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Historical Note

Statistics classes were first taught in the Mathematics Department in 1920. The Department of Statistics was formed in 1955 around five faculty transferred from the Department of Mathematics. On November 1, 1965, the department was renamed Statistics and Probability.

There were five charter members of the Department of Statistics. W. Dowell Baten (PhD, University of Michigan, 1929) came to MSU as an Associate Professor in 1936 and had a partial appointment in the Agricultural Experiment Station. Leo Katz (PhD, University of Michigan, 1946) joined in 1946; Ingram Olkin (PhD, University of North Carolina, 1951) joined in 1951; Kenneth Arnold (PhD, MIT, 1941) joined as an Associate Professor in 1952; and James Hannan (PhD, University of North Carolina, 1953) joined in 1953.

In its early days, 1955-61, the department was housed in the “Math-Physics” Building (now the Psychology Building). The building then housed three departments. The departments grew along with the increase in MSU student enrollments from 15,000 in 1955 to 40,000 in 1970, necessitating a move to the basement of Berkey Hall, 1961-67, an unattractive location, but having large faculty offices. After Wells Hall, on the southern bank of the Red Cedar River, was completed in the Spring of 1967, the department was assigned to the 4th floor, and later in 1993 was allocated additional offices on the 5th floor of the seven-story A wing.

[Source: Department of Statistics and Probability website, 2014]

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Scope and Contents note

The records of this department are divided into two series: (1) Administrative and (2) Research and Studies. Administrative series includes reports, faculty, staff and graduate student directories, and some short pieces on the department history and of the Statistical Laboratory. The Research and Studies series includes papers authored by the department faculty (1972 – 1979).

Annual Reports for 1956 – 1969 are stored separately.

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Administrative Information

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Collection Inventory

1. Administrative 

Box Folder

Annual Report of Research in Progress 1959-1965 

602 1

Assignments of Graduate Assistants 1963-1967 

602 2

Clippings and Press Releases 1956-1963 

602 3

College of Science and Arts Annual Report Outline 1961-1962 

602 4


Box Folder

Courses and Seminars 1962-1965 

602 5

Masters Degree 

602 6

Ph. D. Program 1962-1965 

602 7

Programs in Statistics for Graduate Students 1964-1965 

602 8

Statistics Colloquium 1963-1964 

602 9
Box Folder

Departmental Assignments 1962 

602 10

Faculty and Staff Directory 1962-1968 

602 11

5 Year Planning Report (1960 – 1965) 1960 

602 12

Graduate Assistants and Fellows 1962-1968 

602 13

Graduate Program Pamphlet Undated 

602 14

Graduate Student Directory 1961 

602 15

History 1968, Undated 

602 16

Policy Statements 1961-1962 

602 17

Publications and Papers Submitted for Publication 1962-1964 

602 18

Statistical Laboratory 

Box Folder

Annual Report 1967 

602 19

History 1963, Undated 

602 20

Proposal for Expediting Expansion 1962 

602 21
Box Folder

Teaching Assignments 1963-1968 

602 22

Tutoring Schedule 1963 

602 23

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2. Research and Studies 

Box Folder

Some Results on Construction of Orthoganal Latin Squares by the Method of Sum Composition- Felipe Ruiz and Esther Seiden June 1972 

602 24

On Construction of Some Families of Generalized Youden Designs- Felipe Ruiz and Esther Seiden July 1972 

602 25

On the Theory and Application of Sum Composition of Latin Squares and Orthoganal Latin Squares- A. Hedayat and E. Seiden August 1972 

602 26

On the Continuity of the Bayes Response- M. K. Helmers August 1972 

602 27

Bayesian Classification- C.P. Shapiro September 1972 

602 28

The Double Elimination Tournament, M. Fox October 1972 

602 29

Power Bounds for Smirnov Statistics in Testing the Hypothesis of Symmetry- Hira Lal Koul and R. G. Standte Jr. October 1972 

602 30

Note on the Asymptotic Normality of Simple Lineat Rank Statistics Under Alternatives- Hira L. Koul February 1973 

