallography 420b Lecture Notes, Caldwell, A.W. Caldwell, A.W.  

4181 2

Methods of Measuring the Depth of Decarbonatization in Steel, McIntyre, Vance 1948 

4181 3

Metallographic Problems, King, Richard; Taylor Howard; Booth, Jack 1936 

4181 4

Microstructure of Alpha Brass Under Strain, Thesis, Rice, Warren 1940 

4181 5

Microstructures of Quenched Carbon Steel in the Critical Zone, Thesis, Beck, William 1941 

4181 6

Molecular Forces and Elastic Constants of Polyethylene Single Crystals, Thesis, Anand, Joginder 1966 

4181 7

Nonlinear Perturbations of Special-Function Operations, Thesis, Andrews, Larry 1970 

4181 8

Organic and Inorganic Technology, Brandow, D.G. 1939 

4181 9

Problems in Metallography, Batchelor, Miles 1931 

4181 10

Problems in Metallography, McGrady, Denton and Taylor, Howard 1936 

4181 11

Rayleigh-Brillouin Light Scattering in Liquid Silicones, Thesis, Kumar, Anil Kumar, Anil 

4181 12

Recrystallization of Phosphor Bronze, Free-Cutting Brass, and Tobin Bronze, Clark, W.W. 1942 

4181 13

Reverse Age Hardening of Free-Cutting Brass and its Application to Industrial Use, Gray, John Gray, John 

4181 14

Slip Planes, Romanow, William Romanow, William 

4181 15

Scale Formation on Cast Iron, Presley, Elwood Presley, Elwood 

4181 16

Structural and Thermal Analyses of Aluminum Bronze Propeller Retaining Nuts, Carapella, Sam Carapella, Sam 

4181 17

The Effects of Etching Reagents on a Quenched Structure, Thesis, Williams, Robert 1940 

4181 18

The Effect of Grain Size on the Formation of Widmanstatten Structure, Thesis, Adelson, Melvin 1941 

4181 19

The Effect of Heat Treatment Upon Spheroidial Pearlite, Batchelor, Miles 1931 

4181 20

The Effect of Manganese on the Grain Size of Low Manganese Steel, Thesis, Plumton, Malcolm 1942 

4181 20

The Precipitation of Pearlite in Hypo-Eutectoid Steels, Heath, Carlos 1930 

4181 21

The Relationship between the Ferrite Grain Size and the Austenite Grain Size Upon Heating Low Carbon Steels, Mulkin, Charles 1942 

4181 22

The Slow Decomposition of Austenite, Thesis, Blyth, William 1940 

4181 23

The Spheroidization of Steel by Isothermal Transformation, Thesis, Dietsch, Frederick 1941 

4181 24

Transformation Points in Brass, Maples, W.A. and Howlett, R.A. Undated 

4181 25

Yield and Relaxation in Polymeric Glasses, Thesis, Beck, R.H. Beck, R.H. 

4181 26

Annual Reports 



Annual Reports








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