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Historical Note

BoothMichigan, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, owns eight newspapers in the state of Michigan. "Founded by George Gough Booth along with his two brothers, Booth Newspapers is presently owned by Advance Publications (a Samuel I. Newhouse property), who purchased it in 1976 for $305 million, a record at the time. Booth Newspapers owned the Ann Arbor News which closed July 2009. It currently owns the Bay City Times, Flint Journal, Grand Rapids Press, Jackson Citizen Patriot, Kalamazoo Gazette, Muskegon Chronicle, and Saginaw News, as well as Advance Newspapers and Community Newspapers. is the website home for all Booth Newspapers, as well as the weekly Advance Newspapers. The site includes reports from its Lansing bureau." The Lansing Bureau of Booth Newspaper closed in 2007.

Source: Wikipedia

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Scope and Contents note

The Booth Newspaper collection contains clipping files on a variety of subject related to Michigan including politics, education, public issues, and Michigan's athletic teams the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Lions. Also included are files containing articles written by specific authors including Ansar Khan, Chuck Carlton, Steve Grinczel, Danny Knobler, Tom Kowalski, Roger Green, Rick Haglund, and Ed Hoogterp. The clippings come from newspapers managed by Booth Newspaper Service.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Detroit Lions (Football team).
  • Detroit Tigers (Baseball team).
  • Michigan State University.
  • Michigan. Governor (1983-1991 : Blanchard).
  • Michigan. Governor (1991-2003 : Engler).
  • University of Michigan.

Geographic Name(s)

  • Great Lakes (North America)
  • Michigan

Personal Name(s)

  • Milliken, William G., 1922-

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Collection Inventory


Box 1 AAA - Banking 


AAA Automobile Club of Michigan (Automobile Club of Lansing) 

AAMCO Transmission 


Abandoned Babies 

Abernathy, Rev. Ralph 

Abortion 1970-1971 

Abortions #2 

Abortions #3 

Abortions #4 

Abortion (Anti-) 

Abortion- Funding 

Abortion- Medicaid 

Abortion Parental Consent 

Abraham, Spencer 


Abuse- Spouse 

Accident Fund 

Accident Victims 

Acid Rain 


Adams, Paul L (Justice) 

Administration: State Dept. 



Adrian Fabricators Co. 

Adult Care 

Adult Education 

Adult Entertainment 


Advance Fee Racket 

Aeronautics Commission: Airport Planning Unit 

Aerosol Sprays 

Affirmative Action 


Age of Majority: Commission 

Agee, William M. 

Agency Shop 


Agent Orange 

Agnew, Spiro 

Agriculture- Budget 

Agriculture Department 


Aid to Dependent Children 

Air Bases 


Airplanes: State 


Airports: Flint 

Airports: Kalamazoo Municipal 

Airports: Kellogg Field 

Airports: Saginaw Valley 

Airports: Tri-City 

Air Traffic Controllers 

Air Travel 

Albosta, Donald 

Alcohol Problems 


Algerian Gas 

Ali, Muhammed 



Allbritten: Drew 

Allen, Glenn S., Jr. 

Alley: Tom 

Alpena Power Co. 


Alternative Fuels 

Aluminum: Recycling 

Alzheimer's Disease 

Ambassador Bridge 


AMC: Contracts 

American Agriculture Movement 

American Cynamid Company 

American Independent Party 

American Indians 

American Motors Corporation: General 

American Legion Hospital 

Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) 

Americans with Disabilities (ADA) 

"American Made" Labelling 


Ameritech (SBC) 



Amway (3 folders) 

Anchor Inn 

Anderson, Edwyna 

Anderson, Gillian 

Anderson, Thomas J. 



Ann Arbor News 


Anthony, Vernice Davis 

Anti-Apartheid Bill 

Anti Gun-Control 


Anti-Takeover Law 

Anthrax Vacine 


Apartment Complexes 

Apol, Bernard 

Applegate, Mrs. John 


Apportionment: Congressional 1970s 

Apportionment: Counties 

Apportionment: Legislative 1970s 

Apportionment: Legislative & Congressional 1980-81 

Apportionment: Legislative & Congressional 1982 (File No. 1) 

Apportionment: Legislative & Congressional 1982 (File No. 2) 

Apportionment: 1983-84 

Arbitration: Police-Firemen 

Arbor Drugs 

Arbor Heights Center 

Arcadia Dunes 

Armada Corporation 

Arnold, Dale J. 

Arrest Powers 




Arthur: Chester A. 

Arthurhultz, Phil 

Art: State Facilities 


Arts Council 

Arts Council #2 

Arts- Funding 

Art: Paintings, Sculptures 


Aryan Groyos 



Assault Weapons 

Assisted Living Facilities 

Assisted Suicide 

Athletes- Signatures 

Athletic Association: Michigan High School 

Athletic Eligibility 

Athletics- Funding 

Athletics, Women 

Atlas: State 



Attorney General 

Attorney General Candidates 



Audit Law: State Agencies 

Augenstein: Judy 

Au Sable River 

Austin, Richard 

Austrian Pine Trees 


"Automation Alley" 

Autos Big 3 

Autos: C.A.F.E. 

Autos: Canadian 

Auto Contract Talks 

Auto Dealers 

Autos: Designs 

Autos- Electric 

Auto Emissions 

Autos: Fees 

Autos Foreign 

Autos Future 

Automobiles: Gas Mileage 

Autos GM Lab 

Auto ID Device 

Auto: Import: Restraints 

Autos: Incentives 

Auto Industry: General 

Autos- Insurance 

Autos- Insurance #2 

Automakers: Unemployment 

Automative Industry: Canadian 

Auto Inspections 

Autos: Interest Rates 

Auto- Japanese Firms 

Autos: Layoffs 

Autos: Lemon-Auto Bill 

Autos: Lemon Law 

Auto: Licenses 

Autos Luxury 

Autos: Market 

Autos: Mazda 

Auto Mechanics 

Autos Medicaid 

Autos: Odometers 

Autos Parts Plants 

Autos: Plant Closings 

Auto Product Development 

Auto: Profits 

Autos: Quotas 

Autos: Railroad Venture 

Autos: Rebates 

Automobile Repairs 

Autos: Safety Devices 

Autos: Sales 

Automobile: Sales #2 

Auto: Sales Tax 

Autos: Saturn 

Auto: Strike 

Autos: Suppliers 

Autos: Tax break 

Autos: Thefts 

Automobiles: Courts, State 

Autos: UAW 

Autos Warrenties 

Auto: Workers 


Babcock, Patrick 

Babic, Mary Jean 

Baby Boomer Generation 

Baby Changing Stations 

Babies- Health 

Baerwalt: Nancy 


Bail Bond 

Baker, Deane 

Baker, Raymond 

Bald Eagles 

Ball, B. Dale 

Ballenger, W.S. III 

Bandstra, Richard 

Bank Charges 


Box 2 Bankruptcy - Burroughs Corporation 



Banks: Branch Banking 

Banks: Closings 

Banks: Comerica 

Banks: Deregulation 

Banks: Interstate Banking 

Banks: Lending 

Banks: Mergers 

Banks: State owned 

Barcia, Jim 

Bar Exams 

Barnes, A. James 

Barnes: Linda Nicholson 


Baseball Cards 

Baseball Strike 1994 

Bartnik: Jerry 

Bashara, George N. Jr. 


Bass: Carl 

Baxter, Willie L. 

Bay Area Medical Center 

Bay City 

Bay City Times 

Bay County 

Bayh, Birch 


Beanie Babies 


Bear Hunting 

Bear Mountain 


Bechtel Power Corporation 

Bed and Breakfast 

Beebe: N. Lorraine 

Beedon, Francis W. 

Beekman, Marvin 


Beer, William (Circuit Judge, Oakland County) 


Bejaoui, Mansour 


Bemis, Donald 

Benton Harbor 

Bergman, Walter 

Bergren, Dr. Harry 

Berkowitz: Norman 

Berlin & Farro Liquid Incinerator Co. 

Berlin & Farro File No. 2 

Berman, Norton L. 



Bicycles & Mopeds 

Bidco Corp 

Big Boy Restaurants 

Big Ten- Penn State Annex 


Bing, Dave 

Binsfeld, Connie 

Bio Chemical Warfare 



Bird: State 


Birds: Population 

Birth Control 

Bishop Airport/ Bristol RD 

Black Action Movement 

Black, Eugene F. (Justice) 


Black Panther 

Blair, Austin 

Blair, James H. 

Blanchard: Abortion 

Blanchard: Administration 

Blanchard, James J. 

Blanchard: James: Transition 

Blanchard: Att. Gen. 

Blanchard: AIDS 

Blanchard- Bush 

Blanchard- Campaign Contributions 

Blanchard- China Trip 1984 

Blanchard: Democrats 

Blanchard: Divorce 

Blanchard: Engler 

Blanchard- Janet Fox 

Blanchard: Fundraisers 

Blanchard: Griffiths 

Blanchard: Inauguration 

Blanchard- Image 

Blanchard: Jay 

Blanchard: Legislation 

Blanchard: OEF 

Blanchard, Paula 

Blanchard: Political Clout (National, etc.) 

Blanchard- Priorities 

Blanchard- Programs 

Blanchard: Public Ratings 

Blanchard: Reagan 

Blanchard: Recall 

Blanchard: James J.- Security 

Blanchard: Republicans 

Blanchard: Staff 

Blanchard: Supporters 

Blanchard: Tuition Plan 

Blanchard: Unions 

Blanchard- Vacations 

Blind: Michigan School 

Blind: Services 


E.W. Beiss Co. 

Blood Supply & Donations 

Blue Cross- Blue Shield: General #1 

Blue Cross: Blue Shield: Rate Increases 

Blue Shield: Medicaid 

Blumenthal, W. Michael 

Board of Canvassers 

Board of Control: Mich. 

Boats- 1 Boaters 

Boat People 

Body Searches 

Boiler Operations 

Boissonneault, Glen 

Bollinger, Lee 

Bomb Shelters 

Bomb Threats 


Bond Ratings 

Bonior, David 

Books: Banning 

Booth: Corporate 

Booth- Lansing Bureau 

Booth- Washington Bureau 

Booth: Editorial Writers 

Borradaile, Earl E. (Genesee County Circuit Judge) 

Borrow Pits 

Bottle Deposits 

Bottled Water 

Boundary Commission 

Boundary Dispute 

Bouwsma, Edward 

Bouwsma, Oscar E. 

Bowen, Francis (Sheriff) 

Bowers, "Roni" 


Bowling: Kevin 

Bowman, John T. 

Bowman, Robert 

"Box" Stores 


Boys Training School 

Brady: James 

Brady, Philip A. 

Brain Scan 

Braithwaite, Joyce 

Brandt, Jon- Rotating Reporter 

Brane: D. Hale 

Breast Cancer 

Breeder's Cup 

Brennan, Thomas E. (Chief Justice, Supreme Court) 

Brennan, Thomas J. 


Bribery Attempts 

Brickley, James H. 

Bridge Road Repairs 

Bridges: State 

Brogan, Marcie 

Bronson: S. Jerome #1 

Bronson: S. Jerome #3 

Broomfield, William S. (Rep.) 

Brown, Barry 

Brown: Basil 

Brown: Basil #2 

Brown: Basil #3 

Brown, Edmund G. Gov. 

Brown, Garry (U.S. Rep., R-Schoolcraft) 


Brown, James N. 

Bryant: William 

Buchanan, Pat 

Buckley, James L. (U.S. Sen.) 

Budget: Director 

Budget: Federal 

Budget: State: Bonds & Notes 

Budget: State: Loans 

Budget State #1 1970-1971 

Budget State #2 1970-1971 

Budget State #3 1970-1971 

Budget: State 1972-1973 

Budget: State- #1 1973-1974 

Budget: State- #2 1973-1974 

Budget: State 1974-1975 

Budget: State 1975-1976 

Budget: State 1976-1977 

Budget: State 1977-1978 

Budget: State 1978-1979 

Budget: State 1979-1980 

Budget: State 1980-1981 

Budget: State 1981-1982 

Budget: State: Federal Cuts 1981-1982 

Budget: State 1982-1983 

Budget: State: Financial Crisis File No. 1 1982-1983 

Budget: State: Financial Crisis File No. 2 1982-1983 

Budget: State: Milliken Emergency Plan 1982-1983 

Budget: State: Surplus 1982-1983 

Budget: State 1983-1984 

Budget: State: Financial Aid 1983-1984 

Budget: State: Japanese Backing 1983-1984 

Budget: State: Supplemental Bill 1983-1984 

Budget: State: Surplus 1983-1984 

Budget: State 1984-1985 

Budget: State: Surplus 1984-1985 

Budget: State 1985-1986 

Budget: State 1985-1986 

Budget: State 1986-1987 

Budget: State: Surplus 1986-1987 

Budget: State 1987-1988 

Budget: State: Rainy Day Fund 1987-1988 

Budget: State 1988-1989 

Budget: State: Deficit 1988-1989 

Budget: State 1989-1990 

Budget: State 1990-1991 

Budget: State 1991-1992 

Budget: State 1993-1996 

Budget: State: Credit Rating 

Budget: State: Fiscal Year Extension 

Budget: State: Supplemental 

Budget: State: Rainy Day Fund 

Budget: U.S. 1989-1990 



Building Contractors Apprentice Programs 

Building Authority: State 

Building Codes 

Building Industry 

Building: Preservation & Restoration 

Bullard, Perry (Rep.) 

Bully, Norman W. 



Buried Forest 

Burlingame Co. 

Burn Centers 

Burns, Lawrence F. 

Burroughs Corporation 

Box 3 Bursley - Carleton's Day 


Bursley, Gilbert (Sen.) 


Burwood Products Co. 

Bus Systems 

Bus Theft 

Busch, Michael 

Bush, Barbara 

Bush, George 

Bush, George W. 


Business Climate 

Business Colleges 

Business Columns 

Business: Competition 

Businesses: Conferences 

Business Development 

Businesses: Disaster Loans 

Businesses: Energy Audits 

Business: Failures 

Business: Japanese Owned 

Businesses: Mergers 

Businesses: Minority Owned 

Business- New 

Businesses- Small 

Business Ombudsman 

Business Taxes 

Business Training Programs 

Bus Systems 

Buth, Martin (Rep) (D- Comstock Park) 

Buth, Martin D. 

Butz, Earl L. 

Buy American 

Byington, S. John 

Byker, Gary (Sen.) (R-Hudsonville) 


Cable Television 

Cadillac Insurance Co. 


Callahan, James N. 


Camp Grayling: Oil Leases 

Camp, Rep. Dave 

Camping Sites 

Campaign Contributions 

Campaign Expenses 

Campaign Financing 

Campaign Strategies 




Cancer: Research 

Cancer: Screening 

Cancer- Yew Research 

Candidates- Write In 

Candidates Wives 


Canham, James 

Canham, James N. 

Capital Outlay Committee 

Capital Park District 

Capital Punishment 

Capitol: Complex 

Capitol: New Building 

Capitol- Office Furniture 

Capitol: Old Building 

Capitol: Remodeling 

Capitol Staff Column 1997 

Capitol Staff Column 1998 

Capitol: General 

Capitol Staff Column 1999 

Capitol Staff Column 2000 

Capitol Staff Column 2001 

Capitol Staff Column 2002 

Car Thefts 

Carbon Monoxide 

Cardinal John Dearden 

Cardiopulmonary Resucitation 


Carey, Richard 

Carey, Stephen J. 

Carjackings- Drugs 

Carleton's Day 

Box 23 Carlton, Chuck 1995-2000 


Carlton, Chuck 1995 

Carlton, Chuck (2 folders) 1996 

Carlton, Chuck (4 folders) 1997 

Carlton, Chuck (4 folders) 1998 

Carlton, Chuck (4 folders) 1999 

Carlton, Chuck (3 folders) 2000 

Box 3 Caro State Home - Commerce, State Dept. of 

Caro State Home and Training School 

CAROT- (Cancel Add-ons Remit Only Taxes) 

Carr: Michael 

Carr: Robert 


Cars #2 

Cars- Electric 

Carter, Jimmy: Inaugural 

Cartwright: Arthur 

W416A 3 Casinos 

Casino Gambling 

Catholic Church: Finances 

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights 



Cavanagh, Jerome 

Cavanagh, Michael P. 

Cawthrone, Dennis O. (Rep.) (R-Manistee) 

CB Radio 


Cederberg, Elford A. (Rep., R-Bay City) 

Cellular Phones 



Central Michigan University 


Chamber of Commerce: Michigan State 

Chamberlain, Charles E. 


Charlotte Channing 

Chase: Nancy 

Chavez, Cesar 

Chavez, Cesar #2 

Checker Motors Corp. 



Chemical Contaminants 

Chemical Warfare 


Cherry Bowl 

Cherry, John 

Cherry: Myron 

Child Abuse 

Child Birth- Guidelines 

Child Care 

Child Custody 

Child Immunizations 

Child Molesting 

Child: Mortality 

Child Protective Services 

Child Pornography 

Child Restraints 

Child Snatching 

Child Support Guidelines 

Child Support Payments 

Child Welfare 

Children: Agency 

Children Clothing: Legislation 

Children- Health 

Children: Office of Child Advocacy 

Children's Trust Fund 

China Trade Mission 



Cholesterol Tests 


Christmas Tree 

Christmas Tree Bill 

Chronically Ill 

Chisholm, Shirley 

Chrysler- AMC 

Chrysler Corporation 

Chrysler- Lamborghini 

Chrysler: Contracts 

Chrysler: Cost Cutting 

Chrysler: Plant Closings 

Chrysler: Profits 

Chrysler, Richard 

Chrysler: Union 




Cihon, John A. 

Cities- Federal Aid 

Cities: Neighborhood Improvement Programs 

Cities: Outstate Equity Package 

Cities: Restoration 

Cities: State Aid 

Cities: State Payments 

Cities: Urban Problems 

Citizens Lobby 

Citizen Bee 

Citizen Participation 

Citizens Research Council 

Civil Fines 

Civil Law Suits 

Civil Rights Bills 

Civil Rights Caseload- Michigan 

Civil Rights Commission 

Civil Rights Commission: Employment 

Civil Rights Commission: Haven-Busch Co., Chicago 

Civil Rights Commission: State Contracts 

Civil Rights Department 

Civil Rights Department: Castillo 

Civil Services: Pay Raises 

Civil Service: Commission 1969-1975 

Civil Service Commission 1976- 

Civil Service: Politics 

Civilian Marksmanship Program 


Clark, Beverly J. 

Clark, Harold B. 