602 31

Paths of Random Evolutions, R. V. Erickson April 1973 

602 32

Exterior Log Log Law in Banach Space- Raoul LePage May 1973 

602 33

On Conditions for Maximum Likelihood Methods- Vaclav Fabian May 1973 

602 34

Compactness of Sets of Measures- Vaclav Fabian July 1974 

602 35

Truncation of Dependent Demands- R. V. Erickson July 1974 

602 36

Asymptotic Linearity of Rank Statistics in Regression Parameter When Errors are Dependent- Hira L. Koul July 1974 

602 37

Empirical Bayes Estimation With Rates Near Best Possible Rate in Non- Continuous Lebesgue- Exponential Families- R.S. Singh August 1974 

602 38

Explicit Bounds for the Departure From Normality of Sums of Dependent Random Variables- R.V. Erickson and M.P. Quine August 1974 

602 39

On Vague Convergence of Stochastic Processes- R. V. Erickson and Vaclav Fabian October 1974 

602 40

Rates of Convergence for Linear Rank Statistics- R. V. Erickson and H. L. Koul October 1974 

602 41

On the Lower- Semicontinuity Condition in Game Theory- Vaclav Fabian November 1974 

602 42

A Probabilistic Explanation for the Present Crisis in Medical Malpractice- A Preliminary Discussion- Vaclav Fabian December 1974 

602 43

Integrated Fourier Transforms with Log-Less Application to the Bounded Variance Case of Clip- J. Hannan and G. Simmons December 1974 

602 44

The Efficient Estimation of Vector Linear Time Series Models- D. F. Nicholls January 1975 

602 45

A Probabilistic Explanation for the Present Crisis in Medical Malpractice- Vaclav Fabian March 1975 

602 46

K-Extended Procedures in the Finite State Sequence Compound Decision Problem- S. Vardeman March 1975 

602 47

Exact Maximum Liklihood Estimation of Regression Models with Finite Order Moving Average Error- A.R. Pagan and D. F. Nicholls April 1975 

602 48

Random Solutions of Nonlinear Differential Equations- R. Kannan and H. Salehi May 1975 

602 49

Random Nonlinear Equations and Monotonic Nonlinearities- R. Kannan and H. Salehi May 1975 

602 50

Measurability of Fixed Points of Seperable Random Operators, R. Kannan and H. Salehi May 1975 

602 51

On the Risk Performance of Extended Compound Rules for Classification Between N. (-1, 1) and (1, -1)- R. Ballard and D. Gilliland July 1975 

602 52

A Note on Orthogonal Partitions of a Set- D. Gilliland July 1975 

602 53

On Bochner and Levy Theorems in Orlicz Spaces- V. Mandrekav July 1975 

602 54

On the Cramer- Rao Inequality- V. Fabian and J. Hannan August 1975 

602 55

O(N½ ) Convergence in the Finite State Restricted Risk Component Sequence Compound Decision Problem- S. Vardeman August 1975 

602 56

A Non- Regular Squared-Error Loss Set Compound Estimation Problem- Y. Nogami August 1975 

602 57

Classification by Maximum Posterior Probability- C. Shapiro August 1975 

602 58

Central Limit Problem on Lp (p≥2) I. Levy- Khinchine Representation- V. Mandrekar September 1975 

602 59

Risk and Posterior Distribution Behavior Under Convergence of Models- C. Shapiro October 1975 

602 60

Measurability of Solutions of Nonlinear Equations- R. Kannan and H. Salehi December 1975 

602 61

On Square Root of a Positive B ( )- Valued Function- H. Salehi December 1975 

602 62

Improved Rates in the Empirical Bayes Monotone Multiple Decision Problem with MLR Family- D. Gilliland and J. Hannan January 1976 

602 63

On the Effect of Jury Size- V. Fabian April 1976 

602 64

On the Construction of Three Mutually Orthogonal Latin Squares by the Method of Sum Composition, E. Seiden and Ching Jung Wu April 1976 

602 65

A Kiefer- Wolfowitz Type Stochastic Approximation Procedure- T. Obremski June 1976 

602 66

On Asymptotically Efficient Recursive Estimation- V. Fabian July 1976 

602 67

Germ- Field Markov Property for Multiparameter Processor- V. Mandrekar and E.P.F. Lausanne July 1976 

602 68

Some Admissibility Considerations in the Finite State Component Compound and Epirical Bayes Decision Problems- J. Boyer Jr. August 1976 

602 69

A Geometric Construction of Generalized Youden Designs for v A Power of a Prime- E. Seiden and Ching-Yung Wu August 1976 

