Balthazar Korab Collection

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Michigan State University Archives and Historical Collections
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Korab, Balthazar
Balthazar Korab collection
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1.0 Cubic feet , 196 photographs

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Biographical Note

Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1926, Balthazar Korab is a photographer based in Detroit. After fleeing Hungary for France in 1949, Korab received a diploma in architecture from the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. In 1956, Korab immigrated to the United States and became respected in the architectural community in Detroit. In 1956, Korab placed fourth in the international design competition for the Sydney Opera House. President Bill Clinton presented Korab’s portfolio of photography to former Hungarian President Arpad Goncz in 1994. Korab passed away on January 15, 2013.

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Scope and Contents note

The collection contains photographs and copy negatives taken by Balthazar Korab for a study of outdoor sculpture in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Lansing, Michigan. Korab’s photos were published in Fay Hendry’s "Outdoor Sculpture in Grand Rapids", "Outdoor Sculpture in Kalamazoo", and "Outdoor Sculpture in Lansing".

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Michigan State University Archives and Historical Collections February 2010

Conrad Hall
888 Wilson Road, Room 101
East Lansing , MI, 48824

Revision Description

 added copy negatives November 2017

Conditions Governing Access

Collection is open for research.

Legal Status

Copyright: Michigan State University. Property Rights: Michigan State University.

Conditions Governing Use

Permission to publish material from this collection must be obtained from University Archives & Historical Collections, Michigan State University.

Immediate Source of Acquisiton

Photographs transferred by Fay Hendry to the Michigan State University Archives and Historical Collections.

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Related Materials

Related Archival Materials

See Also: Fay L. Hendry Outdoor Sculpture Project records (collection 00149).

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Controlled Access Headings


  • Negatives (Photographs)
  • Photographs

Geographic Name(s)

  • Grand Rapids (Mich.)
  • Kalamazoo (Mich.)
  • Lansing (Mich.)

Personal Name(s)

  • Hendry, Fay L., 1937-


  • Outdoor sculpture
  • Photography

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Collection Inventory



Grand Rapids. Architectural Sculpture. (3 folders) 

SC Box 6

Grand Rapids. Fountains. 

SC Box 6

Grand Rapids. Free-standing Sculpture. (2 folders) 

SC Box 6

Grand Rapids. Memorial Sculpture. 

SC Box 6

Grand Rapids. Playground Sculpture. 

SC Box 6

Kalamazoo. Architectural Sculpture. (2 folders) 

SC Box 6

Kalamazoo. Fountains. 

SC Box 6

Kalamazoo. Free-standing Sculpture. (2 folders) 

SC Box 6

Kalamazoo. Memorial Sculpture. 

SC Box 6

Lansing. Architectural Sculpture. (3 folders) 

SC Box 6

Lansing. Fountains. 

SC Box 6

Lansing. Free-standing Sculpture. (3 folders) 

SC Box 6

Lansing. Memorial Sculpture. 