Clean Air 

Cleanwater Corps 

Cleland, Robert H., U.S. District Court 



Clinton, Bill: President 

Clinton- Budget 

Clinton Health Care Plan 

Clinton, Hillary Rodham 

Clodfelter: Mark 


Coach Builders 


Coastal Corp. 

Coast Guard 

Coats, William 

Cobain, Kurt 

Cobo Hall 

"Cocaine Mom" 

Cohan, Leon 

Coldwater State Home 

Cole, Rick 

Cole, Richard T. 

Coleman: Herman 

Coleman, Mary 

College Week 

Colleges: Athletics 

Colleges: Autonomy 

Colleges: Big 3: Autonomy court Case; Funding 

Colleges: Bonds (Higher Education Facilities Authority) 

Colleges- Book Resales 

Colleges: Budget 

Colleges: Campus Police 

Colleges: Central Michigan University 

Colleges: Cleary 

Colleges: Closings 

Colleges: Community 

Colleges: Energy Saving 

Colleges: State Aid 

Colleges: Jackson 

Colleges: Community: State Aid 

Colleges: Consolidation 

Colleges: Construction Projects 

Colleges- Cooperative Efforts 

College- Credits 

Colleges: Delta 

Colleges Discrimination 

Colleges: Doctoral Programs 

Colleges: Drinking 

Colleges: Private: Tuition, Grants 

Colleges: Private Contributions 

Colleges: Professional Programs 

Colleges: Eastern Michigan University 

Colleges: Enrollments 

Colleges: Enrollments: Ceiling Plans 

Colleges: Faculty Pay 

Colleges: Federal & State Aid 

Colleges: Ferris State College 

College: Financial Aid 

Colleges: Financial Records 

Colleges: Flint U-M Branch 

Colleges: Fund Raising 

Colleges: General 

Colleges: Governor's Office 

Colleges: Grants: Federal 

Colleges: Grand Valley State Colleges 

Colleges: Guaranteed Tuition Plan 

Colleges: Guaranteed Tuition Plan #2 

Colleges: Guaranteed Tuition Plan- Met 

Colleges: Hillsdale 

Colleges, Housing 

Colleges: inventions 

Colleges: Labor Studies 

Colleges: Lake Superior State College 

Colleges: Legal Aid: Students 

Colleges: Liquor 

Colleges: Little 3 

Colleges: Loan Funds 

Colleges: Loan Program 

Colleges: Local Taxes 

Colleges: Minority Students 

Colleges: Non-Resident Student 

Colleges: Northern Michigan University 

Colleges: Nova University 

Colleges: Pornography 

Colleges: Political Contributions 

Colleges: Presidents 

Colleges: Presidents' Pay, Benefits 

Colleges: Presidents: Salaries 

Colleges: Private- State Aid Programs 

College Professors 

Colleges: Portests 

Colleges: Ratings 

Colleges: Recruitment 

Colleges: Research Fund 

Colleges: Saginaw Valley 

Colleges: Saginaw Valley State College 

Colleges- Salaries; Performance Audit 

College Savings Plans 

College Scholarships 

College Sports 

Colleges: State Control 

Colleges: Student Loans 

Colleges: State Student Priority 

Colleges: Student Power 

Colleges: Student Unions 

Colleges: Teacher Education 

Colleges: Tenure 

Colleges: Travel Spending 

Colleges: Tuition & Scholarships 

Colleges: Tuition- Voucher 

Colleges: Unemployment Compensation 

Colleges: University Status 

Colleges: Voting Students' Impact 

Colleges: Western Michigan University 

Colleges: Women's Atheltics 

Collins: Barbara- Rose 

Collins, John Norman 


Commerce Dept.- Meyer 

Commerce Trade and Procurement Fair 

Commerce, State Dept. of 


Box 4 Commercial Development - Democrats: State Conventions 


Commercial Development 

Commercial forest Act 

Committee to Save Michigan 

Commissions: State 

Commissions: State #2 

Common Cause 

Community Action Agencies 

Community Activism 

Community Colleges 

Community Colleges: Construction 

Community Colleges: Districting 

Community Colleges: Enrollments 

Community College: Genesee 

Community Colleges: Jackson 

Community Colleges: K-14 

Community Colleges: Kalamazoo 

Community Colleges: Leisure Courses 

Community Colleges: Montcalm 

Community Colleges: Muskegon 

Community Colleges: State-Owned Cars 

Community Colleges: Tuition 

Community Colleges: Tuition #2 

Community Colleges: Wayne County 

Community Planners 

Compensation: Unemployment 


Computers #2 

Computer Payroll Company 

Conant, James Dr. 

Conboy, Bernard M. (Mike) 

Concealed Weapons 

Concealed Weapons #2 


Concordia College 

Condominium Law 

Conflict of Interest 

Congress: Apportionment 

Congress: General 

Congress: Mich. Seats 

Conlin, Michael H. (Rep.) 

Connally, John 

Conservative Party of Michigan 

Consolidation of Environmental Protection Programs 

Constitution: State 

Constitutional Convention 

Constitutional Convention: Federal 

Constitutional Amendments 

Construction Code 

Construction: Homes 

Construction Industry 

Construction: State 

Consumers Power Co. #1 1970-1972 

Consumers Power #2 1973-1975 

Consumers Power Co. #3 1976- 


Congressmen (Congressmen) 

Congress General 

Congress- Free Mailings 

Congress- Funding (Federal) 

Consumer Affairs 

Consumers Council, Michigan 

Consumer Credit Code 

Consumers: Finances 

Consumers: Midland 

Consumers Power Co. 

Consumer's Power 1980-1984 

Consumers Power Co.: McCormick 

Consumers Power Co.: Refunds 

Consumers Power: Dow Chemical 

Consumers Power: Land 

Consumers Power: Rate Hikes, Energy 

Consumers Power: Rate Setting Formula 

Consumer Pricing Index 

Consumer Protection 

Contamination (Petroleum) 


"Contact with America" 

Contractor Compliance 

Contractual Services- State 

Convenience Stores 

Convicts (ex): Employment 

Conyers, Rep. John 

Cooley Law School 

Codmes, Francis J. 

Cooper, Daniel (Rep., D-Oak Park) 

Cooper Township 


Coors Brewing Co. 

Copeland, William (Rep.) 

Copyright: Music/ Records 

Corbin: Gary 

Cordray, Ron 

Cornea Transplant 


Corrections Board 

Corrections Committee 

Corrections: General 

Corrections: Inmate Camps 

Corrections, Mich. Dept. of 

Corrections: Parole Officers 



Cote: William E. 

Council of State College Presidents 

County Executive Systems 

Counties: General 

Counties: Jail 

Counties: Lobbying Group 

Counties, Mich. Assoc. of 

Country Clubs: Discrimination 

Counties: Revenue Sharing 

County Commissioners 

County Officials: Pay Raises- Salaries 

County Road Association 


Courts: Appeals 

Courts: Appeals: Candidates 

Courts: Appeals; Decisions 

Courts: Appeals: Decisions 1976- 

Courts: Appeals: Judges 

Courts: Appointments 

Courts: Budget 

Courts: Caseloads 

Courts: Circuit: General Stories 

Courts: Circuit: Judges 

Courts: Consolidation 

Courts: Control, Local 

Courts: Civil Cases: 6 Member Jury 

Courts: Counties Battle 

Courts: Discrimination 

Courts: District: Appointments 

Courts: District: Changes 

Courts: District: General Stories 

Courts: District: Judge Ernest J. Somers 

Courts: District: Kalamazoo 

Courts: District: Judges 

Courts: District: Wyoming 

Courts: Family 

Courts: Federal: Judgeships 

Courts: Filing Fees 

Courts: Funding 

Courts: General 

Courts: Judges 

Courts: Judges: Archer 

Courts: Judges: Concerns 

Courts: Judges Salaries and Pensions 

Courts: Judges: Supreme: Salaries 

Courts: Juvenile 

Courts: Municipal 

Courts: New Judges 

Courts: Probate: General Stories 

Courts: Public Records 

Courts: Reorganization 

Courts: Review Commission- of 1972 

Courts: State-of-Judiciary Address 

Courts: State Government 

Courts: Structure 

Court system 

Courts: Supreme: Candidates 

Courts: Supreme: Decisions 

Courts: Supreme: General Stories #1 1970-1974 

Courts: Supreme: General Stories #2 1975- 

Courts: Supreme: Nomination Process 

Courts: Supreme: Offices 

Court: Supreme: Old Chambers 

Courts: Supreme: Judges 

Courts: Supreme: Riley 

Courts: Supreme: U.S. 

Courts: Video-Taping 

Cox, Mike 


Craig, Roger E. (Sen.-D-Dearborn) 

Crawford, Ferris 

Creation- Evolution 

Creation research Society 

Creative Financing 

Credit Card 

Credit: Rating: State 

Credit Unions 


Crestwood School District 

Crim: Bobby- #1 

Crim: Bobby- #2 


Crime: Control 

Crime: Council 

Crime: Insurance 

Crime: Juvenile 

Crime- Legislation 

Crime: Organized 

Crime Statistics 

Crime: Victims 

Crime: Video Camera Survellance 

Crime: Voice Identification 

Criminal Code 

Criminal Justice Commission (Crime Commission) (Formerly Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice) 

Criminal Justice Programs: Office of 

Criminals: Punishment/ Repayment 

Criminal Records 

Crippled Children's Fund 

Crops: Michigan 

Cropsey, Alan 

Coomo, Mario 




Currier, Frederick P. 

Custody Rights 

Dahmer, Jeffery 

Dairy Farmers 

Dairy Herds 

Damman, James J. 


Danhof, Robert J. 

Date Rape Drug 

Davids, Fredrick E., Col. 

Davis, Ritchie T. 

Davis, Robert S. 

Davis, Robert W. 

Davis, Stanley J. (Rep.) 

Davis-Anthony, Vernice 

Dawkins: Pete 

Day Care Centers 

Daylight Saving Time 

Deadbeat Dads 



Deaf #2 

Deaf: Michigan School for 

Dearden, John 

Death and Dying 

Death Penalty 

Death Records 

Death Tax 

De Brodt, Barbara 

Debt: State 

Decair: Thomas P. 

Deeb, Michael J. 

Deer: Crop Damage Permits 

Deer Counts 

Deer Hunting 

Defense Spending 

Defenders: Court Appointed 

Del Rio, James (Rep.) (D-Detroit) 

Delaney, Dr. Jim 


Delorean: John 

DeMaso, Harry A. (Sen.) (R-Battle Creek) 


Demlow: Daniel J. 

Democratic: Caucases 

Democratic Charter Conference 1974 

Democratic Governors Conferences 

Democratic Governors Conferences #2 

Democratic Mini Convention 1974 

Democratic National Conference 1978 

Democratic National Convention 1972 

Democratic National Convention 1980 

Democratic National Convention 1984 

Democratic Party 

Democratic Party: Fund Raising 

Democratic Party 1970 

Democratic State Convention 

Democratic State Convention 1973 

Democrats: Caucases 

Democrats: General 

Democrats: General 1970-1978 

Democrats: Leaders 

Democrats Platform 

Democrats: Recalls 

Democrats: State Central Committee; Branch Managers 

Democrats: State Conventions 

Box 5 Demsey, Dave - Detroit Lions 


Dempsey, Dave 

Dempsey, John T. (Jack) 




Dept. of Agriculture 

Dept. of Community Health 

Department of Corrections 

Dept. of Natural Resources 

Department of Environmental Quality 

Dept. of Social Sciences (DSS) 

Department of Transportation 

Deposit Money 


Derezinski, Tony A 

Destigter, Melvin (Rep.) R-Hudsonville 


Dethmers, John R. 


Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program 

Detroit Banking 

Detroit City Airport 

Detroit: Conventions 

Detroit Edison 

Detroit Edison: Fermi 

Detroit Edison: Greenwood I. 

Detroit Edison: Rates 

Detroit Free Press 

Detroit Free Press #2 

Detroit's Incinerator 

Detroit Lions 

Box 22 Detroit Lions 


Detroit Lions (Hampton) 

Detroit Lions January 1991 - April 1991 

Detroit Lions April 1991 - June 1991 

Detroit Lions July 1991 

Detroit Lions August 8, 1991 - August 13, 1991 

Detroit Lions August 1991 

Detroit Lions September 1 - 7, 1991 

Detroit Lions September 8 - 14, 1991 

Detroit Lions September 15 - 21, 1991 

Detroit Lions September 22 - 30, 1991 

Detroit Lions October 1991 

Detroit Lions January 1992 - April 1992 

Detroit Lions November 1991 

Detroit Lions December 1991 

Box 26 Detroit Lions 


Detroit Lions (2 Folders) 1992 

Detroit Lions May 1992 

Detroit Lions (Hampton) September 1990 

Detroit Lions October - November 1990 

Detroit Lions (Hampton) October 1990 

Detroit Lions (Hampton) October 1990 

Detroit Lions November 1990 

Detroit Lions December 1990 

Box 5 Detroit: Mass Transit - Detroit Tigers 


Detroit: Mass Transit 

Detroit Mayoral Race 

Detroit Metro Airport 

The Detroit News 

Detroit Papers Political Columns 

Detroit Pistons- NBA Champs 

Detroit- Racial Tensions 

Detroit Red Wings 

Detroit: Riverfront Project 

Detroit: Schools 

Detroit: Sewage Treatment 

Detroit: State Aid 

Detroit: Subway 

Detroit Symphony 

Detroit Tigers 

Detroit Tigers #2 

Box 22 Detroit Tigers 


Detroit Tigers (6 Folders) 

Detroit Tigers (Knobler) (2 Folders) 

Detroit Tigers September 1990 

Detroit Tigers O)ctober 1990 

Detroit Tigers October 1 - 15, 1990 

Detroit Tigers (Knobler)  October 18 1990 

Detroit Tigers January - March 1991 

Detroit Tigers March 1991 

Detroit Tigers March 14 - 31, 1991 

Detroit Tigers April 1991 

Baseball- Plagenhoef 1991 

Vern Plagenhoef Baseball Stories October - December 1991 

Detroit Tigers (4 Folders) 1992 

Vern Plagenhoef- Baseball 1992 

Detroit Tigers July 1992 

Plagenhoef- Baseball 1992 

Baseball Detroit Tigers (2 Folders) 1992 

Detroit Tigers August 1992- 

Detroit Tigers August 2 - 7, 1991 

Detroit Tigers August 8 - 13, 1991 

Detroit Tigers August 14, 1991- 

Detroit Tigers August 1991 

Detroit Tigers September 1 - 7, 1991 

Detroit Tigers September 8 - 14, 1991 

Detroit Tigers September 15 - 21, 1991 

Detroit Tigers September 22 - 30, 1991 

Detroit Tigers October - December 1991 

Detroit Tigers May 22 - 31, 1991 

Detroit Tigers June 1 - 20, 1991 

Detroit Tigers June 21, 1991 - 

Box 26 Detroit Tigers 


Detroit Tigers June 27 - July 7, 1991 

Detroit Tigers July 7 - 10, 1991 

Detroit Tigers July 11 - 18, 1991 

Detroit Tigers 7/19/91-8/1/91 July 19 - August 1, 1991 

Box 5 Detroit: Utility Tax - Election: '72: Eagleton 

Detroit: Utility Tax 

Detroit: Windsor 

Devos, Betsy 

De Vos, Richard 

DeWald, Franklin 


Dial-a-Ride System 

Diamond Mortgage Company 


DiBiaggio, John 

Dickey, Jay 

Diggs: Charles C. 

Dine, Jennifer 

DiNello, Gilbert 


Dingell, John 


Dioxin: Canada 

Disabled: Employment 


Disaster Areas 

Disbron, Pamela 

Discipline- Schools 

Disease Control 


Dively, Michael A. (State Rep.) 



Divorce, No-Fault Plan 



DNA Testing 

DNR: Caseload 

Dobbs, John 


Dodak, Lewis 

Dodge, Eleanor 


Dog Fighting Bill 

Dolan, Kenneth 

Dole, Robert 

Domestic Violence 


Dove Hunting 

Dow Chemical 

Downtown Development Authority 

Downtown Development Projects 

Downtowns: Legislature Aid 

Dowry rights 

Doyle, Bill 

Doyle Renewal Project 

Draft Law 

Drains Code 

Dram Shop Act 

Dress Codes 

Dressel: Jim 

Drinking Age #1 1977-1979 

Drinking Age #2 1980- 

Drinking Age 1989 


Drissoll, James (Smiling Jim) 

Driver Education 

Driver Licenses 

Drivers: Senior Citizens 

Driving Records 


Drug-Alcohol Commission 

Drug Abuse 

Drug Abuse: Office of Substance Abuse Services 


Drugs #2 

Drug Control: Proposed Commission 

Drugs: Babies 

Drugs: Crackdown 

Drug Czar-Agency 

Drugged Drivers 

Drugs: Centers 

Drugs: Education 

Drugs: Funding 

Drugs: Generic 

Drugs: Hyperactive Children 

Drugs: Laws 

Drugs: Paraphernalia 

Drugs: Prescription 

Drug: Testing 

Drugs: Treatment 

Drunk Driving 

Drunk Drivers 

Duck Blind 

Duck Lake Park 


David Dulce 

Dunn: Jim 

Dunn: Nancy E. 

Durant, Clark 

Durant, Clark #2 

Dutko, Dennis (Rep.) 

Dzendzel, Raymond 

E. coli 

Eagle Lake 


Eagles #2 

Early, William J. 

Earth day 


Eason, Tatum Jr. 

Eaton: Kenneth 


Economic Action Council: Michigan 

Economic Alliance for Michigan 

Economic Climate 

Economic Development 

Economic Development #2 

Economic Development: Blanchard's Plan 

Economic Development: 1981 Package 

Economic Development: 1982-83 

Economic Development: 1989 

Economic Development: Foreign Trade 

Economic Development: Great Lakes 

Economic Development: Regional 

Economic Development: State 

Economic Forecast 

Economic Nationalism 

Economic Opportunity Office 

Economic: Recession 

Economic Recovery 

Economic Strategy 

Economic Trends 


Economy #2 

Economy: Family Stress 

Economy: Industry- Food 

Economy: Midwestern States 

Economy: Research 

Economy: State 1985 


Ecorse- River Rouge Herald 


Editorial Writers Meeting 

Editorials: Booth Newspapers 

Edmond Fitzgerald 

Edmonds, Ron R. 