602 70

A Regularity Theorem for Degenerate Parabolic Equations in One Dimension- S. Eithier February 1977 

602 71

Central Limit Problem on Lp (p≥2) 11 Compactness of Infinity Divisible Laws- G. Hamedani and V. Madrekar April 1977 

602 72

A New Dynamic Stochastic Approximation Procedure- D. Ruppert May 1977 

602 73

Duels with Possibly Asymmetric Goals- M. Fox June 1977 

602 74

Harmonizability, V-Boundedness and Stationary Dilation of Stochastic Processes- A. Miamee and H. Salehi August 1977 

602 75

An Algorithm for Bilateral Predictor for Minimal Stationary Stochastic Processes- H. Salehi August 1977 

602 76

On Bilateral Prediction Error Matrix of a Mulitvariate Stationary Stochastic Process- A. Miamee and H. Salehi September 1977 

602 77

Central Limit Problem for Symmetric Case Convergence to Non- Guassian Laws- V. Mandrekar and J. Zinn October 1977 

602 78

Algorithms for Linear Interpolator and Interpolation Error for Minimal Stationary Stochastic Processes- H. Salehi August 1978 

602 79

On the Number of Nonisomorphic Designs in a Repeated Measurement Experiment- E. Seiden August 1978 

602 80

Identification of the Ordered Bivariate Normal Distraction by Minimum Variate- D. Gilliland and J. Hannan December 1978 

602 81

On Validity of Accompanying Law Theorem in Banach Spaces- A. Araujo, E. Giné, V. Mandrekar, and J. Zinn January 1979 

602 82

 Janaury 1979 

602 83

onvergence of Progressively Censored Likelihood Ratio Processes in Life-Testing- J. Gardiner January 1979 

602 84

Local Asymptotic Normality for Progressively Censored Likelihood Ratio Statistics and Applications- J. Gardiner February 1979 

602 85

Weighted Empirical- Type Estimation of the Regression Parameter- M. Williamson June 1979 

602 86

Lipschitz Smoothness and Convergence with Applications to the Central Limit Theorem for Summation Processes- R. Erickson July 1979 

602 87

Asymptotic Tests of Composite Hypotheses for Non- Ergodic Type Stochastic Processes- I. Basawa and H. Koul July 1979 

602 88

Testing for New Better Than Used in Expectation with Incomplete Data- H. Koul and V. Susaria August 1979 

602 89

Bayesian Two-Stage Estimation Procedures- C. Shapiro and R. Wardrop September 1979 

602 90

Regression Analysis with Randomly Right Censored Data- H. Koul, V. Susarla, and Van Ryzin October 1979 

602 91

Empirical Bayes Theory 1, 2- V. Susarla November 1979 

602 92

Asymptotic Normality of Permutation Statistics Derived from Weighted Sums of Bivariate Functions by C.P. Shapiro and Lawrence Hubert 1978 

602 93

Characterization of Banach Space Through Validity of Bochner Theorem by V. Mandrekar 1977 

602 94

Embedding of Orthogonal Arrays of Strength Two and Deficiency Greater that Two by S.S. Shrikhande and N.M. Singhi 1978 

602 95

Levy-Khinchine Representation and Banach Space Type by V. Mandrekar 1977 

602 96

Levy-Khinchine Representation and Banach Spaces of Type and Co-type by V. Mandrekar 1977 

602 97

On a Problem of Repeated Measurement Design with Treatment Additivity by P.J. Laycock and E. Seiden 1978 

602 98

On Determination of the Structure of a Bib Design (7, 21, 9, 3, 3) by the Number of its Distinct Blocks by Esther Seiden 1977 

602 99

On Minimality of Infinite Dimensional Stationary Stochastic Processes by A.G. Miamee and H. Salehi 1978 

602 100

On Subordination of Decomposable Fields by V. Mandrekar 1977 

602 101

On the Factorization of a Nonnegative Operator Values Function by A.G. Miamee and H. Salehi 1978 

602 102

Simultaneous Bayesian Sequential Estimation Success Probabilities by C.P. Shapiro and Robert L. Wardrop 1978 

602 103

Testing for New is Better Than Used in Expectation by Hira L. Koul 1977 

602 104

Weighted Empirical Processes by Hira L. Koul 1978 

602 105

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Annual Reports 



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