SC Box 6


Copy Negatives

Grand Rapids 

"La Grande Vitesse" N0117-118 

"Motu" N0119 

"Vesta" N0120 

"Solar Painting: The Terminator" N0121-122 

"Justice" N0123 

"Civic Center Reliefs" N0124-125 

"Untitled" N00126 

"Michigan National Bank Reliefs" N0127-128 

"Lions" N0129-130 

"Memorial Pillars" N0131 

"Thomas D. Gilbert" N0132 

"Henry Wadsworth Longfellow" N0133 

"Sizby" N0134 

"Suffer the Little Children" N0135 

"Untitled" N0136 

"Stroll" N0137 

"The Legend of Grand Rapids" N0138-139 

"Soldiers Monument" N0140-141 

"Dolphin Relief" N0142-143 

"Peacocks" N0144 

"Saint Cecilia Reliefs" N0145-146 

"Metz Building Reliefs" N0147 

"Floor Kite XIV" N0148 

"Abraham Lincoln" N0149 

"The Hiker" N0150 

"Rooster Weathervane" N0151 

"Grand River Sculpture & Fish Ladder" N0152 

"Kid Katwalk" N0153 

"Captain Charles E. Belknap" N0154 

"City Seal and Aquarius" N0155 

"Fountain" N0156 

"Soldiers' Monument" N0157 

"Angels with Golden Trumpts" N0158-159 

"Saint James" N0160-161 

"Nativity" N0162 

"Crucifixion" N0163 

"Ascension" N0164 

"Nativity, Crucifixion, Ascension" N0165 

"John Ball Memorial" N0166 

"Sundial" N0167 

"Orange-Ganic Domino" N0168 

"Recreform" N0169 

"Burning Bush" N0170 

"Lions" N0171 

"Urn" N0172-0173 

"A.B. Watson Mausoleum" N0174 

"Kendall Monument" N0175 

"Rest Lawn Mausoleum Reliefs" N0176 

"Split" N0177 

"Moses Striking the Rock" N0178 

"Untitled" N0179 

"Jaunt" N0180 

"Father Time" N0181 

"Metz Building Reliefs" N0182 

"Watson Mousoleum" N0183 

"Lorrie's Button" N0184 


"Four Lines Oblique Gyratory Variat. IV" N0080 

"The Passing of Colored Volume" N0081 

"People" N0082 

"Angel" N0083 

"City Hall Reliefs" (x2) N0084and N0085 

"Park Club Door Reliefs" (x2) N0086 and N0087 

"Gargoyle" N0088 

"Kalamazoo Gazette Building Reliefs" (x2) N0089 and N0090 

"Seth Thomas Clock" N0091 

"Schau-Powell Sport Cent. Reliefs" (x2) N0092 and N0093 

"Industrial Farms II" N0094 

"Bishop Borgess" N0095 

"Guardian Angel" N0096 

"Richard B. Westnedge" N0097 

"Black Madonna" N0098 

"Passing of Colored Volume" N0068 

"Commerce, Agriculture" N0069 

"Untitled" N0070 

"Fountain of the Pioneers" N0071 

"When Justice & Mercy Prevail, Children May Safely Play" N0072 

"U.S.S. Maine Memorial Tablet" N0073 

"The Hiker" N0074 

"Kalamazoo County Building Reliefs" N0075-77 

"Untitled" N0078 

"Seated Female" N0079 

"General Wm. Rufus Shafter" N0099 

"U.S.S. Maine Memorial Tablet" N0100 

"Angels" N0101-102 

"Détente" N0103 

"Saint Augustine" N0104 

"Lavinia Spindler Hall Reliefs" N0105 

"Untitled" N0106 

"Three Figures" N0107-108 

"Sun Disc" N0109 

"Fountain" N0110 

"Trumpeters, Drummers from the Cantoria" N0111 

"Boy Reading a Book" N0112 

"The Waders" N0113 

"Commerce Agr.; Industry Arts" N0114 

"Reliefs, Cathedral Ch. Of Christ the King" N0115 

"Three Figures" N0116 


"Fish Baby" N0002 

"Austin Blair" N0003 

"Rise and Progress of Michigan" N0004 

"The Hicker" N0005 

"First Michigan Sharpshooters" N0006 

"City Seal" N0007 

"Michigan Theater Reliefs" N0008-0009 

"Construction #150" N0010-0012 

"Bank of Lansing Reliefs" N0013-0014 

"Fountain and Wall Reliefs" N0015-0016 

"World Without End" N0017 

"Michigan Bell Telephone Reliefs" N0018-0019 

"Suffer the Little Children" N0020 

"Boy Reading A Book" N0021 

"Open Cage" N0022 

"Untitled" N0023 

"Aquarius" N0024 

"Salt Seed" N0025 

"Three Bears" N0026 

"Untitled" N0027 

"Ascension Shrine" N0028 

"Untitled" N0029 

"Saint Francis" N0030 

"Tree of America" N0031 

"Punch and Judy" N0032 

"J.W. Sexton H.S. Relief" N0033 

"Indian Monument" N0034 

"Long Form" N0035 

"Untitled" N0036 

"Owlina Tree Trunk" N0037 

"Dr. George E. Ranney Relief" N0038 

"Woman Clinging to a Cross" N0039 

"Fish Body" N0040 

"Untitled" (x2) N0041 and N0042 

"Metamorphosis II" N0043 

"Madness of the Goldfish" N0044 

"Untitled" N0045 

"Physics and Astronomy Building Reliefs" (x2) N0046 and N0047 

"Sparton" N0048 

"Aquarius" N0049 

"Aries" N0050 

"Pisces" N0051 

"Children Reading" N0052 

"Abbot Road Entrance Marker" N0053 

"Three Musicians" N0054 

"The Sower" N0055, N0056 

"Prometheus" N0057 

"Untitled" N0058 

"Ascension" N0059 

"Embrace" N0060 

"Man and His City" N0061 

"Untitled" N0062, N0063 

"Pieta" N0064 

"Chief Okemos Memorial Tablet" N0065 

"Wind Lord" (see p. 53 in book) N0066 

"Untitled" (cover) N0067