Edmund Fitzgerald 


Education- Aid 

Education Commission of the States 

Education: Department of 

Education- Environmental 

Education: Finance 

Education: General 

Education: General #2 

Education- Mandatory Attendance Age 

Education- Michigan Model 

Education- Minorities 

Education- Prepaid college Tuition 

Education: Quality 

Education: Reform 

Education Reform: Financial (Milliken Plan) 

Education: Religion: Bible Clubs 

Education: School Board 

Education: Series 

Education: Special 

Education: Special Education 

Education: State Aid 

Education: State Aid #2 

Education: State Board: Candidates 

Education: State Board: College Control 

Education: State Board: Expenses 

Education: State Board General 

Education: State Board General #2 

Education: State Board: Local School Boards 

Education: State Board: Priorities 

Education: State Board: Regional Plan 

Education: State Department of 

Education: Student Loan Defaults Jordan College 

Education: Superintendent of Public Instruction 

Education: Telecommunications 

Education: Tenure Law 

Education: Theodore Sizer 

Education- U.S. House Agenda 

Educational Summit Task Force 

Edwards: F. Robert 

Edwards, George H. 

Emergency Task Force 

Egeler, Charles E. 

Ehlers, Vernon 


Elected Officials 

Elections: City 

Election Code: State 

Elections: General 

Election: Laws 

Elections: Primary- Closed 

Elections: Recounts 

Elections: Special Elections 

Election '70: Governor 1970 

Election '70: Congress 

Elections 1970 

Election: '72: Ballot Proposals 1972 

Election: '72: Booth Newspapers Promotion 1972 

Elections: 72: Campaigning- General 1972 

Elections: '72: Candidate Filings 1972 

Elections: '72: Congressional Races 1972 

Elections: Democratic Convention 1972 

Election: '72: Democratic State Convention 1972 

Election: '72: Detroit Election Snafu 1972 

Election: '72: Eagleton 1972 


Box 6 Election '72: Editorials - Elections: Youth Vote 


Election: '72: Editorials 1972 

Election: '72: Education Candidates 1972 

Election: '72: General 1972 

Election: '72: Humphrey 1972 

Election: '72: Kelley, Frank J. 1972 

Election: '72: McCarthy 1972 

Election: '72- McGovern 1972 

Election: '72: Milliken 1972 

Elections: '72- Nixon 1972 

Elections: '72: Polls 1972 

Elections: 72: Presidential Primary: General 1972 

Election: 1972: Presidential Primary: Michigan 1972 

Election: 72: Republican National Convention 1972 

Election: '72: Republican State Conventions 1972 

Elections: '72: Spectacolor Election Package 1972 

Elections: 1972: Spring Primary 1972 

Election: '72: U.S. Senate Race 1972 

Elections: '72: Wallace 1972 

Election: '74: August Primary 1974 

Election: '74: Bentley Historical Library 1974 

Elections: '74: Brown, Paul W. 1974 

Elections: '74: Campaign Financing 1974 

Elections: '74: Damman 1974 

Elections: '74: Democrats 1974 

Election: '74: General 1974 

Election: '74: Governor 1974 

Election '74: Henry M. Jackson 1974 

Election: '74: Levin 1974 

Elections: '74: Lieutenant Governor 1974 

Elections: '74: Milliken 1974 

Election: '74: Republicans 1974 

Election: '74: Special Congressional 5th & 6th 1974 

Election: '76: Ballot Proposals 1976 

Elections: '76: Carter, Jimmy 1976 

Elections: '76: Congressional Races 1976 

Election '76: Conventions 1976 

Elections: '76: Democrats 1976 

Elections: '76: Democratic National Convention 1976 

Elections: '76: Republican State Convention 1976 

Election: '76: U.S. Senate File No. 2 1976 

Election: '76: Education 1976 

Election: '76: Ford 1976 

Election: '76: Judges 1976 

Election '76: General 1976 

Election: '76: Michigan Presidential Primary 1976 

Election: '76: Mondale 1976 

Election: '76: Presidential Candidates 1976 

Election: '76: Presidential Primaries 1976 

Election: '76: Presidential Race 1976 

Elections: '76: Republican National Convention 1976 

Election '76: Riegle 1976 

Election: '76: U.S. Senate #1 1975 

Election: '78: Ballot Proposals 1978 

Election: '78: Campaign Financing 1978 

Election '78: Campaign Tactics 1978 

Election: '78: Democrats 1978 

Election: '78: Endorsements 1978 

Election: '78: Ethnic Vote 1978 

Election: '78: Fitzgerald 1978 

Election: '78: General 1978 

Election: '78: Governor's Race 1978 

Election: '78: Lieutenant Governor 1978 

Election: '78: Milliken 1978 

Election: '78: Mood of the People 1978 

Election: '78: Parochiaid 1978 

Election: '78: Primary 1978 

Election: '78: Republicans 1978 

Election: '78: Results 1978 

Elections: '78: Supreme Court 1978 

Election: '78: U.S. Senate File No.1 1978 

Election: '78: U.S. Senate File No.2 1978 

Election: '80: Anderson 1980 

Elections: '80: Campaign Tactics 1980 

Elections: '80: Carter 1980 

Elections: '80: Democrats 1980 

Election: '80: Democratic National Convention 1980 

Election: '80: Endorsements 1980 

Election: '80: General 1980 

Election: '80: Judges 1980 

Election: '80: Michigan Primary 1980 

Election: '80: Polls 

Election: '80: President- Candidates 

Election: '80: Presidential Primaries 

Elections: '80: Reagan 

Election: '80: Republican National Convention 

Election: '80: Republicans 

Election: '80: Results 1980 

Election: '80: State Democratic Convention 1980 

Election: '82: Attorney General 1982 

Election: '82: Ballot Proposals 1982 

Election: '82: Campaign Advertising 

Election: '82: Campaign Financing 

Election: '82: Campaign Financing No.2 

Election: '82: Campaign Tactics 

Election: '82: Courts 1982 

Election: '82: Democrats 1982 

Election: '82: Education 1982 

Election: '82: Endorsements 1982 

Election: '82: General 1982 

Election: '82: Governor File No.1 

Election: '82: Governor File No.2 

Election: '82: Governor: Blanchard 

Election: '82: Governor- Brickley 

Election: '82: Governor: Headlee 

Election: '82: Governor: Kammer 

Election: '82: Governor- Tisch 

Election: '82: Issue of the Day 

Election: '82: Legislature 

Election: '82: Lieutenant Governor 

Election: '82: Minor Party Candidates 

Election: '82: Pre-Primary Package 1982 

Election: '82: Primary 1982 

Election: '82: Republicans 

Election: '82: Results 1982 

Election: '82: Secretary of State 

Election: '82: U.S. Representatives 

Election: '82: U.S. Senate 

Election: '84: Presidential Candidates 

Election: '84: Presidential Primary 1984 

Election '84: Republican National Convention 1984 

Elections: Voter Registration 

Elections: Youth Vote 

Box 7 Elections: '84: Ballot Proposals - Equal Rights Amendment 


Elections: '84: Ballot Proposals 1984 

Election: '84: Congress 

Election: '84: Courts 

Election '84: Delegates 

Election: '84: Democrats 

Election: '84: Democratic Caucuses 1984 

Election: '84: Democratic National Convention 1984 

Election: '84: Filing Deadlines 

Election: '84: General 

Election: '84: House 

Election: '84: Polls   Election: 84: Polls

Election: '84: President 

Election: '84: Presidential Candidates 

Election '84: President: Mondale 

Election: '84: Reagan 

Election '84: Recounts 1984 

Election: '84: Republicans 

Election: '84: Supreme Court 

Election: '84: Tax Limitation Plan 

Elec: '84: U.S. Senate 

Elections '84: Vice President 1984 

Election: '84: Voters 1984 

Election: '86: Attorney General 

Election '86: Ballot Proposals 1986 

Election: '86: Black voters 1986 

Election '86: Campaign spending 1986 

Election: '86: Congress 

Election '86: Courts 

Elections: '86: Delegates 

Election: '86: Democrats 

Election: '86: General 

Election '86: General 

Election '86: Governor 

Election: '86: Governor: Ads 1986 

Election: '86: Governor: Blanchard 

Election '86: Governor: Candidates 

Election '86: Governor: Chrysler 

Election: '86: Governor: Debates 

Election '86: Governor: Engler 

Election '86: Governor: Endorasements 

Election '86: Governor: Lauve 

Election '86: Governor: Lucas 

Election '84: U.S. Senate 

Election: '84- U.S. Senate 

Election '84: U.S. Senate #2 

Election '86: Gov: Lucas 

Election '86: Governor: Murphy 

Election '86: Governor: Republicans 

Election '86: Governor: Wilson 

Election '86: Great Lakes Governors 

Election '86: House 

Election '86: Independents 

Election '86: Lt. Gov. 

Election '86: Lieutenant Governor: Griffiths 

Election '86: Lt. Gov.: Engler 

Election '86: Polls 

Election '86: Primary Election 1986 

Election: '86: Republicans 

Election '86: Results 

Election '86: Union Support 

Election: '88: Congress: Bowman 

Election: '88: Congress: Pollack 

Election: '88: Congress: Huber 

Election: '88: Convention Delegates 

Election: '88: Courts 

Election: '88: Democrats 

Election: '88: General 

Election: '88: House Members 

Election '88: Polls 

Election '88: President 

Election '88: President: Bush 

Election '88: President: Campaign Laws 

Election '88: President: Candidates 

Election '88: Presidents: Delegates 

Election: '88: President: Democrats 

Election: '88: President: Dole 

Election: '88: President: Dukakis 

Election '88: President: Hart 

Election: '88: U.S. Senate 

Election: '88: U.S. Senate- Secchia 

Election: '88: U.S. Senate: Dunn 

Engler Budget Cuts 1991 

Election '88: President: Iacocca 

Election '88: President: Jackson 

Election: '88: President: Kemp 

Election: '88: President: Laxalt 

Election: '88: President- Minor Parties 

Election '88: President: Republicans 

Election '88: President: Robertson 

Election: '88: Vice-President 

Election '90 

Elections: 1989 & 1990 Campaign & Advertising 

Election '90- Abortion 

Election '90- Attny. General 

Election '90- Blacks 

Election '90: Congress 

Election '90: Education 

Election '90: Environment 

Election '90: Griffiths, Martha 

Election '90: Maynard, Oliva 

Election '90- MSU Board of Trustees 

Election '90- Michigan Supreme Court (Durant, etc) 

Election '90: Outcome 

Election '90: Party Goals 

Election '90- Peace Dividend 

Election '90- Governor (Blanchard vs. Engler) 

Election: '90: Governor 

Election: '90: Governor 

Election: '90: Governor 

Elections- '90 Republicans State 

Election: Secretary of State 

Election '90- Smoking 

Election '90- State Representative 

Election '90: U.S. Senate (Levin vs. Schuette) 

Election '90: Voters 

Election: '94: Attorney General 

Election: '94: Congress 

Elections: '94: Governor 

Election: '94: Senate 

Elections: '92 

Elections November 1996-1999 

Electoral College 

Electric Cars 

Electric Dart 

Electric Deregulation 

General Electric- Electricity 


Electricity: Co-Generation 

Electricity: Industrial Rates 

Electricity: Lake Power 

Electricity: Rate Hike/ Cut 

Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS) 


Elf (Project Sanguine, Seafarer Elf) 

Employees: State: General 

Employees: State: Pay Rate: Salaries: Raises 

Employees: State: Pension- Retirement 

Employees: State: Political Activities 

Employers: Hiring 

Employers: Liability 

Employment: College Graduates; Professional Schools 

Employment: Women 

Employment: Youth 


Endangered Species 

Endsley, Jay G. 

Energy Administration 

Energy America Corp. 

Energy Assistance Programs 

Energy: Battery 

Energy Crisis File #1 1973-1975 

Energy Crisis File 2 1976- 

Energy: Conservation 

Energy Costs 

Energy: Department 

Energy Office 

Energy: Research 

Energy: Tax Credits 

Energy Use 

Energy, Wind-Hart 

Engler, Colleen 

Engler, Colleen #2 

Engler, John 

Engler Agenda 

Engler: Appointees 

Engler- Budget 1991 

Engler- Budget 1993 

Engler, Budget 1994 

Engler Budget 1995 

Engler, Budget 1996-1998 

Engler: Business 

Engler: Civil Rights 

Engler: Drugs 

Engler: Education 

Engler: Environmental 

Engler: General 

Engler, Michelle 

Engler: Parsonnee- Expense Vernice Anthony 

Engler: Recall 

Engler: Public Opinion 

Engler: State of the State 

Engler: Taxes 

Engler: Term Limitation 

Engler: Transition 

Engler: Welfare 

Engstorm, Anrnell 


Environment: Profitable Clean-Up 

Environmental Defense fund 

Environmental Protection Agency/ Act 

Environmental Bond 

Environmental Health Study 

Environmental Labs 

Environmental Protection Agency 

Episcopal Church 

EPA- Oil spills 

Environmental Quality- Dept of 

Environmental Review Board 

Environmental Standards 

Environmental Survey 


Equal Rights Amendment 

Box 8 Erickson, Ellsworth V. - Great Lakes: Toxic Rain 


Erickson, Ellsworth V. 


Esch, Marvin (Congressman) (R-Ann Arbor) 

Estate Tax 


Ethics Board 

Evans, Robert 

Evening News Association 

Evening News Assn. #2 

Evening News Association #3 


Extraterrestial Life 



Factory Research Center 

Fairs & Fairgrounds 

Fairlane Project 

Fair Trade Legislation 



Family Courts 

Family Festival 

Family Independence Agency 

Family Planning Svc's 

Families: Values Group 

Family Leave Group 

Families First Program 

Family Life Radio network 

Farhat, Edmund D 

Farm Aid 

Farm Bureau 

Farm: Debt Crisis 

Farm: Federal Aid 

Farming: General 

Farm Lands 

Farm Loans 


Farmers: Drought 

Farms: Legislatures 

Farms Safety 

Farnum, Billie S. 

Farnum, Eugene B. 

Farrakhan, Louis 

Farrel, Larry 

Fast Track 

Faust, William 

Faxon: Jack 


Federal Disaster Aid 

Federal Aid: State 

Federal Communications Commission 

Federal Deficit 

Federal Programs 

Federal Reserve Board 

Federated Publications Inc. 

Fees: Service 

Feiger, Geoffrey 

Feikens, John C. 

Felon- Murder Law 

Ferency, Zolton 

Ferguson, Joel 

Ferguson, Rosetta (Rep.) (D-Detroit) 


Ferries: Rail 


Ferris State College 


Fessler, Richard 

Festivals (Music) 

Fetal Protection Laws 

Fetus: Blood Tests 

Freger, Geoffrey 

Fill, Dr. Leon S. 

Film Industry 

Financial Disclosure Bill 

Financial Institutions 


Finnerty, Ed - Rotating Reporter 


Fire Inspections- Fire Safety 



Fish: Dioxin 

Fishing: Great Lakes 

Fish Ladders 

Fisher, Max 


Fishing: Saginaw Bay 

Fishman, Sam 

Fitzgerald, George S. 

Fitzgerald: John W. 

Fitzgerald, William B. 

Fitzpatrick, Richard 

Flag Burning 

Flat Tax 

Flea Markets 

Fleming, James G. (Sen.-R-Jackson) 

Fleming, Robben W. (UM President) 

Fletcher, Frederick 

Fletcher, Peter B. 


Flint Journal 

Flint: Mayor 

Flood Relief 

Flory, Brad - Rotating Reporter 



Florists Transit Delivery 

Flushing School District 

Focus- Hope 

Folks, James N. (Rep.) 


Food Banks 

Food & Drug Admin. (FDA) 

Food Distribution Program 

Food Service Inspection Programs 

Food: Industry Institute 

Food: Inspections 

Food Policy Program 

Food: Toxic Chemicals 

Food Stamps 

Food Surplus 

Forbes, Joe 

Ford, Betty 

Ford, Gerald R. (US Rep.) 

Ford, Gerald R.- President 

Ford, Gerald R. 

Ford, Gerald R.- Museum 

Ford, Michigan Visits 

Ford: Nixon- Transition 

Ford, Henry II 

Ford Motor Co. 

Ford Motor Co.: Cost Cutting 

Ford Motor Co.: Profit Sharing 

Ford: Nissan 

Ford, Thomas G. Sr. (Rep.-R-Gd. Rapids) 

Ford, William R. 

Foreclosure Bill 

Foreign Plants: U.S. 

Foreign Cars 

Foreign Trade 

Foren, John 




Ft. Custer State Home 

Fort Custer 

Foster Care (Facility and Services) 

Foster Parents 


Four E's Series 


Fourth of July 

Fox Centre 

Fox Island 

Franchise Schemes 

Frank, Rep. Barney 

Fraser, Douglas 

Fredricks, Edgar (State Sen. R-Holland) 

Free Trade 

Freedom of Information 

Freedom of Speech 

Freeman, Donald R. 

French Fries 

Friedly, Glenn 

Friend of the Court 

Friske, Richard (Rep.)-R-Charlevoix 

Froh, David L. 

Fruehauf Foundations 

Fruit Exemption Bill 

Frye, Minnie 

Fuel cell Cars 

Fuel: Heating Prices 

Fuel Spills/ Leaks 

Fuel Aid Bill 

Full Employment 


Funeral Costs 


Funeral Homes 


Gallagher, Dr. James J. 

Galloway, Margie Lee 

Gambling: Dog Racing 

Gambling: General 

Gambling: Football Betting 

Gambling: Horse Racing 

Gambling: Jai Alai 

Gambling Ring 


Gannett Co. 

Garage Sale 

Garrett, Joyce 

Garrison, Frank 

Gas: Pipeline 

Gas Guzzler Awards 

Gas: Natural: General 

Gas: Shortage (Natural Gas) 

Gasoline: Supply- Shortage 


Gasoline: Credit Cards 

Gasoline Prices 

Gasoline: Reformulated 

Gasoline Stations 

G.A.T.T. (General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade) 

Gauntlett, Roger 

Gay Rights 

Gazlay, Gene 

Geerlings, Edgar A. (Rep.) 


General Motors 

General Motors: Bonuses 

General Motors: Eds 

General Motors: Hughes Aircraft 

General Motors: Japanese 

General Motors: Joint Ventures 

General Motors: Layoffs 

General Motors: Mexico Plants 

General Motors: NUMMI (New United Motor Manufacturing Inc.) 

General Motors Corporation: Plant Closings 

General Motors: Plant Closings 

General Motors: Profit Sharing 

General Motors: Profits 

General Motors: Research Laboratory 

General Motors: Stempel 

General Motors: Roger Smith 

General Motors: Strikes 

General Motors: Tax Assessment 

General Motors: Perot 

General Motors: Toyota 

General Motors Corporation: UAW 

General Motors: X-Car 

General Telephone Co. 

Genesee Country Road Commission 

Genesee County Drain Office 

Genesee Physicians Clinical Laboratory 

Genetic Testing 

Geography Bee 

Geralds, Monte R. 



