Wallace Nutting Collection

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Michigan State University Archives and Historical Collections
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Nutting, Wallace.
Wallace Nutting collection
circa 1890s
1.0 Cubic feet , 85 photographs

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Scope and Contents note

The Wallace Nutting collection consists of photographs of residents, town scenes, and lumbering from Lake Ann and Turtle Lake, Michigan.

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Michigan State University Archives and Historical Collections February 2010

Conrad Hall
888 Wilson Road, Room 101
East Lansing , MI, 48824

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Collection is open for research.

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Copyright: Michigan State University Property Rights: Michigan State University

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Permission to publish material from this collection must be obtained from University Archives & Historical Collections, Michigan State University.

Immediate Source of Acquisiton

Photographs were transferred by William Sinclair to the Michigan State University Archives and Historical Collections.

Accession: HC 00458

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Controlled Access Headings


  • Photographs

Geographic Name(s)

  • Lake Ann (Mich.)
  • Turtle Lake (Mich.)

Personal Name(s)

  • Nutting, Wallace.
  • Sinclair, William


  • Lumbering -- Michigan

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Collection Inventory




Animals. Horses. 


Government. Political rally (?) 

Homes. (5) 

Homes. Interiors. Sitting room. 

Lumbering. Crews. (3) 

Lumbering. Mills. (3) 

Lumbering. Transporting logs. (8) 

Michigan. Lake Ann Village. (7) 

People at work. (5) 

People. Nutting, Wallace. (2) 

People. Nutting Family. (12) 

People. Portraits of Couples. (5) 

People. Portraits of Children in groups. (7) 

People. Portraits of Family in groups. (5) 

People. Portraits of Individual children (8) 

People. Portraits of Individuals. (5) 

Railroads. Locomotives. (2) 

Recreation. (2) 

Transportation. Horse-drawn vehicles. (2) 


Oversized Photo File 

OS 15

Turtle Lake Camp Logs 1892 

Glass Negatives 

G391 Mits Bryam, Lake Ann, June 1892 

G392 Albert Crawford, Lake Ann, July 8, 1892 

G393 People: unidentified man in uniform (Lansing etched in emulsion) 

G394 People: Charles Clark, Lake Ann, 6/1892, taken 9 p.m. 

G395 People: unidentified man 

G396 People: Mr. & Mrs. Morton, bride and groom, 6/30/1892, Lake Ann 

G397 People: Mr. & Mrs. Morton, Sr., Lake Ann, July 5, 1892 

G398 People: Charles Skinner & Mrs. Skinner, Nessen City, taken at Lake Ann, 7/4/82 

G399 People: Mifs Skinner, Wexford, Lake Ann, Juy 4, 1892 

G400 People: William Karney wedding party, Lake Ann, June 1892 

G401 People: Charles Post & family, Lake Ann, June 1892 

G402 People: Mrs. Sheldon & child, Lake Ann, June 1892 

G403 People: E. Bower & family, June 1892 

G404 People: William Plimmson & family, Lake Ann, 6/1892 

G405 People: unidentified family, probably Lake Ann, 6/1892 

G406 People: children, Oscar Rose, Lake Ann, July 6, 1892 

G407 People: children, Mrs. Roxbury's boy Lou, Lake Ann, June 1892 

G408 People: children, C. Brooks' little boy, Lake Ann, July 4, 1892 

G409 People: children, Miss E. Smith, Empire, Lake Ann, July 4, 1892 

G410 People: children, Mrs. Case's baby, Lake Ann, June 1892 

G411 People: children, William Wilson's baby, Oviatt, taken Lake Ann, 6/1892 

G412 People: children, 2 views of a baby 

G413 People: children, dead baby laid out for viewing 

G414 People: children, Clemens children, Lake Ann, July 4, 1892 

G415 People: children, Packer children, Empire, MI, taken at Lake Ann, 7/4/1892 

G416 and G417 People: children, Packer boys & girl, Empire, MI, Lake Ann, July 4, 1892 

G418 People: children, William Aultman & 2 other brothers, Lake Ann, July 4, 1892 

G419 Homes: exterior views, 6 different houses 

G420-G422 People: family at dinner table (G421 emulsion damaged) 

G423 People: family having a meal/snack on the porch 

G424 People: a birthday party 

G425 People: unidentified couple with a baby 

G426 and G427 People: older man with a baby, see Overlease W. Nutting, 1/29/69 

G428 People: unidentified family with a baby 

G429 People: baby in a pram with an older girl standing near it 

G430 People: children, child on a bench 

G431 People: children, girl with a parasol 

G432 People: woman at the piano 

G433 Barbershop 

G434 People: 2 men in a boiler room 

G435 Buildings: church 

G436 Homes: interior, circa 1890? 

G437 Marching band 

G438 A ball(?) 

G439 Political rally (?) 

G440 Steam launch & sailboats, Lake Ann, June 1892 (see Overlease) 

G441 Photographer's camp, wagon & tent in an area of logging, photographer in picture 

G442 Staley carpenter group, Lake Ann, June 1892 

G443 M. Stiles, school district school (near Turtle Lake [Pearl Lake]) 6/1892 

G444 Home: Charles Poole home near Traverse City, taken by Wallace Nutting 

G445 Mr. Bates' place, near Turtle Lake, June 1892 

G446 Mr. Smith's place, near Turtle Lake, June 1892 

G447 Marion Stiles, Turtle Lake (Pearl Lake), 6/1892, family group in front of log cabin 

G448 The old Lake Ann depot, June 1892 

G449 Putnam Bros & Motts Stores, Lake Ann, 6/1892; also titled Lake Ann Village 

G450 Conklin Brother's Blacksmith and Wagon Shops 

G451 Store: selling watches, 2 girls posed in front, 1 man 

G452 First old depot, Lake Ann, June 1892 

G453 New depot, Lake Ann, June 1892 

G454 Lake reflection view, Lake Ann, June 1892 

G455 Sawmill, Lake Ann, June 1892 

G456 Steam log loader, Lake Ann, June 1892 

G457 Lumbering: unid. Lumbermill, crews, horse teams, bullock, buildings 

G458 Lumber crew posing with children, Lake Ann, MI, 6/29/1892 

G459 Lumbering: Lumber camp big wheel, teams of horses 

G460 Stave pilers, Lake Ann, June 1892 (drying shingles) 

G461 Lumbering: log rolling, shows loggers 

G462 Rollaway, Lake Ann, June 1892 

G463 Turtle Lake Camp logs, June 1892 

G464 Lumbering: transporting logs, logs, team of oxen, loggers 

G465 Lumbering: transporting logs, trees hauled by R. Gale, 3/9/89 

G466 Lumbering: transporting logs, Chas. Post: load of oak logs, Lake Ann, 6/1892 

G467 Lumbering: transporting logs, railroad yard, freight & car w/logs 

G468 Railroad: Grand Rapids & Indiana pasenger train 

G469 Railroads: Grand Rapids & Indiana engine 2-61-0 

G470 John Racker: team & buggy, Maple City, Lake Ann, July 4, 1892 (?) 

G471 (No info): man showing two horses