GHB (Date Rape Drug) 

Giacalone, Vito 

Giddings, James 

Gilbert, Alice L. 

Gillman, Michael J. 

Gillman, Tim 

Gilmore, Irving S. 

Glass Time Capsule 

Glazer, Larry 

Global Warming 

Gnodtke, John William 

Goebel, Paul G. Jr. 

Goemaere, Warren N. (Rep.) 

Gold, Silver 

Golden Apple Awards 



Goose Lake 


Gordon, Don 

Gore, Al 

Goschka, Rep. Michael 

Government: The Constant Intruder 

Government Red Tape 

Government Research: Depression 

Government Spending 

Government: State 

Governor: Appointment Power 

Governors Conference (Traverse City) 

Governors Election 

Governors: General 

Governors: General #2 

Governor's Office: Remodeling 

Governor's Residence 

Governor's Salary 

Graham, Jeffrey T. 

Grain Elevators 

Grain Industry 

Grand Center (Grand Rapids) 

Grand Jury 

Grand Jury: Citizens 

Grand Jury: Flint 

Grand Jury: One Man 

Grand Jury: Records 


Grank Prix 

Grand Prix Auto Race (Detroit) 

Grand Rapids: Cap Grants 

Grand Rapids: Jr. College 

Grand River: Watershed Council: Basin 

Grand River 

Grand Rapids: Museum 

Grand Rapids Press 

Grand Traverse Resort 

Granholm, Jennifer 

Granholm: Budget 

Granholm: Education 

Granholm: Cool Cities 

Grant, Robert W. Jr. 

Grassmuck, Dr. George L. 

Graves, Harold P. 

Gray, James (Sen.) (D-Warren) 

Great Lakes 

Great Lakes: American Steamship Co. 

Great Lakes Basin Commission 

Great Lakes (Center for the Great Lakes) –replacement file (original file lost March, 1983) 

Great Lakes: Charter 

Great Lakes: Clean-Up 

Great Lakes: Cruise Ships 

Great Lakes: Development 

Great Lakes: DDT + Eagles 

Great Lakes: Economic Summits 

Great Lakes Environmental Laboratory 

Great Lakes: Fisheries Laboratory, AA 

Great Lakes: Fishing (See Fishing: Great Lakes) 

Great Lakes: General 

Great Lakes Governors 

Great Lakes: Funding 

Great Lakes Institute 

Great Lakes: Oil Drilling 

Great Lakes: Oil Spills 

Great Lakes: Pollution 

Great Lakes: Population 

Great Lakes: Shipping 

Great lakes: Shorelands Conservation- Control 

Great Lakes Shorelands Conference- 1974 

Great Lakes: Shoreline Erosion 

Great Lakes: Toxic Chemicals 

Great Lakes: Toxic Rain 

Box 9 Great Lakes: Trash - Green Power 


Great Lakes: Trash 

Great Lakes: U.S.-Canada Pact 

Great Lakes: Water Levels 

Great Lakes: Water Diversion 

Great Lakes: Diversion 

Great Lakes: Water Diversion 

Green, Allison 

Green, Malice 

Green Power 

Box 20 Green, Roger 






Green, Roger #1 2000 

Green, Roger #2 2000 





Green, Roger #1 1995 

Green, Roger #2 1995 

Green, Roger (3 packets) 

Green, Roger 

Box 9 Green Timbers - Hadden, James 


Green Timbers 

Greene, Peeti 

Greene, Tom 

Gremore, Kenneth 

Grettenberger, O.K. 

Gribbs, Roman 

Griffin, Michael J. 

Griffin, Robert P. (U.S. Sen., R-Michigan) 

Griffin, Robert 

Griffiths, Martha 

Grimsley, Harley B. 

Gross, Harold 

Group Homes 

Guaranteed Careers 

Guaranteed Tuition Program 

Guardian Angels 

Guastello, Rep. Thomas 

Gun Laws: Guns 

Gun Control: Brady Bill 

Guns: Stun 

Gwizdz, Bob 


Gypsy Moth 

Habitat for Humanity 

Haddad, Rabih 

Hadden, James 

Box 20 Hagland, Rick - Haglund, Rick 


Hagland, Rick 1992 

Hagland, Rick 1994 

Hagland, Rick #2 1994 

Hagland, Rick 1993 

Rick Haglund September-Dececember 1991 

Box 21 Haglund, Rick 


Haglund, Rick January 1991 - 

Haglund, Rick 1992 

Haglund, Rick September 1990 - 

Haglund, Rick (4 Folders) 

Haglund, Rick #1 2004 

Haglund, Rick #1 2003 

Haglund, Rick #1 2002 

Haglund, Rick #2 2001 

Haglund, Rick 2000 

Haglund, Rick 1999 

Haglund, Rick #1 1998 

Haglund, Rick 1997 

Haglund, Rick #1 1996 

Haglund, Rick #1 1995 

Haglund, Rick 1994 

Haglund, Rick 1993 

Haglund, Rick Jan 1993- 

Box 9 Hales, David - Hoogterp, Ed 


Hales, David 

Natural Resources: Hales 

Hales, David 

Halfway Houses 

Hall of Justice 


Halverson, George L. 

Hamilton, Eva 

Hampton, William P. (Rep., R-Bloomfield Hills) 

Hamtramck: State Aid 

Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease 

Hand Gun Laws 


Hang Gliders 

Hannah, John A. 

Hauley, Rep. Michael J. 


Harden: Edgar 

Hare, James M. 

Harkin, Tom 

Harmon, Charles E. 

Harness Racing 

Harper, Richard H. (Jack) 

Harrison, Gus 

Hart, Jerome T. 

Hart, George Z. 

Hartwick Pines 

Harvey, Paul 

Hastings Drive-In 

Hart, Jane 

Hart, Philip A. (US Senator-D) Wife- Jane 

Hartman, Frank H. 

Harvey, James (US. Rep., R-Sagniaw) 

Hash Bash 

Hasper, Gerrit C. (Rep.) (D-Muskegon) 

Hate Crimes 

Hatfield, Mark O. Sen. 

Haught, Dale A. 

Hausman, John 

James Haveman Mental Health Director 

Hawthrone Psychiatric Center 

Hawkins, Eugene 

Hayhow, David T. 

Hay Fever 

Hazardous-Waste Law 

Hazardous Materials Spills 

Head Start 

Headlee, Richard 

Headlee Amendment 

Health: Aid: Care 

Health Care: Planning Distrcits 

Health Care: Costs 

Health Care: Industry 

Health Care: Elderly 

Health Care: Natal 

Health Care: Prudent Purchaser Agreement (PPA) 

Health: Public 

Health: Public Health Dept. Labs 

Health Care Reform 

Health Care: Regulations 

Health Care: Rural 

Health Care: Sex Education 

Health: Children's 

Health Code 

Health Insurance 

Health Laboratory: State's 

Health Maintenance Organizations 

Hearing Aid Industry 

Heart Disease 

Heart Institute 

Heart Transplants 

Heating Oil: Shortage/ Costs 

Hein, G. William 

Heintz, Susan 

Heller, Jean 

Hellman, Russell 

Helmet Law 

Hemlock (Bad Water) 

Hemmings, Richard A. 

Henry, Paul 


Heritage Trust Fund 

Hertel, John 

Hesselton, Frank R. 

Hettiger, William N. 

Hewes, Milton D. 

Hewitt, Charles H. 

Hickory Telephone Company 

Higgins Lake 

High Technology 

High Voltage Power Lines 

Higher Education Planning Commission 

Higher Education: Commission 

Higher Education: Budget 

Highways: US 131 

Highways: Bids: Flint M78-I475 

Highways: Budget 

Highways: Commission 

Highways: General 

Highways: Projects, Plans 

Highway & Transportation Department 

Highways: Signs 

Highways: State Dept.: Employees 

H. King Trails 

Hillegonds, Paul 

Hillsdale Foundry Company 

Historic Buildings 

History: Michigan- Flight Over 



Hodge, Benjamin 

Hodge, Horace 

Hoekje, John C. 

Hoek'stra, Peter 

Hoffa, Jimmy 

Hoffman, Abbie 

Hoffman, Quincy 

Hogs (Hog Hotels) 

Holcomb, Wendell S. 

Holden, Creighton 


Holloway Construction Company 

Holly: Experimental Sewage Treatment 

Holmes, David S. Jr. 

Holmes, Kirby (Rep.) 

Home Heating Information Act 

Home Inspections 

Home Mortgage Rates 

Home: Ownership 

Homeland Security 

Homeless People 

Homestead Golf Course 

Homicide- Youth 


Homestead Exemptions 

Honoraria Ban 

Hoogterp, Ed September - December 1991 

Box 21 Hoogterp, Ed 


Hoogterp, Ed #1 2003 

Hoogterp, Ed 2002 

Hoogterp, Ed #1 2001 

Hoogterp, Ed 2000 

Hoogterp, Ed 1999 

Hoogterp, Ed #1 1998 

Hoogterp, Ed 1997 

Hoogterp, Ed #1 1996 

Hoogterp, Ed #2 1996 

Hoogterp, Ed 1995 

Hoogterp, Ed 1994 

Hoogterp, Edward, cont'd 

Hoogterp, Ed (2 Folders) 

Hoogterp, Ed 1993 

Hoogterp, Ed January 1991- 

Hoogterp, Ed Sepetember 24, 1990- 

Box 9 Hooker Chemical Company - Intercom 

Hooker Chemical Company 

Hope College 

Hormone Injected Cows 

Homestead Resort 

Horse Racing: Kelly Downs Track 

Horse Racing: Jackson Raceway 

Horse Racing: Hazel Park 


Hooper, Warren 


Horn, James H. 

Horrigan, Albert R. 

Horse Racing 


Horse Racing: General 

Hospice Care 

Hospital: Advertising 

Hospital Construction Programs 

Hospitals: General 

Hospital: Mergers 

Hospitals: Private 


House Appropriations Committee 

Hot Air Balloons 

Hot Dogs 

Hotchkiss, Raymond 


Hough, Gerald 

House, Colleen M. 


House: Budget 

House: Candidates 

House: Democrats 

House: Dental Insurance Program 

House- Fiscal Agency 

House: General Stories 

House: Postage Costs 

House: Republicans 

House: State Committees 

House: State leaders 

House: Telephones 


Housing Development Authority 

Housing Industry 

Housing: Local Authority 

Houston, R. Bernard 

Howe, Elizabeth 

Housing and Urban Development, Dept. of 

Housing: Trust Funds 

Hoving, Robert A. 

Howard, Desmond 

Howell State Hospital 

Howlett, Robert 

Huber, Robert J. (Sen.) 

Hubble Telescope 

Hudson Institute 

Hudson, Joseph L. 

Huebner, Mrs. George 

Huffman, Bill 

Hufnagel, Beth 

Hughes, Norman 

Human Emergency 

Human Rights Party 

Human Services Department 

Humor Column 

Humphrey, Hubert H. 

Hunt, Andrew D. Jr. (Dean) 

Hunter, Fred Richard (Allegan County Prosecutor) 


Hunting: Deer 

Hunting/ Fishing: Fees 

Huron Cement Divison 

Husan, Dan Ali 

Hutchinson, Edward (U.S. Rep., R-Michigan) 

Huyser, Robert J. 

Hydro-Electric Power 


Iacocca, Lee 


Ice Walk 


Identity Theft 



Ilitch, Michael 


Immigration: Effects Upon Michigan's Political Power 

Implied Consent 


Impression S Museum 

In Home Health Care 



Incinerator Projects (See Trash Incinerators) 

Income: Per Capita 

Income Tax 

Indian National Memorial Park 

Indianapolis 500 


Indian Fishing 

Indians: Casino Gambling 

Indian: Tuition Programs 

Indigents: Legal Defense 

Individual Pricing 

Industrial Injuries 

Industrial Policy 

Industrial Technology Institute 

Industrial Technology Institute #2 


Infant Death 

Infant Health 

Infant Mortality 


Information Revolution 

Inheritance Tax 

Inland Steel 

Insanity Defense Law 

Institutions- Popularity 


Insurance: Auto 

Insurance: Auto 

Insurance: ASOs 

Insurance Bureau 

Insurance: Claims 

Insurance: Credit Life 

Insurance Commission 

Insurance: "Essential" 

Insurance: Fraud 

Insurance: General 

Insurance: Health 

Insurance: Homes 

Insurance Industry: Taxes 

Insurance: Legal Services 

Insurance: Liability Limits 

Insurance: Liability Reforms 

Insurance: Malpractice 

Insurance: Medical Malpractice 

Insurance: No-Fault- #1 1970-1973 

Insurance: No-Fault- #2 1974- 

Insurance: Property Risk Pool 

Insurance Reform 

Insurance: Taxes 



Box 10 Interest Rates - Kevorkian, Jack 


Interest Rates 

Interest: Credit Cards 

Interest: Home Mortgages 

Interest Rates: land Contracts 


International Trade Commission 


Intoxication: Decriminalization 


Investment Schemes 

Ionia State Hospital 

Iraq-Kuwait Crisis 

Iron Mining 

Item Pricing 

Jack Tar Hotel 

Jackson Citizen Patriot 

Jackson, Jesse 


Jail Code 

Jails: County 

Jails: Expansion 

Jail Overcrowding 

Japan: Experts from Michigan 

Jails: State Use 

Japanese Firms 

Jarvis, Howard 

Jefferson-Jackson Dinner 

Jeffrey, Mildred M. 

Jenkins, David H. (Dr.) 

Jersevic, Roland- Assault Chg's 

Jet Skis 


Job Development Authority 

Jobs: Creation 

Jobs: Luring 

Job Safety 


Jobs Programs 

Job Training Programs: Ex-Convicts 


John Birch 

John Wesley College 

Johnson, Ervin (Magic) 

Johnson, Lyndon B. 

Johnson, Perry 

Johnson, Rick 

Johnson, Shirley 

Joint Committee on Administrative Rules 

Joint Operating Agreement 

Jondahl, Lynn 

Jones, Al - Rotating Reporter 

Jones, Jenny 

Jordan College 

Jordan, Jim 

Jourdan, Phillip 

Jowett, William 

Joy, Linda 

Judges: District: Loyd 

Judges: General 

Judges: Salaries 

Judges: Supreme Court 

Judicial Corruption 

Judicial Tenure Commission: Mich. 

Junk Mail 

Jupiter Explosion 

Jury Duty 

Jury Convictions- Legislation 

Juvenile: Justice 

K Mart 


Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety 

Kalamazoo Gazette 

Kalamazoo Prosecutors 

Kalamazoo Regional Psychiatric Facility 

Kaline, Al 

Kalkaska: Fire Department 

Kalkaska: shell Oil co. Strike 

Kalamazoo State Hospital 

Kammer, Kerry 

Kammer Recreational Land Trust Fund 

Kamplay, Arnold H. 

Kamps, Bruce 

Kanoyton, Silverenia 

Kanter, Debra 

Karoub, James H. 

Katz, Malcolm 

Kavanagh, Thomas G. (Justice) 

Kavanagh, Thomas M. 

Kearney, Dr. C. Philip 

Keating Five Controversy 

Kehres, Raymond 

Keith, William R. 

Kelley, Frank (Atty. General) 

Kellogg, James C. 

Kellogg, Sarah 

Kelly, Harry F. 

Kelly, John F. 

Kelly, Marilyn Jean 

Kelly Services Inc. 

Kelsey, John T. 

Kennedy, Cornelia G. (Mrs.) 

Kennedy, John F. 

Kent, W. Wallace 

Kentucky Derby 

Kersmarki, Michael- Rotating Reporter 

Kevorkian, Dr. Jack 

Kevorkian, Jack 

Box 23 Khan, Ansar 


Khan, Ansar #1 2004 

Khan, Ansar #2 2004 

Khan, Ansar #1 2003 

Khan, Ansar #2 2003 

Khan, Ansar #3 2002 

Khan, Ansar #2 2002 

Khan, Ansar #1 2002 

Khan, Ansar #3 2001 

Khan, Ansar #2 2001 

Khan, Ansar #1 2001 

Khan, Ansar #1 2000 

Box 10 Kidnaps - Knight, Marvin L. 



Kidney Machine 

Kids- Career Choices 

Kildee, Dale E. 

Kildee, Rep. Dale E. 

Kile, Charles & Betty 

Kincheloe Air Force Base 

Kinship care 

Kirkland's Warbler 

Kishkorn, Stephen 

Kitchel Dune Preserve 

Klein, Herb 

Klein, Pamela 

Kleine, Robert J. 

Klu Klux Klan 

Klunzinger, Thomas 

Knight, Marvin L. ("Mickey") R-Muskegon Rep. 

Box 24 Knobler, Danny 


Knobler, Danny (2 packets) 2004 

Knobler, Danny (3 packets) 2003 

Knobler, Danny (3 packets) 2002 

Box 25 Knobler, Danny 


Knobler, Danny (4 packets) 2001 

Knobler, Danny (5 packets) 2000 

Knobler, Danny (5 packets) 1999 

Knobler, Danny (5 packets) 1998 

Knobler, Danny (4 packets) 1997 

Knobler, Danny (4 packets) 1996 

Knobler, Danny (3 packets) 1995 

Box 26 Knobler, Danny 


Knobler, Danny 1995 

Knobler, Danny 1996 

Knobler, Danny (6 packets) 1994 

Box 10 Koger, Daniel A. - Korpi, Thomas 


Koger, Daniel A. 

Kok, Peter 

Kolenda, Dennis 

Korean War 

Korpi, Thomas 

Box 25 Kowalski, Tom 


Kowalski, Tom (2 packets) 2004 

Kowalski, Tom (2 packets) 2003 

Kowalski, Tom (3 packets) 2002 

Kowalski, Tom (4 packets) 2001 

Box 26 Kowalski, Tom 


Kowalski, Tom (4 packets) 2000 

Kowalski, Tom (4 packets) 1999 

Kowalski, Tom (3 packets) 1998 

Box 10 Kuthy, Eugene W. - Lansing Bureau By-Lines 


Kuthy, Eugene W. 

Lab Mice 


Labor: Chemical Hazard Bills 

Labor: Deaths 

Labor: Toxic Chemicals 

Labor Unions 

Lafayette Clinic 

Laidman, Jenni- Rotating Reporter 

Laidman, Jenni- Rotating Reporter #2 

Lake Erie: Fill 

Lakeland Management System 

Lake Michigan 

Lake Ontario 

Lake Superior 

Lake Wabasis 


Lakey Foundry Corporation 

Lakeway Chemical Company 


Land Developments 

Land Sales (Dept. of Licensing & Regulation) 

Land: State Owned 

Land, Terry Linn 

Land Trust 

Land Trust Fund 

Land Use 1973- 

Land Use: House Bill 



Lane, Garland 

Lane, Roger 

Langius, Gus 

Lansing Bureau By-Lines January-February 1991 

Lansing Bureau By-Lines March-April 1991 

Lansing Bureau By-Lines May-June 1991 

Lansing Bureau By-Lines July-August 1991 

Lansing Bureau By-Lines September-October 1991 

Lansing Bureau By-Lines November-December 1991 

Box 20 Lansing Bureau By-Line 


Lansing Bureau By-Line January-February 1992 

Lansing Bureau By-Line March-April 1992 

Lansing Bureau By-Line May-June 1992 

Lansing Bureau By-Line July-August 1992 

Lansing Bureau By-Line September-October 1992 

Lansing Bureau By-Line November-December 1992 

Box 21 Lansing Bureau By-Line 


Lansing Bureau By-Lines July 1983 

Lansing Bureau By-Lines August 1983 

Lansing Bureau By-Lines September 1983 

Lansing Bureau By-Lines October 1983 

Lansing Bureau By-Lines November 1983 

Lansing Bureau By-Lines December 1983 

Box 10 Lansing: Revitalization - Legislators: Votes 


Lansing: Revitalization 

Laro, David 

Larrowe, Charles F. 

Larsen, Melvin 

Latch-Key Kids 


Law, Arthur J. (Rep.) (D-Pontiac) 

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice 

Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit 

Law Firms 

Law Revision Commission: State 

Law, Robert C. 

Law Schools 

Law Suits, Gag Orders 


Lawmaker: Speaking Fees 


Lawn Mowers 


Layle, Herbert (Col.) 


Laser Eye Surgery 

Leader Dog (Blind) 

League for Human Services 

Lederie, John W. (Dr.) 

Legal Services 

Legionnaires Disease 

Legislative: Immunity 

Legislative Session 1987 

Legislators: Fringe Benefits 

Legislature: See Also House: (Various), Senate: (Various) 

Legislature: Black Caucus 

Legislators Columns 

Legislature: Computers 

Legislature: Conference Committees 

Legislature: Conflict of Interest 

Legislature: Control 

Legislature: Dental Program 

Legislature: Ethics Inquiry 

Legislature: Evaluation 

Legislature, Expense Allowances 

Legislature: Expense Accounts 

Legislature: Federal Fund Seeking 

Legislature: Federal Housing Office 

Legislators: Former 

Legislature: Fund Raising 

Legislature: General 1983-1984 

Legislators: Home District Offices 

Legislature: House 

Legislature: House: Alcohol 

Legislature: House Campaign Expenditures 

Legislature: House: Control 

Legislature: House: Leaders 

Legislature: Income Tax Returns 

Legislature: Life Insurance 

Legislature: Junkets and Travel Expenses 

Legislature: General 

Legislature: General #1 1970-1972 

Legislature: General #3 1978- 

Legislators: Lame Duck 

Legislature: Medical Benefits 

Legislature: Moonlighting 

Legislature: Officeholders Expense Funds 

Legislature: Part-Time 

Legislature: Pensions 

Legislators: Rating 

Legislators: Bad Checks 

Legislators: Recall 

Legislators: Salaries, Pay Raises 1991 

Legislature: Salaries, Pay Raises #1 

Legislature: Salaries, Pay Raises #2 1973- 

Legislative Session 1989 

Legislature: Jobs for Ex-Lawmakers 

Legislature: Phones 

Legislature: Postage 

Legislature: Senate Control 

Legislature: Sex 

Legislature: Staff 

Legislature Session 1983-1984 

Legislature: Leaders 

Legislature: Special Election 

Legislature: Timetable: Schedule 

Legislators- Term Lengths/ In Office 

Legislators: Traffic Tickets 

Legislature: Travel Expenses 

Legislature: Unicameral 

Legislators: Votes 1970-1973 

Legislators: Votes 1974-1975 

Box 11 Legislature Session - Mental Health Code 


Legislature Session 1986 

Legislators: Voting Records 

Legislators Votes 1975- 

Leonard, Robert 

Leopard Frogs 

Lesinski, T. John 

L'Esperance Family 


Level Propane co. 

Levin, Carl 

Levin, Charles L. 

Levin, Sander (Sen.-D-Berkley) 

Lewis, Robert 

Libel Law 

Libel Suits 

Liberty Amendment 

Liberty Life Insurance Company 


Library: State 

Library: Videos 

License: Hunting and Fishing 

Licenses: Mechanics and Garages 

Licensing & Regulation, Mich. Dept. of 

License Plates: General Stories 

License Plates: Vanity 

Lie Detectors 

Lieutenant Governor 

Lievense, Stanley J. 

"Life Leases" 



Lincoln, Everitt F. 

Lindemer, Lawrence B. 

Line Item Veto 

Liquified Propane Gas Firms- Tax Breaks 

Liquor: Advertising (Beer & Wine) 

Liquor: Ban 

Liquor: Bar Hours 

Liquor: Beer-Wine 

Liquor Bills 

Liquor: Bootlegging 

Liquor: Commission: Action on Requests File No. 1 

Liquor: Commission: Wine Rules 

Liquor Control Commission 

Liquor, Commission: Action on Requests File No. 2 

Liquor Commission: Action on Requests File No. 3 

Liquor: 18-Year-Old-Vote 

Liquor: Entertainment 

Liquor: Entertainment Licenses 

Liquor: General 

Liquor: Highway Use 

Liquor: Laws 

Liquor: Legal Age 

Liquor: Licenses 

Liquor: Licenses: Private Clubs 

Liquor: Prices 

Liquor: Public Agencies Conferences 

Liquor: Raffles 

Liquor: Sales 

Liquor: Smuggling 

Liquor: Sunday Sales 

Liquor: Taxes 

Liquor: Unlicensed Establishments 

"Lisa's Law" 




"Living Will" 

Loans: Subprime 


Lobbyists #1 

Lobbyists #2 

Lobbyists #3 

Local Government 

Lock, Clarence W. 

Lockwood, Emil (Sen.) 

Lodge, Harvey (Sen.) & Mrs. 

Log Cabins 


Lohman, Mrs. Bernice Knaggs 

Long, William E. 

Long Distance 

Longstaff, Robert H. 


Lodgestrife: Purple 

Lost Boys of Sudan 


Lottery #2 

Lottery #3 

Lottery: Football 

License Plates: Reflectorized 


Lottery: Taxes 

Lottery: Ticket Printing 

Lousma, Jack 

Lucas, Evelyn 

Lucas, William 

Luce County Commissioners 

Ludington St. Park 


Luxury Tax 

Mac Clellan, John A. 

Mack, Gary 

Mack, Joseph (Sen. D-Ironwood) File No. 1 

Mack, Joseph (Sen. D-Ironwood) File No. 2 

Mackey, Cecil 

Mackie, John C. 

Mackinaw College 

Mackinac Bridge Authority 

Mackinac Center 

Mackinac Island 

Mackinac Island State Park Commission 

Mackinac Island: Island House Hotel 

Mac Lellan, John A. 

MacMullan, Ralph A. 

Macomb County 


Mafia (See Crime, Organized) 

Magner, Mike 5/21/91- 

Magner, Mike 

Mail Hoaxes/ Fraud 

Makens, Hugh H. 

Mallett, Conrad 


Mallett, Jef 

Malone, Brian: Bay City Times 


Managed Health Care 

Management & Budget Department 

Mandela, Nelson 

Manhole Bill 

Mansour, Agnes 




Marine Safety Patrol 

Market Opinion Research Co. 

Markman, Stephen 




Marriage: Cousins 

Married Women's Prophecy Act 

Marshall, William C. 

Martin Place Hospitals: Detroit 

Marin, Roland L. "Bob" 

Marin, Sue 

Mason, Barbara 

Mason, Barbara Roberts 

Mason, George 

Mass Media Day 

Mass Transit- #1 

Mass Transit- #2 

Mass Transit- #3 



MasterCard-Visa: Merger 


Mayors- Michigan 

Maynard, Olivia (Libby) 

Maternity Homes 

Mastin, Phillip 

Mathieu, Rep. Thomas C 

Matthews, Leland T. 

Maxey Training School 

May, Philip 


Mayors: Terms 



McCarthy, Eugene Sen. (D-Minnesota) 

McCauley, Sen. John 

McClure, Harold J. (Alma) 

McCollough, Lucille H. (Rep.) 

McCollough, Patrick 

McCracken, Paul W. 

McDonald, Gary R. 

McDivitt, James A. Jr. 

McGinnis, Kenneth 

McGoff, John P. 

McGraw, William T. 

McGuire, Glenda 

McKeague, David W. 

McLaughlin, Robert C. 

McLaughlin, WM. F. 

McLellan, Richard 

McLogan, Matthew E. 

McLouth Steel 

McMaster, William D. 

McNamara, Ed 

McNeely, James 

McNeely, Matthew 

McTavish, Thomas H. 

Meany, George 

MEAP Test Scores 



Meat Prices 

Meat: Processing Laws: Standards: Meat Inspection Program 

Mechanics Lein 

Mechanics: Licenses 

Medical Care Costs 

Medical: Malpractice (3 packets) 

Medical Waste Disposal 

Medical Wastes 

Medicaid (5 packets) 

Medicaid: Abortions 

Medicaid Reimbursements 

Meidcal Fraud 

Medical Practice Board 

Medical Records 

Medical Schools 

Medical Schools #2 

Medical Society, Mich. State 

Medical Students 


Medicine: Practice 


Mental Hospitals: Death Rate 

Mental Facilities: Clinics: Institutions 

Mental Facilities Residential Care Centers 

Mental Health 

Mental Health: Adult Foster Care 

Mental Health: Criminally Insane 

Mental Health: Employees 

Mental Health: Hospitals 

Mental Health: Mentally Ill 

Mental Health: Psychologists 

Mental Health: State Dept. 

Mental Health: Traverse City State Hospital 

Mental Heath Care 

Mental Health Code 

Box 12 Mental Hospitals - Michigan Scenic Rivers 


Mental Hospitals: Northville 

Mental Hospitals: Patient Abuse 

Mental Patients: Drugs 

Mental Patients: Release Program 

Mental Patients: Rights 

Mental Patients: Treatment 

Mentally Ill 

Mentally Ill: Community Based Homes 

Mental: Patient Abuse 

Mentally Retarded 


Meridian Mall 

Merrill, William H. 

Merit Awards 

Messenger, Greg 

Methanol Bus 

Methyl Isocyanate (MIC) 

Metric System 


Mexico: Trade With 

Michigan Catholic Conference 

Michigan Association of Counties 

Michigan Association of School Boards: Junkets 

Michigan Association for Regional Medical Programs (MARMP) 

Michigan Bell Telephone Co. 

Mich. Biologic Products Inst. 

Michigan Bulb Co. 

Michigan Chemical Company 

Michigan CIESIN 

Michigan Clergy for Problem Pregnancy Counseling Service 

Michigans Citizens Lobby 

Michigan Conservation Corps. 

Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. 

Michigan Council on Alcohol Problems (MICAP) 

Michigan Court of Appeals 

Michigan Credit Union League 

Mich. Dept. of Career Development 

Michigan Dept. of Education 

MDOT- Mich. Dept. of Transportation 

Mich. Dunes Correctional Facilities 

Michigan Economic Action Council 

Mich. Economic Development Council 

Michigan Economic Growth Authority 

Michigan: Economy 

Michigan Educational Assessment Program 

MEA- Michigan Education Association 

Michigan Education Trust 

Michigan Education Trust Board 

Michigan Employment Security Commission: Appeal Board 

Michigan Energy Resources Association (MERA) 

Michigan Environmental Council 

Michigan: Federal Aid 

Michigan Festival 

Michigan Habitat 

Michigan Hall of Justice 

Michigan Health 

Michigan Land Trust Fund 

Michigan Hospital Association 

Michigan Housing Coalition 

Michigan Impact 

Michigan Industries for the Blind 

Michigan Jobs Training Coordinating Council 

Michigan Laws 

Michigan Legislative Black Caucus 

Michigan Manual 

Michigan Mile 

Michigan Money Madness (Updated) 

Michigan National Corporation 

Michigan National Forests/ Parks 

Michigan Power Co. 

Michigan Scenic Rivers 

Box 23 MSU Basketball: Grinczel 


Box 24 MSU Basketball 


MSU Basketball: Grinczel 1993 

MSU Basketball: Grinczel March 1992- 

MSU Basketball: Grinczel march 1991 - 

Box 23 MSU Football 


MSU Football: Grinczel 1993 

MSU Football: Grinczel 1993 

MSU Football: Grinczel) October 1990- 

MSU Football: Grinczel 

MSU Football: John Hancock Bowl: Grinczel Winter 1991 

Box 12 Michigan State University: Housing - MX Missile 


Michigan State University: Hospital 

Michigan State University: Housing 

Michigan State University: Insurance 

Michigan State University: Law School 

Michigan State University: Leukemia Research 

Michigan State University: Lifelone Education 

Michigan State University: Mackey 

Michigan State University: MBA Program 

Michigan State University: Osteopathic College 

Michigan State University: Liquor Regulations 

Michigan State University: Medical School 

Michigan State University: Oakland University 

Michigan State University: President 

Michigan State University: Presidential Search 1984 

Michigan State University: Protests: Riots 

Michigan State University: Research 

Michigan State University: Board of Trustees 

Michigan State University: Board of Trustees: Candidates 

Michigan State University: Budget 

Michigan State University: Coed Dormitories 

Michigan State University: Computer Age 

Michigan State University: Cooperative Extension Service 

Michigan State University: Entrance Exams 

Michigan State University: Administrators 

Michigan State University: Fraternities 

Michigan State University: Federal Funding 

Michigan State University: Fund Drive 

Michigan State University: General 

Michigan State University: Grievance Committees 

Michigan State University: Audit 

Michigan State University Athletics: Grinczel 

Michigan State University: Athletic Director 

Michigan State University- Scholarships 

Michigan State University: Scholastic Standards 

Michigan State University: Sex Films 

Michigan State University: Spartans 

Michigan State University: Students Reform Proposals 

Michigan State University: State News 

Michigan State University: Students Rights 

Michigan State University: Trustees 

Michigan State University: Trustee Candidates 1972 

Michigan State University: Tuition 

Michigan State University & University of Michigan 

Michigan United Conservation Clubs 

Michigan Weather 

Michigan: Northern 

Michigan: Portrait 

Michigan-Ohio: Border 

Midland Cogeneration Venture 

Midland Nuclear Plant (4 packets) 

Michigan- Reapportionment 

Michigan State University: Volunteer Programs 

Michigan Supreme Court 

Michigan Republicans 

Michigan Sheriff's Association 

Michigan Standard Alloys, Inc. 

Michigan State Employees Association 

Michigan Township Association 


Midland: City of 

Midland County Sheriff Department 

Midwest Governors' Conference 

Midwest Governors Conference 1974 

Midwest Governor's Conference 1975 

Midwest Republican Conference 1976 



Miles, Robert 1994 

Milliken: Airplane 

Milliken: Appointments 

Milliken, Wm. G.: Birthday Party: Fund Raising 

Milliken, Wm. G.: Books 

Milliken, William: Boxing 

Milliken, Wm. G.: Budget 

Milliken, William G.: Campaign: 1970 

Milliken, William G. (General) (2 packets) 

Milliken: George Bush 

Milliken: Arts 

Milliken, William G.: Bills Signed 

Milliken: Carter 

Milliken, William G.: College Protests 

Milliken: Courts 

Milliken, William G.: Crime 

Milliken, William G.: Drugs 

Milliken, William G.: Economy 

Milliken, William G.: Education Reform 

Milliken: Energy Message 

Milliken: Executive Powers 

Milliken: Executive Residence 

Milliken: Ford 

Milliken: Foreign Trade 

Milliken, William G.: Family 

Milliken: Fund-Raising 

Milliken: William G: Gambling 

Milliken, William G.: Goals: 1971 

Milliken: Goals- 1972 

Milliken, William G.: Governor Race 

Milliken: Helen 

Milliken, William G.: Great Lakes: Shoreland: Erosion 

Milliken, William G.: Housing 

Milliken, William G.: Image 

Milliken, William: Inaugural 

Milliken, William G.: Labor 

Milliken, William G.: Legislature 

Milliken, William G.: Press 

Milliken, Williams: State Reorganization 

Milliken, William G.: Security 

Milliken, William G.: Strikes 

Milliken, William G.: Tax Proposals 

Milliken, William G.: Trade Missions 

Milliken, William G.: UM Protests 

Milliken, William G.: Upper Peninsula Office 

Milliken, William G.: U.S. Senate Candidates 

Milliken, William G.: Vacations 

Milliken, William G.: Vetoes 

Milliken, William G.: Vice Presidential Speculation 

Milliken, William G.: Republicans 

Milliken, William G.: Romney, George 

Milliken, William G.: Salary- Wealth 

Milliken, William G.: Speeches 

Milliken, William G.: Special Message 

Milliken, William G.: Staff 

Milliken, William G.: State Chairman 

Milliken, William G.: State Employees 

Milliken, William G.: State of State Message to Legislature: Special 

Milliken, William G. : Messages 

Milliken, William G.: Lieutenant Governor 

Milliken, William G.: Milliken Foundation 

Milliken, William G.: Nixon, Richard 

Milliken, William G.: PBB 

Milliken, William G.: Poll 

Milliken, William G.: Pollution 

Milliken, William G.: Property Taxes 

Milliken, William G.: Private Schools 

Milliken, William G.: Protests 

Milliken, William G.: Railroads 

Milliken, William G.: Reagan 

Milliken, William G.: Record 

Milliken, William G.: National Policies 

Milliken, William G.: Recall Drive 

Milliken, William G.: Re-Election Moves 

Military: Discrimination 

Military: Draft/ Recruitment 

Military: Jet 

Military: Reserves 



Mill Creek 

Miller, Gerald H. 

Miller, Rev. James D. 

Millhouse, Clifford J. 

Million Mom March 

Miltich, Paul 

Mind Control Program 

Minimum Wages 

Mining Industry 

Mining: Copper 

Mining: Iron Industry 


Minority Businesses 

Minority Procurement Conference 



Miss Michigan Pageant 

Missing Children 


Mobile Homes 

Mobile Homes: Parks 

Mobile Homes: Property Taxes: State Aid Amendment 

Modular Housing 

Moldenhaver, Phil (Reporter) 

Molin, Keith 

Mondale, Walter 

Monday Holidays 

Monroe Creek: Lawsuit 

Monroe, Loren E. 

Monsma, Steve 

Montgomery, George (Rep.) (D-Detroit) 

Montgomery, George F. (Rep) (D-Detroit) 

Monthly Perspective (Tourism) 

Monthly Perspective: January 1980- Auto Industry 

Monthly Perspective: Solid Waste 

Monthly Perspective: 70's & 80's December 1979 

Monthly Perspective January 1980 

Monthly Perspective: Little 3 Universities 

Monthly Perspective: Political Rulers 

Mood of the People 



Michigan Premium Program 

Michigan Reads Program 

Moral Majority 

Moral Majority #2 

Morberg, John 

Morgenstern, Roger 

Mortgage Companies 

Mortgage Companies: Tax Pmtg. 


Mortgages: Creative Loans: Tax Breaks 

Mortgage: Escrow System 

Mortgages: Home: Interest Ceiling 



Motivational Courses 

Motor Vehicle Highway Fund 



Mott, Charles Stewart 

Mott, Stewart S. 

Mourning Doves 

Movie Industry 

Moving Firms 


Muller, Will 


Multi-State Tax Compact 

Municipal Bond Authority 

Municipal League: Michigan 

Murphy, Chris- Rotating Reporter 

Murphy, Daniel T. 

Murray, Dave 


Mushrooms (2 packets) 


Muskegon: Wastewater System 



The Muskegon Chronicle 

Muskegon Development Center 

Muskegon General Hospital 

Muskegon Heights 

Muskegon Lake 

Muskegon Regional Mental Retardation Center 

Muskie, Edmund S. 

Midland Nuclear Plant: Conversion 

McGovern, George 

McPherson, Peter 

Miller, Annetta 

Mudd, Samuel 


MX Missile 

Box 13 NAACP - Polley, Ira (Dr.) 



Nader, Raph 

Naftaly, Robert 

NAFTA- North American Free Trade Agreement 


Nakkula, Walter G. 

Nash, Ernest W. 

National Debt 

National Education Association 

National Endowment for the Arts 

National Association Meeting 1980 

National Governors Conferences 

National Geography Bee 

National Governors Association (NGA) 

National Guard 

National Forests 

Natural Gas 

Natural Gas #2 

National Legislative Conference 

National Organization for Women (N.O.W.) 

Natural Resources Commission 

Natural Resources Department: Environmental Enforcement Division 

Natural Resources Department: Guyer 

Natural Resources Dept. (3 packets) 

Natural Resources Director: Skoog 

Natural Resources: Phony Fred (Bogus Employee) 

Natural Resources: Trust Fund 

Natural Rivers Act 

Nature Preserving 

National Science Foundation 

National Service Plan 

National Spelling Bee 

Natole, Dr. Joseph 

National Right to Work Committee 

National Transportation Safety Board 

Neighborhood Projects State Aid 

Nelson, Earl 

Nessen, Ronald 

Newberry, Truman H. 

Newblatt, Stewart A. (Judge-Genesee County) 

New Business 

New Dimensions, Inc. 

New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. 

Newell, Richard H. 

News: Medial Libel Laws 

Newspapers: Deliveries 

Newspapers: Ethics 

Newspapers: Libel 

Newspapers: Ownership Limit 

Newspaper: Trainees 

Newsprint Shortage 

Newsmen: Licensing 

Newton, Carroll C. 

Nicholson, Jim 

Nieuwenhuis, Bruce E. 

Nisbet, Stephen S. 

Nixon, Dr. Robert S. 

Nixon- Inaugural 

Nixon- Impeachment 

Nixon, Richard (Also Family) 

Non-Profit Foundations (Legislature) 

Nonsupport Legislation 

Nordhouse Dunes 


Northeast Michigan Mental Board 

North Star Steel 

Northern Michigan 

Northeast Michigan Mental Health Board 

Northern Michigan University 

Northville Regional Psychiatric Hospital 

Novak, Dr. Edwin L. 

National Rifle Association (NRA) 

Nuclear Accidents 

Nuclear Breeder Reactor 

Nuclear Energy 

Nuclear Power Plants: Canada 

Nuclear Power Plants File (2 packets) 

Nuclear Reactors 

Nuclear Waste (2 packets) 

Nuclear: War 

Nugent, Ted 

Nugent, William M. 

Nurses: Michigan 

Nursing Homes (2 packets) 

Nursing Homes: Patient Abuse 

Nutrition Guidelines 

Nutrition: Office of 

Oakland Technology Park 

Oakland University 

O'Brien, E.D. 


O'Brien, Michael Sr.- and Jr. 


Obscenity Law 

O'Connor, Kathleen 

O'Connor, Margaret, Rep. R-Ann Arbor 

Ochberg, Frank 


O'Dowd, Donald D. (Dr.) 

Oesterling, Joseph (Dr.) 

Off Road Vehicles (ORV) 

Off-Track Betting 

Office of Substance Abuse Services 

Office Buildings: State 

Office Occupancy 

Office of Services to the Aging (OSA) 

Office of Youth Services 

Officeholder Accounts 

Officeholders Expense Fund 

Off Road Vehicles 

Ogonowski, Rep. Casmer P. 

Oil & Gas 

Oil and Gas Leases 

Oil and Gas Rights 

Oil and Gas: "Heritage Fund" 

Oil and Gas: Royalties 

Oil and Gas: Taxes 

Oil Drilling 

Oil Drilling Permits 

Oil Imports 

Oil Storage 

Oil: Shortage 

O'Hara, James G. 

Old Age Assistance 

Oklahoma City Bombing 

Oldenburg, Claes 

Olds Plaza 

Old Growth Forests 

Old Mission Peninsula 

'On-Line' Information 

Ontario Land Sales 

Opal Lake Lawsuit 

Orbital Engine 

Organic Farming 

Organic Food 


Olive Garden 

Oliver, Kenneth Eugene 


Olympic Training Center 

Olympic Education Center 

Omega Sprinkler Recall 

One Man- One Vote 

O'Neil, James F. 

O'Neill, James E. Jr. 

O'Neill, Vincent E. 


Open Meetings 

Opinion Surveys 

Oppenwall, Peter 

Opportunity Card 

Optometry School 


O'Reilly, Kathleen F. 

Organ "Harvesting"/ Donations 

Organ Transplants 

Organized Crime Division 

Organized Labor 

O'Rourke, Peter E. 


Osborn, Dave 


Osteopathic Medicine: Michigan Advisory Board 

Osteopathic Hospitals 

Ostling, Ralph Rep. R-Roscommon 

Otterbacher, John R. 

Overweight People 

Owen, Gary M. (Rep.) 

Owen, Larry 

Owosso College 


Padden, Jeffrey D. 

Pain Treatment 



Palisades Nuclear Plant 

Palmer, Bill 

Panax Corp. 

Panic Disorder 

Paper Mills 

Paper Recycling 



Parisi, Joseph A. Jr. 

Parks: City 

Parks: Holland 

Parks, Mary Lou 

Parker, Phil (MSU Wrestling Coach) 

Parks: State 

Parole Officers: Weapons 

Parris, George N. 

Paslov, Eugene T. 

Paternity Act 

Paterson, Stuart M. 

Patient Care 

Patient Records 

Pay Raises- State Officials 

Payroll Taxes 

Pawn Shops 

Patterson, Lewis Brooks 

Payroll Taxes 


PBB- Trial #2 

PBB: Cattle Burial 


Peace Marches 

Pears, Don R. 

PELL Grants 

Penal Code 

Pension Funds 

Pensions: Military 


Pentagon- Budget Cuts 

"People's Parks" 

Parole Board 

People Mover 

Peoples Community Hospital Authority 

Percy, Charles (Sen.) 

Pere Marquette River 

Perles, George 

Perot, Ross 

Perry, Lowell 

Perry Preschool Project 

Persian Gulf Crisis 

Personal Protection Orders 

Personnel Files 

Personal Watercraft 

Peterson, Elly 

Peterson, Kenneth L. 

Peterson, Peter G. 

Peterson, Robert 

Peterson, Robert #2 

Petition Drives 

Petition Drives: Shopping Malls 


Petykiewicz, Ed 




Physical Fitness 


Physicians Crisis Committee 

Physician's Aides 

Physician's Assistant Bill 

Physician Shortage 

Physician's Standards 

Picard, William 

Pickup Trucks 

Pigeon River 

Pine Trees 

Pipeline Companies 


Pittman, Randall 

Piggins, Edward S. (Judge) 

Piping Plover 

Plagenhoef, Vern See Drawer 16 


Plants: Endangered Species 

Plants: Rare 


Plastics Industry 



Pittsburgh Pirates 

Plain English Bill 

Planned Parenthood 

Planning and Environmental Control: State Dept. 

Plant Closings 

Plants, John R. 

Plawecki, David A. 

Playboy Club 

Plea Bargaining 

Pleva Meats 


Poison Control Centers 

Poisonous Gas 


Polar Solar Systems 

Police Officers: Cigaret Tax 

Police Drug Testing 

Police: General Stories 

Police: Height Requirements 

Police: Pursuit Law 

Police: Residency Rules 

Policeman: Political Action 

Political Action Committees 

Political Ads: Costs 

Political Campaign Spending 

Political Campaigns "Truth Bill" 

Political Ethics #1 

Political Ethics #2 (Includes '75, Reform, Bill, Stories) 

Political Fund Raisers 

Political History 

Political Parties 

Political Parties: Minor 

Political Parties: Ticket Splitting 

Politics 1976 

Politics: Democratic National Convention 1972 

Politics: General 

Politics: General Stories 

Politics: Women 

Polley, Ira (Dr.) 

Box 14 Polls - Racetracks: Racial Steering 



Pollution- Air 

Pollution- General 

Pollution: Industrial Waste 

Pollution: Michigan Studies 

Pollution: Great Lakes 

Pollution: Toxic Metals 

Pollution: Clean-Up 

Pollution: Water 

Pollution: Water No. 2 

Pollution: Air II (3/91- ) 

Pollution: Air 

Pollution: Autos 

Pollution: Berger Co. 

Pollution: Canada 

Pollution: Clean-Up 

Pollution: Dioxin 

Pollution: Dow Chemical 

Pollution: Dust 

Pollution: General 1970-1971 

Pollution: Great Lakes 

Pollution: Great Lakes Cleanup Fund 

Pollution: Groundwater 

Pollution: Hazardous Waste 

Pollution: Incinerator 

Pollution: Inland Waters Act 

Pollution: Inspection Fees 

Pollution: Kalamazoo River 

Pollution: Mercury Paint 

Pollution: Military 

Pollution: Nuclear Waste Dump 

Pollution: Oil 

Pollution: Pay 

Pollution: Rural 

Pollution: Sewage Sludge 

Pollution: Sites 

Pollution: Solid Waste 

Pollution: State Authority 

Pollution: Superfund 

Pollution: Thermal 

Pollution: Toxic Waste Clean-Up 

Pollution: Water (See also Monroe Creek) 

Pollution: Water: Bond Issues 

Pollution: Water: Rivers and Lakes 

Pollution: Ludington Power Plant 

Pope John Paul 

Poplar Tree 


Porcupine Mountain 


Porkbusters Coalition 


Port Authority 

Port Huron 

Ports: General 

Ports: Saginaw 

Porter, John W., Dr. 

Porter, Elmer R. 

Postal Expenses: State 

Postal Service: Workers 

Posthumus, Richard 

Potluck Dinners 




Poulson, Dave 

Povish, Kenneth J. 

Powell, Colin 

Powell, Stanley (Rep.) 

Power, Philip H. 

Power, Sarah 

Power Plants 

Power Plants: Backyard 

Power Plants: Coal Fired 


Prairie Land 

Pregnant Persons Program 

Premature Births 

Prenatal Care 

Prepaid Tuition 

Preschool Licensing 

Prescription Drugs 

Presidential Candidates 

Presidential Electoral Votes 

Presidential Primary 

Presidential Scholar 

Press Conferences 

Press Corps 


Price Freeze 


Pridgeon, Dean M. 


Prison Alternatives 

Prisons: At Home Programs 

Prisoners: Boot Camps 

Prison: Budget 

Prison Camps 

Prison: Child Molesters 

Prisons: Cigarets 

Prisoners: Clemency 

Prisoners: Drug Testing Programs 

Prisons: College Credit Courses 

Prison Commission 

Prisons: Construction 

Prisons: Convict Transfer System 

Prisons: Corruption 

Prison: Counseling 

Prisoners: Cubans 

Prisons: Detroit House of Corrections 

Prison: Discipline 

Prison: Disturbances 

Prison Doctors 

Prison: Drugs Prisons: Early Release 

Prisons: Employees 

Prison: Escapees 

Prison: Expansions 

Prisons: Farms 

Prisons: Financing 

Prisons: Fire Safety Standards 

Prisons: Food 

Prisons: General 

Prisons: General Stories 

Prison: Guards 

Prisons: Halfway Houses 

Prison: Health Care 

Prisons: Huron Valley 

Prison Industry 

Prison: Inmate Dress Code 

Prisons: Investigations 

Prisons: Ionia 

Prisons: Laundry 

Prisons: Layoffs 

Prisons: Maximum Security 

Prisons: Medical Care 

Prisons: Mental Health 

Prisons: Michigan State Industries 

Prisons: MSU Psychiatric Hospitals 

Prisons: Minimum Security 

Prison: Mothers 

Prisons: Muskegon 

Prisons: New #2 

Prisons: Non-Violent 

Prisoners: Nonviolent 

Prisons: Ombudsman Project 

Prisons: Parole Board 

Prison, "Punk" (Punk Prison) 

Prisons: New 

Prisons: Out-of-State Housing 

Prisons: Overcrowding 

Prisons: Pollution 

Prisoners: Parolees 

Prisons: Privatized 

Prison: Probe 

Prison: Reforms 

Prison: Reform 

Prison: Renovation 

Prisoners: Rights 

Prison Riots (4 packets) 1981 

Prison Riots 1981-1982 

Prisons: Security 

Prisons: Sentences 

Prisons: Sentencing Guidelines 

Prisons: Sentence Reductions 

Prisons: Sexual Incidents 

Prisons: Southern Michigan 

Prison Series 

Prisons: Sites 

Prison: Substance Abuse Programs 

Prisoners: Studdard 

Prison: System Review 

Prisons: Taxes 

Prisoners: Thefts 

Prisons: Trade Programs 

Prisons: Uniforms 

Prison: Unions 

Prisons: Upgrade 

Prisons: Video Arraignments 

Prisoners: Visitation 

Prison: Violence 

Prisons: Wardens 

Prisons: Weapons 

Prisons: Women 

Prisoners: Youth 

Prisoners: Harden-Bey 

Prisoners- Jobs 

Prisoners: Rights 

Prisoners: Toilet Usage 


Probate Code 

Probert, Charles 

Product Labeling 

Product Liability 

Products: New State Products 

Production Plated Plastics Inc. 

Profit, Kirk 

Prohibition Party 

Project Self-Reliance 

Project 60-70 

Project Bear 

Project Elf 

Project Elf #2 

Property Owners Rights 

Property: State: Policy 

Property Assessments 

Proposal A 

Proposal B 

Proposal C 

Proposal D 

Prosecutors: Finances 

Prosecutors: Salaries 

Prosecutors: Union 

Prospective Medicine 

Prostitution Laws 


Public Access Sites 

Public Defenders 

Public Employees: Strikes- Bargaining 

Public Health, State Dept. of 

Public Health: Medical Surveillance 

Public Health Statue Revision Project (PHSRP) 

Public Instruction: Superintendent 

Public Reporting Services, Inc. 

Public Service Ads 

Public Service Commission (3 packets) 

Public Stock 

Public Transit 

Public Works: Grant Money 

Public Works: Grants 

Public Works: Projects 

Publications: State 

Public Works: Federal 

Publishers Clearing House 

Pukaskwa National Park 

Pulaski Day 

Purdy, Ralph 

Purnell, Robert Leroy 

Pursell, Congressman Carl 

Pursell, Carl D. (Sen.) 

Pyper, William 

Quality of Work Life Program 

Quayle, Dan 

Quincy, Ron 


Racetracks: Taxes 

Box 15 Racial Steering - Schools: Ecology Teaching 


Racial Steering 

Racing: General 

Racing Commission 


Radiation Level 

Radioactive Dumpsite 

Radioactive Waste Dump 

Radioactive Wastes 



Railroad Strikes 

Railroads (2 packets) 

Railroads: Amtrak 

Railroads: Freight 

Railroads: High Speed 

Railroads: Passenger 

Railroads: Penn Central 


Ralls, William R. 


Ranshaw, Terry 


Rape: Spouse 

Rape: Laws 

Rape: Victims 

Ratliff: Clearance 

Reagan, Ronald 

Reagan: Ronald: Inaugural 

Reagan: Ronald: Assassination Attempt 

Real Estate Agents 




Recreation: Bond Issue 

Recreation: Federal Funds 

Recreation: Land Developments 

Recreation: State Advisory Committees 

Recreational Vehicles 

Reding, Dr. Georges (Kevorkian) 


Recycling (2 packets) 

Recycling Grants 


Red Squad 

Reese Teachers Strike 



Regional Issues 

Regional Organizations 

Regulations Federal (Business) 

Regulatory Agencies 

Rehabilitation Programs 

Reizen, Dr. Maurice S. 


Remington, W. E. (Davison) 

Renaissance Center 

Renaissance Zones 

Renkoski, Paige 


Republicans: Conservatives 

Republican Conventions 1988 

Republican State Convention 1988 

Republicans: Delegate Selection Process 

Republicans: Blacks 

Republican: Federal Post 

Republicans: Finances: Chairman: Committee 

Republicans: Fund Raising 

Republicans: General 

Republicans: General 1984- 

Republicans: Governor Candidates 

Republican Governors Conferences 

Republican Governors Conference 1974 

Republicans: Leaders 

Republicans: Leadership Conferences 

Republican Governors Conference 1975 

Republican Governor's Conference 1976 

Republicans: Lincoln Day Dinners 

Republican National Convention 

Republican National Convention 1984 1984 

Republican National Committee 

Republicans: Party Chairman 

Republicans: Platform 

Republicans: State Central Committee 

Republican: State Chairman 

Republicans: State Convention 1973 

Republican: State Convention 1974 

Republican State Convention 1975 

Republican State Convention 1976 

Republicans: State Convention 1977 

Republican State Convention 

Republican State Convention 1983- 

Republican State Convention 1989 

Republican Party: Division 

Republicans: General Stories 

Republicans: United Republicans of Mich. 

Republicans: Women 

Republicans: Youth (Mich.) 

Research & Development 

ROTC Reserve Officers Training Corp. 

Residency Requirements 

Respite Care 


Reserve Mining Company 

Resources Recovery Commission 

Resources: Planet 

Rest Stops: Cameras 

Rest Stops 

Rest Rooms: Public 


Retailers: Service Charges 

Retailers vs. Direct Marketing 


Reunited Families 

Reuther, Walter P. 

Revenue Commissioner: State 

Revenue Sharing: Federal 

Revenue Sharing: Federal #2 

Revenue Sharing: Local 

Revenue Sharing: State 


Richardson, Robert L. 

Riegle, Donald W. (U.S. Sen.) 

Riegle, Donald, Jr. 

Riethmiller, Gorton 



Right to Know 


Right to Privacy 

Right to Reply 

Riley, Dorothy Comstock 

Ripon Society 

Rivers, Lynn 

River Rules 

River Walkways 


Riverside Center 

Road Rage 

Road Repair 

Road Repairs 


Robey, Dr. Ames 

Robinson, Milton J. 

Robotics/ Robots 

Roche, George III 

Rock Festivals 

Rockefeller, Nelson 

Rockefeller, Nelson U-P. 


Rocket Sites 

Roe, Jerry 


Rogers, Mike 

Rohlfs, Harry E. 

Rolling Stones 

Rome, Louis State Crime Comm. Head 

Romney, George 

Romney, George #2 

Romney, Ronna 

Root, Edson V. Jr. 

Rose Bowl 

Rosenbaum, Paul A. (Rep.) 

Rosenberg, William 

Ross, Doug 

Rosenthal, Robyn 

Roth, Stephen J. (Judge) 

Rouge River 

Round Gobies 

Roundhouse, Jacob 


Rude, Arthur M. 

Ruff, Craig 

Runkel, Phillip 

Ruppe, Philip E. (Rep) (R-Mich.)- Loret, Peace Corps Dir. 

Rural Electric Coops 

Rural Land Laws 

Ruckelshaus, William D. 

Rustem, William R. 

Ryan, James L. 

Ryan, William A. (House Speaker) 

S.A.R.S. Severe Acute Resp. Syndrome 


Sadlak, Jeffery 

Safety Commission: State 

Safety Glass 

Salmon: Snagging 

Saginaw Bay 

Saginaw News 

Saginaw Valley College 

Saginaw Valley State University 

Sala, Gumecindo 

Sales Tax 

Saline Fiddlers Philharmonic 

Sand Dunes 

Sand Mining 

Sanders, Fred Sanders, Inc. 

Santa Claus 

Saturn Co. 

Saunders, Carl M. 

Saunders, Nelis 

Savings and Loan Associations 

Savings and Loans 

Savings and Loan Cleanup 

Savings Bonds 

Sawyer, Harold S. 

"Say Yes to Michigan" Campaign 


Scanners, Grocery Stores 

Schembechler, Bo 

Scherschlight, O.J. 

Schneidewind, Eric J. 

Schmidt, Wayne 

Science courts 

Schiller, Robert 

Scholle, August 

Schools: Academic Standards 

Schools: Accountability 

Schools: Accreditation 

Schools: Achievement Tests: Calculators 

School: Administration 

Schools: Adult Education Programs 

Schools: Asbestos 

Schools: Age Limits 

Schools: American College Test (ACT) 

Schools: Ann Arbor Public Schools: Enrollment: State Aid 

Schools: Assessment Tests 

Schools: Athletic Association 

Schools: Athletics; girls 

Schools: Attendance 

Schools: Audits 

Schools: Autos 

Schools: Baldwin 

Schools: Battle Creek 

Schools: Bay City 

Schools: Behavioral Control Drugs 

Schools: Bible Classes 

Schools: Blind 

Schools: Bullys 

Schools: Buses 

Schools: Big Jackson 

Schools: Bilingual Education 

Schools: Sex-Birth Control Education 

Schools: Bloomingdale 

School Board 

Schools: Borrowing Power 

Schools: Breakfast Program 

Schools: Bridgeport-Spaulding 

Schools: Budgets 

Schools: Buena Vista 

Schools: Building 

Schools: Buses 


Schools: Desegregation 

Schools: Busing (See Also Desegregation) 

Schools: Busing File No. 2 

Schools: California Court Decision (See Also: Tax: Property, California Court Ruling) 

Schools- Career Choices 

Schools: Caro 

Schools: Census 

School Based Clinics 

Schools: Choice 

Schools: Class Size 

Schools: Class Time 

Schools: Closing 

Schools: Discipline Code: Expulsion 

Schools: Code 

Schools: Collective Bargaining 

Schools: Community Schools Program 

Schools: Compensatory Education 

Schools- Competency 

Schools: Compulsory Attendance 

Schools: Computers (2 packets) 

Schools: Consolidation 

Schools: Construction 

Schools: Consumer Education 

Schools: Control: Local 

Schools: Employees: Pensions 

Schools: Creationism, Evolution 

Schools: Drugs 

Schools: Charter 

Box 16 School Vouchers - Seger, Martha R. 


School Vouchers 

Schools: Crisis Conference 

School: Crime 

Schools: Curriculum 

Schools: Day Care Programs 

Schools: Deaf-Blind Children 

Schools: Deficits 

Schools: Depressed Areas 

Schools: Energy Costs 

Schools: Fuel Shortages 

Schools D-Y 

Sea Gulls 


Sedgewick, David 


Sewage Sludge 

Sewage: Treatment: Projects 

Sewer Construction/ Repairs 



Shipyard: Upscos: Ontonagon 

Shoreline: Insurance 

Shoreline: Protection 


Sidewalk: Improvements 

Sierra Club 

Schools: Detroit 

Schools: District 

Schools: District (Reorganization) 

Schools: Dropouts 

Schools: Drug Education Plan 

Schools: Ecology Teaching 

Schools: Education- Reform 

Schools: Employees: Job Protection 

Schools: Enrollments 

Schools: Essexville- Hampton 

Schools: Evaluation Program 

Schools: Federal Aid 

Schools: Federal Funds 

Schools: Federal Survey 

Schools: Finance Commission 

Schools: Financing 

Schools: Financially Troubled 

Schools: Funding Reform (Financing Reform) 

Schools: Finance Reform (3 packets) 

Schools: Fine Arts Programs 

Schools: Flint 

Schools: Funding Reform 

Schools: General 

Schools: Gifted/Talented Programs 

Schools: Grading System 

Schools: Graduation Requirements 

Schools: Health Curriculum 

Schools: Intermediate District Reorganization 

Schools: Grand Rapids: State Aid 

Schools: Guaranteed Careers Plan 

Schools: Handguns 

Schools: Handicapped Children 

Schools: High School Curriculum 

Schools: High School Task Force 

Schools: Hiring 

Schools: History Texts 

Schools: Home Schooling 

Schools: Huron School District 

School Improvement Law 

Schools: Interscholastic Sports 

Schools: Integration 

Schools: Jackson 

Schools: Junk Food 

Schools: Kalamazoo 

Schools: Kalkaska 

Schools: Libraries 

Schools: Loans 

Schools: Lobbyists 

Schools: Locker Searches 

Schools: Lottery 

Schools: Lunch Programs 

Schools: Marketing 

Schools: Maxey 

Schools: Measles Immunization 

Schools: Media Centers 

Schools: Medical Care 

Schools: Mentally Retarded 

Schools: Mergers 

Schools: Merit Awards 

Schools: Metric Education 

Schools: Middle Cities' Education Association 

Schools: Migrants 

Schools: Millage 

Schools: Millington 

Schools: Monroe 

Schools: Multiculture Education 

Schools: Neighborhood Education 

Schools: New Math 

Schools: New Programs 

Schools: No Smoking 

Schools: Nursery 

Schools: Opening 

Schools: Outlook 

Schools: Owendale-Gagetown 

Schools: Parochial: Certification 

Schools: Parochial- Private 

Schools: Parochiaid: Voucher Plan 

Schools: Parochial: State Aid: Constitutionality Test Suit, Etc. (2 packets) 

Schools: Paperback Libraries 

Schools: Parents 

Schools: Pay to Play 

Schools: Per Pupil Cost 

Schools: Performance Contracting 

Schools: Physical Education 

Schools: Polluted Land 

Schools: Prayer 

Schools: Pregnant Students 

Schools: Preschool Education 

Schools: Prevention Programs 

Schools: Private 

Schools: Private: Tax Credit 

Schools: Property Tax Suit & Decision 

Schools: Property Transfers 

Schools: Pupil Privacy 

Schools: Purchases 

Schools: Quality 

Schools: Quiz Bowl 

Schools: Reform 

Schools: Religion 

Schools: Reese Investigation 

Schools: Repairs 

Schools: Rural 

Schools: SAT Scores 

Schools: Safety 

Schools: Saginaw Intermediate School District & State Aid 

Schools: Salary Disclosures 

Schools: Salary Freezes 

Schools: Scholarships- Grants 

Schools: School Aid Formula 

Schools: School-Based Health Clinic 

Schools: Science 

Schools: Sexual Assault 

Schools: School Day Law 

Schools: Schools of Choice 

Sex Education 

Schools: Sexism 

Schools: Snow Days 

Schools: Special Education 

Schools: Speed Limit 

Schools: Sports 

Schools: Staffs 

Schools: Starting Date 

Schools: State Aid 

Schools: State Aid 1981-1982 

Schools: State Aid 1980-1981 

Schools: State Aid 1979-1980 

Schools: State aid 1978-1979 

Schools: State Aid 1977-1978 

Schools: State Aid 1976-1977 

Schools: State Aid 1975-1976 

Schools: State Aid (2 packets) 

Schools: State Aid 1973-1974 

Schools: State Aid 1974-1975 

Schools: State Aid 1987-1988 

Schools: State Aid 

Schools: State Aid, Birth Control 

Schools: State Aid- Reform 

Schools: State's Standards 

Schools: Student Boycotts 

Schools: Student Records 

Schools: Student Smoking 

Schools: Superintendent 

Schools: Student Privacy 

Schools: Student Suspension 

Schools: Student Unrest 

School: Summer 

School: Superintendent 

Schools: Taxes 

Schools: Tax Limits 

Schools: Teachers 

Schools: Teacher Certification 

Schools: Teacher Grant Programs 

Schools: Tennessee 

Schools: Testing 

Schools: Textbooks 

Schools: Trade Schools 

Schools: Transportation 

Schools: Tuition 

Schools: Tutoring 

Schools: Unemployment Compensation 

Schools: Ungrading 

Schools: University Student Fees 

Schools: Violence 

Schools: Vocational Education 

Schools: Volunteer Workers 

Schools: Weapons 

Schools: Weare-Crystal 

Schools: Writing Skills 

Schools: Year-Round Programs 

Schuette, Bill 

Schwartz, Alan E. 

Schweigert, Thomas F. (Sen.) (R-Petoskey) 

Science Olympiad 


Scott, Thomas Rep. 

Scott, Harold 

Scott, Tom Rep. 

Search and Seizure (See: Stop and Frisk) 

Seat Belts 

Secchia, Peter 

Secret Meetings: Records, Legislation 

Secret Service 

Secretary of State: Branch Managers 

Secretary of State: General 

Secretary of State: Staff 

Secretary of Staff: Candidates/ Elections 

Securities Bureau 

Securities: Fraud 

Security: Regulation 

Sederburg, William F. 

Seger, Martha R. 

Box 20 Sedgwick, David (18 Folders) 


Box 16 Segregation - Senate: Office Furniture 



Seidman, William 

Self Employed 

Self Help Groups 


Senate Appropriations Committee 

Senate: Budget 

Senate Business Manager 

Senate: Committee of Assignments 

Senate: Consultants 

Senate: Control 

Senate: Democrats 

Senate: Democrats: Fund Raising 

Senate: Democrats: Leader 

Senate: Employees 

Senate: 'Bug Checks' 

Senate: General Stories (2 folders) 

Senate: GOP Leaders 

Senate: Home Offices 

Senate: Leaders 

Senate: Office Furniture 

Box 20 Senate: Offices - Sheriffs: State Aid 


Senate: Offices 

Senate: Personal Administrative Assistants 

Senate: Press Restrictions 

Senate: Republicans 

Senate: Republicans: Caucus 

Senate: Fund-Raising 

Senate: Republicans: Leader: Control 

Senate: Secretary 

Senate: Staff Salaries 

Senate: State: Candidates 

Senate: Travel Expenses, Rules & Gifts 

Senate: Veto Powers & Appointments 

Senate: Vote 

Senate: US: Candidates 

Senior Citizens 

Senior Citizens: Prescription Drugs 

Senior Citizen: Political Power 

Senior Power Day 

Senior Citizen: Voting Power 

Sentencing Guidelines 

Septic Tanks 

Serial Killers 

Serotkin, David 

Service Industry 


Sex: Child Molesting 

Sex Discrimination 

Sex Education 

Sex Laws 

Sex Offender Registry 

Sex: Sodomy Laws 

Sex: Teenage 

Sexual Abuse 

Sexual Harassment 

Sexually Transmitted Diseases 


Sharpe, Thomas 

Sheltered Workshops 

Shepich, Stephen Rep. 

Sheriffs: Inmate Food Budget 

Sheriff: General 

Sheriffs: State Aid 

Box 16 Sheriffs: Stationary Patrol - National (Spelling Bee): Local Contestants 


Sheriffs: Stationary Patrol 

Sheriff's Deputies: Unionizing 

Shield Bill 

Shield Law 

Shipman, Gerald W. 


Shopping Malls 

Sidewalk Ramps 

Sidewalk Slope Law 


Sietema, Jelt (Rep.) (D-Wyoming) 

Siljander, Mark 


Silverdome (2 folders) 

Sin Taxes 

Sinclair, John 

Singer, Sidney 


Skubick, Tim 



Sleeping Bear Dunes 

Slot Machines 

Small Business 

Small Loans 

Small Pox Vaccinations 

Smart, Clifford, H. 

Smeekens, Rep. John P. 

Smietanka, John 

Smit, Raymond J. (Rep.) 

Smith, Antonio (MSU Player) 

Smith, Dr. Donald C. 

Smith, Gloria 

Smith, James F. 

Smith, Nick 

Smith, Otis M. 


Smoking Laws 


Smydra, Michael 

Snell, Hilary F. 



Snow Train 

Sobriety Check Lanes 

Soccer- U.S. Team 


Soccer, World Cup 

Box 17 Social Security - Tax: Income: State 


Social Security 

Social Services: Foster Homes 

Social Services: Mansour 

Social Services: Morale 

Social Services: Recipients 

Social Services Department 

Social Services: General 

Department of Social Services 

Department of Social Services (DSS): Landlords 

Social Services: Brenner (2 folders) 

Social Services: Error Rate 

Social Services: Federal Aid 

Social Services: Fines 

Social Services: Foster Care 

Social Services: Youth Homes 

Social Workers 

Socialist Labor Party 

Solar Energy 

Solid Waste Disposal 

Soloman, Samuel R 

Solomon, Shelby 

Soo Locks 

South Belt Project 

Southeast Michigan Transportation Authority 

Southern Michigan Prison: Employees Dispute 

Southern Michigan Prison: General Stories 

Southern Michigan Tuberculosis Sanitorium 

Southern Michigan Prison: Pickets 

Southern Michigan Prison: Union 

Space Museum 

Spam (Electronic Junk Mail) 


Space Center 

Speed Limit 

National (Spelling Bee)- Local Contestants 

Spencer, Roy (Rep.) 

Sponberg, Dr. Harold E. 

Sport Utility Vehicles 


Sports: Referees Injuries 

Sportsmen: Licenses 

Spouse Abuse 

Spreen, Johannes 

Squatters Law 

Stabenow, Debbie 

Stachnik, Dr. Thomas 

Stachnowiak, Arthur S. 

Stack, Dr. Jack M. 


Sports Stadium 

Staebler, Neil 

Stahlin, John H. 


Stallworth, Alma G. 

Stallworth, Keith 

St. Lawrence Seaway 

Istamm, Anthony 


Stanley Cup 

Stanley, Roberta 

State Accident Fund 

State Administrative Board 

State: Aid 

State Archives 

State: Art 

State Bar: Client Security Fund 

State Bar: Dues 

State Bar: Exams 

State Bar: Grievance Board 

State Bar: President 

State Board of Education (See: Education: State Bd.) 

State: Bonds 

State Budget (See Budget: State) 

State Candidates 

State: Computers 

State Constitution 

State: Construction 

State: Contract Employees 

State Contracts: Minority Hiring 

Civil Rights Commission 

State Contracts: Outside Services 

State: Crime Rate 

State Cultural Center 

State: Department Heads: Pay Raises 

State Economic Development 

State Employees 

State Employees: Affirmative Action 

State Employees: Drug Tests 

State Employees: Fans 

State Employees: Layoff 

State Employees: Olympics 

State Employees: Pay, Paycheck Letters 

State Employees: Retirement 

State Employees: Pensions 

State Employees: Pension 

State Employees: Unions 

State Employees: Student Workers 

State Employees: Women 

State Employment: Outside Services 

State Fair 

State Fairgrounds 

State Flag 

State Government: General 

State Government: Size 

State Health Plan 

State: Hiring Freeze 

State: Insurance 

State: Internet 

State: Investments 

State (MI) Land for Sale Prisons & Hospitals 

State: Lawsuits 

State Library 

State Lawsuits/ Publicity 

State: Lists 

State: Loans 

State Motto 

State of the State 

State of the State 1991 

State of the State 1990 

State of the State 1989 

State Animal 

State Forests 

State Land 

State Parks 

State of the State 1988 

State of the State 1987 

State of the State 1986 

State of the State 1985 

State of the State 1984 

State Officers Compensation Commission (SOCC) (2 folders) 

State Officers: General 

State Officials: Salaries 

State Owned Property (Office Bldgs) 

State Parking 

State Payroll 

State Pension Funds 

State Pension Oversight Commission 

State Police (2 folders) 

State Police: Computers 

State Police: Crime Emergency 

State Police: Hough 

State Police: Pensions 

State Troops 

State Police: Road Patrol 

State: Purchasing 

State Retirement Fund 

State Song 

State Spending 

State Quarter 

State Unions 

State Website 


Steffens, Ronald L. 

Stehman, Dr. Vernon A. 

Stem Cell Research 

Stempien, Marvin 

Stephens, Ray (2 folders) 


Stern, Avi Rotating Reporter 

Stevens, Don 

Stewart, Will 

Stock Market 

Stockman, David Allen (2 folders) 

Stoddard, Stanford 

Stolen Property 

Stop and Frisk 

Strange, Russel H. 

Michigan Strategic Fund 

Strauss, Robert 

Street Lights 

Street Project: Grand Rapids Case 


Teachers: Strikes: Negotiations (2 folders) 

Strikes: Public Employees 

Strip Clubs 

Stroh Brewery 

Strom, Michelle 

Strong, Eddie 


Sugar Beet Growers 

Studded Tires 

Student: Con-Con 

Student Conduct Codes 

Students: Foreign 

Students: Graduation 

Student Grievance Committee 

Student Loans 

Students Math & Science Scores 

Student Power 

Student Reading Scores 

Students: Surveys 

Student: Truancy 

Stupak, Bert 


Substance Abuse Service: Office of 


Suitcase Theatre 

Summer Jobs 

Summerfield, Arthur E. 

Sunset Laws 

Support Groups 

Super Car 

Super Collider 


Supreme Court 

Supreme Court: State 

Supreme Court: Appointees 

Surgeons Strike 

Surgical Facilities 

Surrogate Parenting 

Suski, Edward (Rep.) 

Suicide Machine 



Swing-Bed Program 

Swainson, John B. Trial 

Swainson, John 

Swainson, John B. 


Swine Flu 

Talbot, Michael 


Tanner, Dennis 

Tanner\, Howard A. 


Tax Abatements 

Tax Assessors 

Tax: Auto: Sales 

Tax Bill 

Taxes: Boat Use Tax 

Tax: Business 

Taxes: Business: Profits Tax (See: Taxes: Single Business) 

Tax: Cheats 

Tax: Check Cashing 

Taxes: Cigaret 

Taxes: Cobo Hotel Tax 

Taxes: Commercial Incentives 

Tax: Commission 

Tax: Diesel Fuel 

Tax Efficiency Association of Michigan 

Taxes: Emergency Collection 

Tax: Exempt Status 

Tax Exemptions 

Tax: Equity 

Tax: Evaders 

Taxes: Fairness Plan 

Taxes: Federal: Income, Windfall 

Taxes: Filing 

Tax: Food & Drug 

Taxes: Garbage 

Taxes: Gas and Oil Production 

Tax: Gasoline (3 folders) 

Taxes: General 

Tax: Gas- Natural 

Tax-Free Bonds 

Taxes: General 

Tax: Income: Amnesty 

Taxes: Income Child Care Deductions 

Tax: Income: City 

Taxes: Income: State: Cut 1987-1988 

Tax: Income- Federal 

Taxes: Income: Military 

Taxes: Income: Personal Exemption 

Tax: Income: Property 

Taxes: Income: Reform 

Tax: Income: Rollback 

Taxes: Income, School 

Tax: Income: State (2 folders) 

Box 18 Taxes: Income- State #3 - Truman, Harry 


Taxes: Income- State #3 

Tax: Income- State 

Taxes: Income: State: Form 

Taxes: Income: State: Refunds 

Tax: Income: State- Cut 

Tax: Increment: Financing 

Tax: Inheritance 

Taxes: Insurance Co. 

Tax: Intangibles 

Taxes: Intermediate School District 

Taxes: Kiddie Tax 

Tax Limitation Amendment 

Taxes: Liquor 

Taxes: Local Tax Sharing 

Tax: Cigarette 

Tax: Loopholes 

Tax: Motels and Hotels 

Tax: Nuisance Tax 

Tax: Oil 

Taxes: Package 1988 

Taxes: Past-Due 

Tax: Petition Drives 

Taxes: Political Contributions 

Tax: Property: Abatements 

Tax: Property Assessment 

Tax: Property: Bonding Loophole 

Tax: Property: Credit 

Tax: Property: Cottages 

Taxes: Property Deferred Plan 

Taxes: Property- Emergency Collection 

Taxes: Property- Equalization 

Tax: Property: Exemptions 

Taxes: Property: Farms 

Tax: Property: Freeze 

Taxes: Property: General 

Tax: Property: Homestead 

Tax: Property: Increases 

Tax: Property: Industrial Expansion 

Tax: Property: New Jersey Court Case 

Tax: Property: Primer 

Taxes: Property- Rebate 

Taxes: Property Relief 

Tax: Property: Reform (2 folders) 

Taxpayers: Property Reform 

Tax Reform: Proposal A 1981 

Tax: Property: School Revenue 

Taxes: Property: Schools 

Tax: Property: Series 

Taxes: Property- Supreme Court Decisions 

Tax: Property: Values 

Tax: Protests 

Tax Reform: Proposal A- Endorsements 1981 

Tax: Property: Senior Citizens 

Tax Relief: Package 1981 

Tax: Reform (2 folders) 

Taxes: Reform 1988 

Tax Return: Federal 

Tax Revolt 

Tax: Road 

Tax: Sales (2 folders) 

Taxes: Schools 

Tax: Severance 

Tax: Sharing Plan 

Tax Shift Plan 

Taxes: Single Business 

Tax: Single Business (2 folders) 

Tax: State 

Proposals, Tax (See Election: Ballot Proposals, 1972) 

Tax: State: Fair Share Plan 

Taxes: State Properties 

Tax: Surcharge 

Tax: Swamp 

Taxes: Tax Breaks 

Taxes: Townships 

Taxes: Truth in Taxation 

Tax: Transportation 1982 

Tax Tribunal 

Tax: Wayne County 

Taxpayers United Federation 

Taylor, Clifford 


Teachers: Agency Shop 

Teachers: Bargaining Rights 

Teacher: Certifications 

Teachers: Computers 

Teachers: Disputes 

Teachers: Exams 

Teachers: General Stories 

Teachers: Licensing 

Teachers: Pensions, Retirement 

Teachers: Politics 

Teachers: Professional Development Centers 

Teachers: Qualifications (2 folders) 

Teachers: Quotas 

Teachers: Research & Development Activity 

Teachers: Salaries 

Teachers: Standards 

Teachers: Strikes 

Teachers: Summer School 

Teachers: Supply 

Teachers: Tenure Commission 

Teachers: Training 

Teachers: Unemployment Compensation 

Teachers: Unions 



Teen Detention Centers 

Teen Drinking 

Teen Drivers 

Teen Offenders: Penalities 

Teen Pregnancies 

Teen Sex 

Teen Work Laws 

Teeter, Robert M. 

Tefft, David H. 



Telephone: Calling Areas 

Telephone: Dial-A-Porn 

Telephone: Directory Assistance 

Telephone: Fiber Optic Phone Lines 

Telephone: Fraud 

Telephone: Hot Line 

Telephone: Laws 

Telephone: Long-Distance Service 

Telephone: Pay Phones 

Telephone: Rates 

Telephone Rules 

Telephone: Sex 

Telephone: Towers 

Telephones: "Trouble Call" Bill 

Telephones: Unlisted Numbers 

Telephone: Voting 


Television Advertising 

Tempotech Industries 

Tenants-Landlords Rights 

Tent Law 

Terhorst, Jerald F. 

Term Limitation 

Term Limits 

Terrell, Ethel 


Terrorist Attacks 2001 


Thatcher, Rex H. 

Thayer, Stanley G. 

Third Party Candidates 

"Third-Party" Searches 

Thornapple Creek Golf Course 

Throwaway Bottles 

Throwaway Bottles (4 folders) 

3 M 

Tiger Stadium 


Tilden Mine 

Tilles, Roger B. 


Tobacco Co's 

Tires: Automobile 

Tissue Harvesting 

Toepp, Sen. John F. 

Tisch, Robert 

Tobacco Settlement 

Tooling Co.'s (Michigan) 


Tort Reform 

Toth, Steven 

Toughman Contest 


Townsend, Maurice B. 

Townships Association: Michigan 

Townships: General 

Townships: Incorporation 

Townships: Police 

Toxic Chemicals 

Toxic Chemicals: Superfund 

Toxic Control Commission 

Toxic Substance Control Commission 

Toxic Disposal Facility 

Toxic Waste 

Toxic Waste: Cleanup (2 folders) 

Toxic Waste: Sites 


Trade Agreement: U.S.-Canada 

Trading vs. Japan 

Trade Agreement: U.S./ Mexico/ Canada 

Trade Missions 

Trading Cards 

Trading Stamps 

Trade Missions: China 


Traffic Laws 

Traffic Safety 

Traffic Signals 

Trailer Parks (See: Mobile Homes) 



Transmission: Fraud 

Transportation: Governor's Plan 

Transportation Department: Lawsuits 

Transportation Package 

Transportation: Road Construction 

Transportation: Road Repair 


Transportation: Department 

Transportation Fees 

Transportation: John-Lodge Expressway 


Trash: Imported 

Trash: Containers 

Trash: Incinerators 

Trash to Fuel 

Trash: New York City 

Trash: Out of State 

Trash: Recycle 

Traverse City 

Traxler, Bob (2 folders) 

Traxler, Robert J. 

Treasure Hunters 

Treasury: State 



Trial: Deadlines 

Trim, Claude (Rep.) 


Trost, Fred 


Trucham, Jim 

Trucks (General, Laws, etc.)/ Trucking Industry (See: Tankers) 

Truman, Harry S. 

Box 19 Tug-Barge - World's Fair 


Tug-Barge (2 folders) 


Turners, James C. 

Turney, William G. 


TV Blackouts 

Tyson, Mike 

"Twilight Gathering" 

U.S. Sugar 

Upper Peninsula Shipbuilding Co (UPSCO) 

Upper Peninsula: Development 

Upper Peninsula: General 

Uranium Mining 

Urban Aid 

Urban Flight/ Environment 

Urban Problems 

Urban Renewal 

Urban Sprawl 

Utilities: Coal Fired 

Utilities: Delinquent Accounts 

Utilities: Electric 

Utilities: Energy Equity Package 

Utilities: General 

Utilities: Home Heating 

Utilities: Power Plants 

Utilities: Rates 

Utilities: Underground Lines 

Utilities: Water 


Unemployment: Compensation- Benefits (2 folders) 

Unemployment Fund: Federal 

Unemployment Rates 

Unemployment: Training Programs 

Unemployment: Voluntary Quits 

Unidentified People 

Uninsured Children 

Uninsured Drivers 

Uninsured Motorists Fund 

Unions: AFL-CIO 

Unions: AAU 

Unions: CAW (Canadian) 

Unions: Concessions 

Unions: General 

Unions: Police 

Unions: Politics 

Unions: Public Employee 

Unions: Riots 

Unions: Teamster 

Unions: UAW 

Unisys Corp. 

United Republicans of Michigan 

United Auto Weekly 

United Memorial Hospital 

United Teachers of Flint 

University Consortium Center 

University of Michigan: Appropriations 

University of Michigan: Athletic Department 

University of Michigan- Audit 

University of Michigan: Band 

University of Michigan: Campus Drinking 

University of Michigan: Computer Tuition 

University of Michigan: Contracting Policies 

University of Michigan: Dearborn Branch 

University of Michigan: Robben W. Fleming (Pres.) 

University of Michigan: Faculty Salaries 

University of Michigan: Fines 

University of Michigan: Flint Campus 

University of Michigan: General 

University of Michigan: Hospitals 

University of Michigan: Interns Suit 

University of Michigan: Interns Suit #2 

University of Michigan: Medical Center 

University of Michigan: Minority Students 

University of Michigan: Personnel 

University of Michigan: Police 

University of Michigan: Protests 

University of Michigan: Regents 

University of Michigan: Rent Rates 

University of Michigan: ROTC 

University of Michigan: Tuition 

University of Michigan: Tuition Suit 

University of Michigan: Willow Run Laboratories 


University President 

Unwed Fathers 


Upper Peninsula: Lawmakers 

Upper Great Lakes Regional Commission 

Upton, Fred 

Urban Affairs: Michigan Council 



U.S. Graphite 

U.S. Olympic Festival 1990 

U.S. Postal Service 

User Fees 


Utility Bills 

Utilities: Billing Practices 

Utilities: Bonding 

Utilities: D & H 1982 

Utilities: Improvement Plans 

Utilities: Industrial Rate 

Utilities: Insulation Plan 

Utilities: Power Shortages 

Utilities: Rates 

Utilities: Rate Hikes 

Utilities: Tax 

UZI Design 

Vacation Time 


Van Andel, Jay 

Van Coevering, Gerrit 

Van Dam, Philip 

Vandenberg, Arthur 

VanderJagt, Guy (Rep.) (R-Cadillac) 

VanderLaan, Robert (Sen.) (R-Grand Rapids) 

VanderVeen, Richard 

VanderWerp, Don 

VanHooser, Russell E. 

VanNote, Stephen 

VanSingel, Rep. Donald R-Grant 

VanTiem, Frederick S. 

VanValkenburg, Wade 

VanWagoner, Murray D. 

Varnum, Charles 

Vehicle Emissions Testing 

Vehicle Reciprocity 

Vehicle Safety 

Veneral Disease 

Verway, David I. 

Venture Capital 

Vestal, Bud 


Veterans Bonus 

Veterans: Burial 

Veterans Facility: Michigan 

Veterans: Health Care Facilities 

Veterans Hospital: Ann Arbor 

Veterans: Reemployment 

Veterans Trust Fund 


Victim Compensation 

Video Bill 

Video Court Reporting 

Video Games 


Vietnam Veterans 

Vietnam War: State Peace Plans 


Virtue: Maxine 


Vocational Education 

Vocational Rehabilitation 

Voelker, John 


Voltage- Stray 

Voluntary Action: Michigan Council 

Voluntary Action: National Center for 


Voter Registration 

Voter Residency 

Voting by Mail 

Voting: Electronic 

Voting: General 

WAFO Committee 

Wages: Minimum 

Wages: Price Freeze 

Wagg, Charles F. 

Wahls, Myron H. (Court of Appeals) 

Wallace, George 


Watergate: Nixon 

Williams, G. Mennen 

Waldron, Robert 

Walker, Bailus Jr. 

Walters, Brian O'Neal 

Warren, Jack *Judge 

Warner, Dale 

Warshawsky, Meyer (VanBuren Probate Judge) 

Washing Machines 

Washington, George 

Washington, Thomas L. 

Washington, Valdemar 

Washington Package 

Waste: Cleanup 

Waste: Disposal 

Waste: Exchange 

Waste: Hazardous 

Waste: Solid 

Water Fleas 

Water Quality 

Water Resources Comm.: Mich. 

Water: Clean-Up 

Water: Private Wells 

Waterfowl Hunting 

Waterfront Construction 

Waterways Commission 

Watkins, Thomas 

Watkins, Tom 

Wayne County 

Wayne County Community College 

Wayne County General Hospital 

Wayne State University: Board of Governors 

Wayne State University: General 

Wayne State University: Medical School 

Wayne State University: President 

Weapons in School 


Weather: Forecasting 

Weather: Great Lakes 


Weaver, Franklin T. 

Weckerly, Evelyn 


Weeks, George 

Weinberger, Casper 

Wiener, Richard 

Weinheimer, Norman 

Welborn, John A. 

Welborn, Robert 

Welcome Wagon 

Welfare: Benefits 

Welfare: Benefits: Students 

Welfare: Budget 

Welfare: Berrien County 

Welfare: Caseloads 

Welfare: Computer 

Welfare: Confidentiality 

Welfare: Costs- HEW Study 

Welfare: Day Care Centers 

Welfare: Cuts 

Welfare: Department Employees 

Welfare: Dependency 

Welfare: Drug Testing 

Welfare: Drug Testing #2 

Welfare: Emergency Aid 

Welfare: Error Rate 

Welfare: Fraud 

Welfare: Federal Aid 

Welfare: General Assistance Program 

Welfare: Food Stamps 

Welfare: General 

Welfare: Genesee County 

Welfare: Health Insurance 

Welfare: Heating Bills 

Welfare: Homes/ Housing 

Welfare: Identification 

Welfare: Kent County 

Welfare: Michigan Neighborhoods Corps 

Welfare: Pharmacy Billings 

Welfare: Reorganization 

Welfare: Reforms 

Welfare: Requirements 

Welfare Rights Organization, Michigan 

Welfare: Security Guards 

Welfare: Senior Citizens 

Welfare: Strike Impact 

Welfare: Study Commission: Michigan 

Welfare: Tax Credits 

Welfare: Utility Allotment 

Welfare: Wayne County 

Welfare: "Win" Program 

Welland Canal 

Welfare: Workfare 

Wendel, Otto 

Wendland, Wendy 

Wendler, Paul 

Wentela, Marie 

West Shore Community College 

Westdale Realty Co. 

Western Michigan University 

West Nile Virus 


White Lake 

Whitefish Point 

Wharton, Clifton R, Jr. 

Whitmer, Richard E. 

White, Clair A. 

White House 

White Panthers 

Whooping Cranes 

Wicks Engineered Materials 

Wilderness Areas 

Wilderness Bill 


Wildlife Fund 

Wildlife Programs 

Willed Body Programs 

Williams, Booker T. 

Williams, Charlotte J. 

Williams, Dr. Dale L. 

Williams, Robert F. 


Wilson, Jack 

Wilson, Keith 




Wing, Patricia 

Winograd, Morley 

Winter Navigation 

Wiretap Bill & Incidents 


W.J. Maxey Training School 

Wolpe, Rep. Howard 

Wolpe, Howard 

Wolverine State University 

Wolverine World Wide, Inc. 


Women Business Owners: Office of 

Women: Commission 

Women: Employment 

Women: Equal Rights- Equal Pay 

Women: Fire Fighters 

Women: Hall of Fame 

Women: Politics 

Women's Political Caucus 

Women's Wage 

Woodford, John 

Woodland Paving Co. 

Wood Energy 

Work Camps: Consultants 

Workmen's Compensation Bureau (Mich. Dept. Labor) 

Workmen's Compensation (Replacement File) #1 

Worker Compensation: Package 1981 

Box 20 Workers Compensation - Zollar, Charles O. 


Workers Compensation 

Worker's Compensation #2 

Workers Compensation: Professional Athletes 

Worker Safety 

World's Fair 1992 

World Hunger 

World War II Memories/ Vets 

Wurtsmith Air Base 


Yeager, Weldon 

Year 2000 Computer Glitch (Y2K) 

Year and a Day Rule 

Year End Project 1973 

Year End 1974 

Year End 1976 

Year End Project 1980 

Young, Coleman- Mayoral Campaign 

Young, Coleman A. 

Young, Coleman A. (File No.2) 

Youngblood, Charles 

Youth Corps: Michigan 

Youth: Crime 

Youth: Parole and Review Board 

Youth: Politics 

Youth: Rights 

Youth: Services (Office of Youth Services) 

Youth: Sports 

Youth: Work Camp 

Youths: Unemployed 

Yudashkin, Dr. E. Gordon 

Zaagman, Milton (Sen.) (R-Grand Rapids) 

Zebra Mussels 

Zebra Mussels #2 

Ziegler, Hal W. 

Zilwaukee Bridge 

Zinc Phosphide 

Zoning Laws 

Zollar, Charles O. (Sen.) (R-Benton Harbor)